Active Specialists L.L.C.

Country United States
State Cape Verde
City Las Vegas
Address 7465 W Lake Mead Blvd STE 121,
Phone (702) 636-9788

Active Specialists L.L.C. Reviews

  • Nov 13, 2018

Business license revoked

According to the Nevada Secretary of State website, Active Specialists L.L.C. business license was revoked.

  • Aug 28, 2014

I was signed on my Active Specialists (Adam Martin) to work as an online customer service representative for one of the companies that Arise Professional Services handles. When I was to receive my first paycheck, Adam contacted me and said he had the wrong banking information and that I woul;d have to wait till the next pay period for that check, plus for any subsequent work. In the meantime I had heard that he was unlikely to pay so I cut back my hours and switched to a different IBO. The next pay period came around and again I have not been paid. I have tried contacting him via both phone and email- he has disconnected his phone and no longer has the Active Specialist email account.

I am fortunate that I wised up to him as soon as I did and am only out a relatively small amount of money compared to others, but he is, and will continue to be, a rip-off artist. Be very careful of ever doing business with him.

Also, shame on Arise for allowing him to continue to be 'represented' on their web service. I feel this makes them also guilty of fraud, by perpetuating it and not stopping it like they so easily could.

  • Oct 20, 2014

Arise knows.

He did this exact same thing under his previous company name, A&L. Arise was given written proof he stole money. Arise allowed him to re open under his name again after stealing thousands of dollars. His co part, Amanda Trippani, is in on it too. Beware.

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