Country Germany
Address 87600 Kaufbeuren
Phone 49 8341 954 1370
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  • May 20, 2015

Address Germany is a package modification and forwarding service. I received a package this morning from addressgermany I am very upset by the contents. It appears as though the original contents have been taken out and modified. Original expected Contents: 1x pair of Lloyd Shoes I did not recieve a pair of Lloyd shoes. Instead they were exchanged for 1 pair of lower quality "Pier One" shoes, and only 1 set of laces was shipped. Shipping was charged at the DHL rate plus a 9 Euro Levy however the box was sent via DE post at the cheaper postage rate. The package was not reboxed for international shipping as advertised. A fake postal DHL slip was printed and put inside the box. This guy is really ridiculous, the time spent falsifying the shipment, buying the wrong pair of shoes in my size he could have actually done the legitimate business and won return business.

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