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  • Jan 14, 2015

​Hello Mr Naren Gursahaney,

It is so sad that the CEO has to get an email like this, instead of "thank you" letters!!

A bad sales team can make or BREAK a company, if you keep them!

There is way more to this story that I am not please with, but the highlights are according...

This place is a SCAM. They say one thing and do another, then charge you for it all. We were told one thing and then we were billed way way more. We refuse to pay because that is not what we agreed on, but they keep saying that's our contract and we cant do anything, so we will get a lawyer, and win in court. Also when we win, we will have more grounds to sue them for false representation and misconduct. The sales lade Charlotte told us one thing then we get billed for another thing, way more. So we have records, and dates with time of who we spoke to, we are even contacting the CEO Naren Gursahaney top let him know what this team at the 1120 Palmyrita Ave, Suit #280, Riverside, Ca, 92507 is doing to businesses in California. In fact I have contacted the entire shopping center our business is in, and we are all cancelling the service with ADT.

The sales person comes here talking all friendly and saying she will "hook" you up, this means she will be-friend you and charge you up the behind! YES we feel violated and lied to, the charges were not all what she said for the installation, she talks to you, then just says sign here and here, "i got you" she says. When we contacted her on the FIRST invoice, she said she was going to take care of it and have her "home girl" take care of it. I said "take care of what?" Why are we being charged, she said it was a wrong charge,. So I emailed a supervisor named Jenay Gibson, she was nice until I told her what was going on, then she stopped emailing me!

Two weeks later, Christmas comes, and I keep contacting people at ADT, no one helps, I get hung up on about 7 times, YES 7 TIMES. This is a joke, Then on 1/13/2015 4:25 "Amy" from the "national call center" hangs up on me too. WOW, ADT you are the WORST service and we will NEVER pay you for your horrible service, Charlotte, shame on you for doing this to us and placing us in this situation, you are a bad human for this! Do not come in ur business, you are not welcome here anymore. as far as ADT, you will not get paid one cent for your horrible service, in fact I will see you in court with my lawyers.

If you wish to contact me, if there is a manager anywhere at ADT, then you can do so if you are calling to fix the situation, wave ALL the money due, and come take your pile of junk equipment out, and fix the holes you have made. That easy, can you handle this?.

  • Jan 12, 2015

In October 2014, for budget reasons, I tried to cancel my ADT security service after six years of continuous service. I was immediately told that since my wife had signed the original contract (she was home at the time of installation), only she could cancel it. I was dumbfounded. After telling them that it's my house, my credit card and my income that is paying for the services, I could cancel anytime I wanted. After blocking their charges on my credit card and disconnecting the service on my end, they said they would continue to bill me and eventually send the bills to a collection agency. This has gone on until now, January 2015. They called for about the tenth time, and my wife finally talked to them and said, "Didn't my husband tell you we had stopped the service?" Priceless!

After going through this ridiculous episode, I now hate ADT with a passion. If their corporate strategy is to threaten customers who want to disconnect with collection agency action, I do wonder what other strategies they have in place to bamboozle us. And what supreme arrogance they have to say that their "contract" was exclusive to my wife!

  • May 12, 2014

An alleged repair attempt of a properly operating home security system by an employed ADT ""technician"" sent out from this office has resulted in potentially thousands of dollars of repair costs for the damage and destruction that this ADT vetted technician caused to my home. The estimates for the repairs are not in yet but that is a good ball park figure not including the hours, days, weeks even that it will take to sort this out and try to make right what this negligent individual did to my home. Who really knows if my security system is even working correctly now; I do know that a 95-year old wooden closet door frame has been destroyed, an expensive leather jacket possibly damaged, and all of the carpet in the house soiled by this individual's muddy work boots. When the damaged was realized he was asked to immediately leave the house and his manager was contacted. The initial reports have been filed but this, as in all cases where there are claims against companies that employ individuals like this, will prove to be a long drawn out miserable battle in a fight to have them restore or replace what this incompent techician did to my home. Given ADT's recent admission of guilt or at least their fines received for unscrupulous conduct should give any sensible individual great pause when considering a security services company. As a customer for more than 4 years because the system was in my home when I bought it, I can say without reservation that I would never ever recommend this company to anyone for any if their services.

Buyer beware. My advice is to stay far far away. I hold no delusions that these people will do the right thing based on their past behaviors and the example set by their corporate office staff in Florida. (Google the report on ADT through the BBB as it is alarming!) But maybe I will be wrong and they will pay for the damages. Sure.

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