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  • Nov 22, 2014

I am writing this report against Actuarial Consulting Group (ACG) to prevent future job-seekers from getting scammed by this company. I initially came across ACG on an online job board ( They posted advertisements for "Entry Level Actuary Analysts", and I talked with Hal Butler about the opportunity. He told me that I had to take a mandatory online class (which was apparently being offered to me at a great discount) and pass the first Actuary exam on my first attempt. Then, they would reimburse me for the class and any books that I used if I passed the exam. Once I passed on my first attempt, they would present me with job opportunities, and Hal said I had a good shot with my skill sets and resume. I was reluctant and told them that I would think about it. ACG called me a few days later right on schedule to try to talk me into taking the class again. As a desperate student in need of job experience and finding zero complaints about the company, I trusted ACG and gave it a shot. They had me sign and send a contract outlining the details on classes and agreement on payments.

Now about the online course led by a PhD professor. Let me tell you: The class is a JOKE. I had already finished studying for the first exam before taking the course, and I could not see how it could be helpful to anyone who was just starting to study. They posted outlines and summaries of each section. There were no practice exams, and it had AT MOST 100 practice questions (10 per section) which were much easier than the ones in the book. The saddest part was that there were many, many people signed up for the online course, and I started to get the feeling that ACG was trying to make money off of people paying for this horrid website they call a class.

I passed my test on the first try with flying colors and contacted ACG right away. Carmen Davis told me to email them my preliminary test results, resume, testimonial about ACG, and an essay about my journey of becoming an actuary. They said that they would get my file together and send it out to companies in two weeks. No response after two weeks. I called them again and Carmen Davis asked for the same documents. When I told her that I had already done so and that I was waiting on job opportunities, she would come up with some kind of excuse. Every time I called (and I called regularly), Carmen Davis would say "What's your name? What's your phone number? We will check that we have your file and send it out soon." Other times she would say that Amy was sick and probably didn't have time to check her emails (although I ALREADY checked with them ONE MONTH BEFORE that they had my documents). Just ridiculous. This has been going on for FOUR months now.

When I told Carmen Davis that I wanted a reimbursement for the class and books, terms had changed. She said that they would only give it to me if I landed a job. Are you kidding me? Maybe I'll get a chance if you send out my damn files. At this point, I was so tired of them acting like they had heard my name for the first time and had never talked to me before. I felt stupid for falling for their obvious scam, forgot about them, and left it at that.

However, today I decided that I needed to say SOMETHING or more people will pay ACG for nothing. ACG has been posting more and more job posts for entry level actuarial positions on these days, and I am enraged that they would continue to try to scam people looking for honest work. Hal Butler, Carmen Davis, and Amy Hawk - you all should be ashamed.

I know it's a tough job market out there, but please don't make the mistake that I did - STAY AWAY from ACG!

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  • Jul 30, 2014

Actuarial Consulting Group posts scam job listings offering entry level actuary opportunities. They are in fact trying to pressure applicants into paying for training courses. Apparently Actuarial Consulting Group is the most recent name for the business that changes its name frequently once it becomes known that the "opportunities" are a scam. The company is headed by Howard (Hal) Butler, and has previously been known as: Actuarial Innovations, Medical Innovations, and Actuary Resources. Search these company names and also Howard Butler, and you will find a long list of scammed individuals.

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  • Jun 12, 2015

I came across Actuarial Consulting Group over 6 months ago. I seen a posting for Entry Level Actuary online. I emailed [email protected] . Carmen Davis replied to my email informing me to send my resume the the same email address. I received an email saying upon review of my resume reply back to schedule an interview. The letter had so many misspelled words and sentence fragments, I should have known there was something wrong with the company based on that alone. At the time I just graduated from college and in desperate need of a job, so I sent my resume. I had a scheduled time that he would call me. He called 2 hours late. I thought that was very unprofessional. During my interview Hal Butler, James Butler, Howard Butler which ever alias he was going by at the time stated he wanted to sponsor me as if he only chooses certain people that he interviews, but two of my class mates also interviewed with ACG was told the same thing. Basically the so called " interview" was a sales pitch for a class which cost $380 dollars * non-refundable * . I was tricked into paying the $380. He told me he was the Jerry McGuire of Actuaries,He's not. He's more like the equivalent to a sleezy used car sales man. * After speaking with him you can tell he isn't educated or well spoken. *Hal butler told me the book and calculutor was cover in the $380. It is not covered. He made it seem like the payment for the exam was covered. But didn't inform me it was not until after I payed. So after paying $380 you still have to pay for your book, calculator, and exam your self! The prep course did not help me pass the exam in any shape or form. I passed the exam from my own study time. So after I passed the exam I emailed and called Carmen Davis. Carmen told me congrats and to email my updated resume and testimonial. Why would I write a testimonial before job placement?!? This did not make sense, but I did it anyways. No one responded, I sent several follow up emails and still no response. I payed $380 for a class and job placement after passing the exam. I have done everything that was asked of me. I was told by Hal butler that I would be set up on several interviews, and he did not keep his word. I'm begging you to save your money. Study on your own time, and take the test when your ready. Don't let them use scare tactics that your going to miss the deadline. Do your research. They are quick to answer calls and emails before you pay but once you give them your credit card information it is very hard to get in touch with Hal and Carmen. After sending my updated resume. And testimonial I haven't heard from them. Countless emails, phone calls and voice mails still no response. They claim to be BBB approved, I called and they are not. Why do they keep changing the name of the company?!?!? I am really concerned for students who pay there hard earned money like I did. Please learn through my mistake. College graduates are broke until they find employment. Please find an honest recruiting company or more well known. Ask for more information as well. Every time I call the receptionist ask for my name and number and says the message will be relayed. Countless emails and phone calls yet no response, this is really disappointing. They told do not send my resume out and I haven't. I spoke with my lawyer he pretty said there was nothing I could do about it for now since I signed the contract, but he is looking in to it. Bottom line know what your signing. I was promised a 10 day turn around. Meaning they would send my resume out 10 days after passing the exam. It's been months they should have heard back if they honestly sent my resume out. They never told me what companies they work with. They only have a list of city and states. I'm still unemployed I'm waiting to hear something ... Anything. I'm going to call again Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday etc until I actually get to speak with someone in charge. One day I called and I could hear Hal tell the receptionist he was in a meeting... Unbelievable ! I could really use the 380 on bills right now. I choose not to put my real name, I wouldn't want them to ignore my calls anymore then they are now. If I could do it all over again I wouldn't put my trust and money in to Actuarial Consulting Group.

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  • Dec 12, 2014

So False information.

If These Folks knew about preparing for the soa exam. THAN WHY WOULD THEY NEED HELP??NO ONE MADE THEM TAKE A REVIEW ITS CALLED A REVIEW. .ALSO THEY OUR IN A+Rated Co.with the BBB . Stop putting the blame on this Co. Because I know for sure they have helped others ...Great co . Keep up the good work.

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  • Mar 11, 2015

The ACG with A+ BBB rating is not the same ACG

The scam company is while the legit company with the good Better Business Bureau rating is Totally different companies.

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  • Jun 26, 2014

Newest company re-name (three plus months) is Actuarial Consulting Group, Lebanon TN.

This man and his operation(s) have undergone numerous name changes. With "j-u-s-t enough" legitamacy to his operation the Lebanon Police, Detective Division, in 2008 could not close the doors of this continuing scam.

Fast forward to 2014, several personal/company name changes, hundreds of posted complaints, and many more silent victims later, there is renewed investigatory interest from agencies with federal jurisdictional and prosecutorial authority.

ACTION ITEM FOR VICTIMS: Memorialize and post your complaints to deepen the evidence pool.

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  • Jul 31, 2015

Uneducated Scammers

I think it would be obvious by volume along that something is not right with these people.

I don't know why they are allowed to continue ripping people off. They must be smart enough

to make people sign the proper legalese documents.... Hopefully people do their research

and avoid these people like the plague. They are horrible people.

  • Dec 21, 2014


This company is most definitely a scam! Not to mention that they've changed their names a few times since then i guess to get rid of their negative reputation. I knew them as actuary reaources then. I fell for their antics about a year ago when I saw a job posting for an entry level acturial job. After speaking to Hal and being swindled into paying for the class, (which I might add is an extremely poor excuse for an acturial prep class) I heard absolutely nothing from them afterwards. This company is truly a scam. All of the positive reviews are coming from the company themselves. DO NOT FALL FOR IT! If you study diligently and pass 1-2exams and apply for jobs rigorously you will get one, I am a testimony of that.

  • Dec 15, 2014


I am currently struggling to get my money back through my credit card company. I made the silly mistake of paying for the class. A few minutes later I came to my senses and sought to cancel. They were not cooperating. They already billed the account and wanted me to sign the sales receipt to initiate cancellation. That didn't seem right to me so I called my credit card company. Still trying to get my money back!!!

The job market is tough and desperation makes people do silly things. There are other ways to study for the Actuarial Exam, like taking classes at reputable colleges.


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