Country United States
State Benin
City Kankakee
Address 31 DURRELL DR
Phone 815.933.8505


  • Dec 26, 2014

I purchased a home in Kankakee Illinois in October of 2012. In the spring of 2013 I had major flooding in my furnishavied basement, I am not located in a flood zone. I was to find out that my house didn't have any drain tile. I called several contractors in my area but no one could come out the same day. I contacted Steve Langdoc of Advanced Construction and he was able to come out the same day and the next day he started to install drain tile on my home. While doing this he had to dig up the yard surrounding the house which he assured me would be put back into place. The flooding was so bad that I eventually had to re-carpet my entire downstairs (4 total rooms). Advanced Construction was also to do some landscaping for me since they had removed dirt from around the house and placed a huge pile of the dirt in the middle of the backyard. They were also to install a new or addtional sump pump as an added safe measure against water being able to come into my house. I was told there was paperwork on installing the drain tile that I needed to prove that I had indeed done the work and I would need this paperwork when I eventually go to sale the house. Steve's crew left my yard and home a complete muddy mess. He never installed another an additional sump pump and he never did any landscaping for me. Also we talked about having a driveway poured but I did not okay it. As the months went by I called Steve numerous times and never received a call back. I also sent several certified letters which he had returned to me without them being opened. In those letters I told him I was firing him and that I wanted my yard fixed. For some reason, in November of the same year, I was away from home an entire day. When I did get home Steve and his crew were pouring a driveway against my wishes, I did not authorize that. He charged me $16000.00 for doing nothing. I found out later that he was in the business of ripping people off and that he had overcharged me by around $10,000.00. (I had several contractors come out and give me a price on doing the same work). And he wanted to be paid in cash so he wouldn't have to pay taxes on such a large amount and also he pays his crew in cash so nothing is taken away from them. I have contacted the Better Business Bureau to no avail. I contacted a lawyer and they told me to go to Small Claims court. All I want is a refund of $10,000.00 so I can finish up the work Steve didn't do.