Advanced Facilities Maintenance Corporation

Country United States
State Ohio
City Columbus
Address 6171 Huntley Rd
Phone 1-800-489-7051

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  • Jun 27, 2014

My small general contracting company is owed in excess of a 5-digit dollar amount from Advanced Facilities Maintenance Corp. some invoices that are nearing on being a year & a half old without resolution from AFMC whatsoever. I have spoken to over a dozen different people within the company myself [not mentioning the countless calls my other staff members have made], been given 10 times that in excuses, & the worst of it all is that myself & my staff have been LIED to on too many occasions to remember!

What kind of company that outsources for contractors to do the actual work they get paid off of, would think they can continue to operate if this is the type of customer service they offer?! Not a single person, let alone an entire company would actually believe these shotty business practices to be conducive to repeat business & to long lasting business relationships...which says, THEY DON'T GIVE A CRAP WHETHER ANYONE CONTINUES TO WORK WITH THEM OR NOT BECAUSE THEY GET PAID NO MATTER WHAT & DON'T CARE WHETHER THEY PAY US AFTER!

I cannot believe they are still operating as business, but if EVERYONE that's been affected by these scumbags makes the appropriate reports to the right parties/authorities, something will have to be done eventually! I have been struggling just to get a human being on the other end of phone these past few months so at this point, I am ready to move full steam ahead with a lawsuit & pursue the payment & loss my business, myself & my family have suffered due to the despicable behavior & inconvenience this so-called company has shown us over the course of the last 2 years! I hope that by spreading the word & sharing my current situation & bad standing with AFMC that it will help someone else to avoid suffering a loss or just the headache with it!

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  • Jun 26, 2014

I had the unfortunate luck to do business with this company in the summer of 2013. My company was contracted to perform some HVAC work for a couple of their customers. From the instant the call came in, it was, "This is a dire emergency" and "Hurry, hurry, hurry", which we absolutely did. When it was time to get PAID however, all that remained were the sound of crickets. This company has an unbelievable turnover in staff, for obvious reasons so it is virtually impossible to speak to the same person, that is if you can actually get a person. After threatening to contact the State's Attorney, I finally received one of my payments, however they still have an outstanding balance with me. While the amount is not significant, that is not the point. We did our job in a timely manner and we are OWED this money. I haven't a clue how this company stays in business and I hope that there is a class action lawsuit against them in the very near future. The owner deserves to be in jail. PLEASE do yourself and your comapny a favor and STAY AWAY from AFM!!

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  • Nov 17, 2015

Same problem as everyone else

They don't pay -- Get the runaround when you call... Awful company.

  • Mar 25, 2015

Advanced Facilities Maintenance do not pay their vendors. If you are a subcontractor, do not accept any work orders from them - you will not get paid. If you are a customer of theirs - beware, sooner or later one of their subcontractors will come to you looking for payment for services rendered, and may even file a lien against your property. This is not an honest or reputable company to do business with.

  • Nov 30, 2014

Accounting Slow But Improving

I have a plumbing company in AZ and have had the pleasure to do business with AFM since 2012. Any invoicing issues that I have had, has been resolved here recently. Although sometimes, it may take awhile they eventually pay. Yes, I have dealt with a Trina Phinnisee there, she was very helpful once I provided all of the information. The accounting department is challenging to contact, but the last few times I have had issued, they were resolved quickly. I have talked to a Nick there as well. I receive alot of work from AFM, hopefully things will be full speed in the accounting department, I am pleased with the results on my last two issues.

  • Sep 18, 2014

How To Get Paid By Advanced Facilities Maintenance

This company should not be in business period. If you want to get paid, file a lien against the company that you did the work for. They will pay once the client confronts them. In almost all cases they have been paid by the Client but are using your

money to pay payroll and other expenses.

  • Jun 27, 2014

Advanced Facilities Maintenance Corporation - Unwilling to Pay Vendors for Services.

Columbus, Ohio

If you ever wanted to work free, just except a work order from Advanced Facilities Maintenance Corporation. Columbus, Ohio.

We performed services for this company in the Fall of 2013, and have yet to be paid. With every weekly call, a new excuse or a different date of check release. No one in charge.

They will put you on hold, come back to tell you that they have spoken to the person you needed and they will call you back. If you ask to speak to the very person they were able to speak with, they tell you that person is in a meeting. Boy!. If you ask for the owner. Gone. Ask for a supervisor. Gone. Ask for someone in legal department. " not sure they have one".

If you are able to get a date of check release, you have nothing. This just means you get to wait a week and start over again with the "no one is available" routine.

If you call 614-389-3495, Press 4 (company directory) and then enter PAP (first three letters of the owner's name), you can actually leave a message for the owner. Not sure if this will bring a resolution, but at least I have given it the old college try. At least is the owner does not call you back, then you know he is part of the problem and encourages such behavior. No owner should improve their bottomline in this manner.

In addition, I have taken the suggestion of other's that have reported on the company and contacted the client that we provided the service. Hopefully, they can encourage owner to live up to the company's part of the bargain, payment.


  • Jul 22, 2014

Never Pays Latrina Phinisee

Very true, the A/P person Latrina (AKA Trina) Phinisee never returns calls or emails to make out a payment to our company.

Latrina Phinisee 614-505-3145

Russ is the owner by a male named Nick that answers at 614-505-3134

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

Fax 614-505-3145

Fax 1-888-492-1572

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