Active Periodicals, Inc.

Country United States
State Bangladesh
City Deerfield Beach
Address 450 SW 12th Ave, Deerfield Beach, FL 33442
Phone (954) 570-7700

Active Periodicals, Inc. Reviews

  • Jul 24, 2014

In January, 2012 I clicked on an advert on-line. I was under the impression I had to take on the magazines to get the $1000 shopping spree. I did not understand the full picture and I was dumb and gave them my credit card number.

Noticing the $33.26 monthly charge on my credit card, I contacted the fraudulent department and reported six month's charges I wasn't familiar with. After their investigation (with no return contact from the magazine) they credited me back five month's worth. After that, Discovery refused to extend them a psyment.

In August or September, 2012, I was contacted by Active Periodicals Mags. I was told I was past due. I told them I wanted to cancel this. I was informed I could cancel for $400 and some dollars. Or, I could go through the sign-up procedure again and in 30 days call and cancel. I did that and thought that was a done deal.

In July of 2013, I get another call from the magazine company. They explained to me in January 2012 I committed to a two year subscription. That they could take down my information again and confirm the magazines I wanted to receive, which I got dumb again and gave them my credit card number again. It was about an hour later and they called back to tell me that my credit card refused to process their charge. They told me to call them. I told them to try it again.

In September, 2013, I was contacted again. This time I was told I had two open accounts. One I opened in January 2012 and the one I opened in July, 2013. I was under the impression we were talking about the January 2012 account all this time. I had no idea we started a new two-year subscription to end the end of 2014.

I told her I just wanted to cancel. She told me the 2012 subscription was being ready to be sent out for collection. The amount I would need to pay to cancel both of them would be $1,100 some dollars. (I'm rounding) OR.....if I would pay $380 some dollars for the 2012 account, she would give my 2013 account a courtesy cancellation.

There is where it is at this point. So far all I've gotten is NO magazines (nor do I want any) and I've not received the $1,000 shopping spree. I've just been harrassed with the occasional but regular phone call, demanding money and threatening me for almost two years now.

In July I asked them about the shopping spree. The woman I talked to told me they were two different concerns but she would send me an e-mail so that i might get ahold of them. I never received that either.

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