Adam H. Rhodes

Country United States
State Nevada
City Las Vegas

Adam H. Rhodes Reviews

  • May 23, 2015

The first poster is not far off at all about Adam. See our report on Adam Hathcock, Adam H Rhodes, John Davidson etc.

  • May 21, 2015

Where to start. It seems that adam rhodes real name is adam hathcock is the person whom i met on several occasions attempting to provide capital services. However the very same person adam hatcock filled for personal bankruptcy and never performed a legal name change and chose to start calling himself adam h. Rhodes. He also uses the dame john davidson and is bold enough to sign his emails john davidson mba.

So adam keeps popping up in a different business every few months it seems. From investment banking, energy efficiency, medical funding, cable tv, real estate etc. None are producing companies of significance etc.

Any contact that he claims to have ever materializes. He works to get in your business along with your business contacts. He tries to convey he brings something to the table and never does. He will sign nda’s or any document you want him to sign with his fake name only to later come back around and circumvent your contacts with his own agenda. No responsibility at all. His personal bankruptcy spells that out quite clearly. I receive 2-3 phones call per annual asking about him or he calls himself with some new scheme of which he always professes to be expert in. So when has a new sucker on board he perpetrates he is in the industry flavor of the month and he is expert with all sorts of connections. Adam is just one of another group of people that never have anything of their own. They always ride the coattails of other successful people then holds himself out to be expert. He befriends people and discards them like last nights dinner. He has no loyalty and no track record to speak of.

So beware of the fake name adam h. Rhodes. His real name is adam hathcock who is a washed up bankrupt real estate hack that brings nothing at all to the table.

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