Acropolis Mechanical Heating and Cooling

Country United States
State Central African Republic
City Toms River
Address 1142 Marlane Rd.
Phone 7329390571

Acropolis Mechanical Heating and Cooling Reviews

  • Jun 27, 2014

I called the number for the Air Repair Service Company, because it was an honest, affordable, and excellent company. However, little did I know that they were bought out since and the former owner went to Air Repair Service Heating & Air "Jackson, NJ". The new company Air Repair Service Company merged with is Acropolis Mechanical, L.L.C. which is owned by Gus Psaradakis and there is a big, horrible difference.

My air conditioning broke this past summer so I called the number for Air Repair Service Company and asked for the previous owner. I was informed that he no longer was there but I was assured it was still the same company, with all the same policies and prices.

I said okay, and Gus came out to the house with his young son. He inspected my unit and confirmed it'd cost more to fix than it would be to install a new one (in all fairness, he was right about this in theory). We set up an installation date for the following week and ostensibly he did a good enough job on that. The unit was also the same price it had always been, or so it seemed up until that point.

Less than one week later, the air conditioning completely shut down. It turns out Gus partakes in shoddy workmanship and one part wasn't installed correctly. This caused a leak, which shorted another key component, damaging it permanently.

Gus came back out and told us it'd cost over another $500 to replace. We were in a bind so we agreed but told him to make sure nothing went wrong this time. He then threw a tantrum and started screaming at us, asking us, "Are you accusing me of tampering with the system?!" Well, yes, I was. Amazingly enough, after this he was able to do this procedure correctly and we didn't have any more problems after that.

But bottom line, he either used a wrong part or didn't install one correctly. There's no way to tell if it was done on purpose so we'd pay more for the installation or accidentally, which would just mean he's incompetent. Either way, while they have cheap prices on the surface, in the end you'll wind up paying what they wanted originally -- which, is a lot more than their competitors.

Gus said Acropolis will come check on our heating system free of charge over the winter since that's a service they offer to their customers, but no way were we going to let him near anything else since we had a feeling that's when problems would start arising with that system.

Be wary of Acropolis and Gus. They take advantage of their customers and it's better to go with a more reputable place. You'll end up paying less in the long run and be at ease knowing your newly installed system will run for much longer without any problems.

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