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Advanced Tech Support Reviews

  • Feb 5, 2015

Advanced Tech Support ATS DISAPPEARED!!!!!!! Boca Raton Florida

We purchased ATS services a short while ago - it seemed that they were addressing problems we had with our PC's.

Much to my surprise, when I attempted to contact them a week ago (today is 11/22/2014), there was no response at their 800 support line. I hoped against hope that it was, as they said, a problem with the system that was being addressed.

Today I read that ATS is a scam and was shut down.

The company seemed to offer genuine support for my computers and got 4.5 0f 5 star reviews-perhaps they cover their tracks well enough to make people think they really have problems and have cleared those problems up? -or- maybe they wrote the reviews themselves?

This is the second time I've been burned on PC support. I'm in my 60's-not tech savy. I will go to HP (the manufacturer of our PC's) for support now. Be very wary when you purchase computer support services.

  • Jan 3, 2015

Advanced Tech Support Inbound Call Experts tech support, horrible, worst, scam Boca Raton, Florida

Well it all Started when I had an issue with my computer where I had gotten a call trying to sell me

Some Speedypc Pro software which I stupidly bought into. After installing there software and letting it scan my PC I started to notice that my files like my excel files and pictures started to disappear. I ended up calling them up to get some help on this. Which I spoke to there Sales rep which automatically loaded up my event viewer and told me I had all these unsolved issues on my computer and the only way to get rid of them was if I signed up with there yearly technical support service which cost me over 500 dollars. Mind you after speaking and doing some digging on the internet I found out that all Paretologics software does is create fake entries into the registry and into the event viewer, so that the customer has to call for help and get scammed into buying unneeded tech support. Back to what I was saying, after I purchased there so called Technical Support services I was remotely connected to a technician and they ran some Toolkit on my computer , changed a ton of settings which afterwords told me the issue was resolved. I went to check for my files and they were still missing, so I called back again the second time, and they did the same thing they ran the same toolkit and told me that the files were back, I checked for the files which were still not there. I then was transfered to a Level 3 tech which worked on the issue for more than 2 weeks ...YES 2WEEKS!!

I was unable to use my computer and the end result was that I lost my financial documents, my quickbooks database and my family pictures, none of which were restored, they informed me that the system restore was not able to restore my files because it was no successful at restoring them, I was furious and demanded my money back...which at this point took over 7 days to even get them to acknowledge that it was there fault and that I was entitled to a refund. For anyone reading this dont install any of Paretologics software, this includes SpeedyPCPro , Regcure, Regcure PRO, ect....STAY AWAY FROM THEM.!!! MOST OF ALL STAY AWAY FROM ADVANCED TECH SUPPORT THEY ARE A SCAM!!!

  • Dec 12, 2014

I was contacted by a staff member of Tech support (don't have his name) He said he is a certified techican by Micosort but is employed by Advanced Tech Support. He said Microsoft received a report of the computer errors I was having. I believed this statement as I had contacted Microsoft (by e-mail) reporting the problems my computer was having. He put me through the paces of identifying that I had been hacked nurmerous times . I was shown the screen that detects this. I was contacted on August 31 2014. Ater being told I needed the following software Panda Internet Security ( this replaced the AVG Anti-virus spftware on my computer. ) It did cost me quite a lot but I was told this was a one time fee at a discounted rate and it was good for any computer I may own in the future. I also was told the hackers had loaded up my hard drive and that was the reason my computer wouldn'y boot up. I told the tech this had been a problem just recently and I paid a computer technician to resolve the problem by installing an antimalware software and getting rid of the malware that was clogging up my hard drive. The Advanced tech said that software (I forget the name) was free and any free program installs malware on your computer. I did admit that I was still getting those pop-up ads to install programs that were already installed and didn't need to be updated. He told me a better Anti -Malware program was : PCMRI Anti-Malware which would cost me over $200. So again I put that on my credit card, I agreed to getting remote support from Advanced Tech Support. As this seemed on the up and up considering what I had been told and been shown. This remote monitoring to fix my computer took over night. All the problems seemed to be resolved after Bill called me back and asked me to unplug my keyboard. This didn't seem to make sense, but I did it Bill told me once the remote monitoring work was done I could plug my keyboard back in. . It seemed that the problems were resolved. Though I was still getting those pop-up advetisements but now I knew better not to click on them. Only to go to the software's Web Site, then I would know it was legitimate. Also I still was getting the Start Menu when I booted up my computer,to continue start up normally. That worked.

Later that month , still being pretty certain of Advanced Tech Support was legit, although there were several red flags that should have alerted me. I had a computer crash and the only way I could get my computer to boot up was to do a set to factory defaults. I know that is a terrible choice, but I didn't know what else to do.

When I did that I lost the Panda Anti-virus program and the PCMRI Malaware. I talked to Iris and she re-downloaded both for me. (One time I called them and wasn't convinced to buy another product !)

Amdrew then called me from Tech Support saying that all my computer problems were resolved but my computer was at high risk to be hacked again and what I should do was purchase the Watchdog Idenity program to secure my privacy while online. this was $179- the discounted rate. Again this went on my credit card. While I'm writing this I think what an idiot I was , a scared idiot. I must mention that all the above software has worked and I get alerts from Watchdog. But now when my computer is having more problems too nurmerous to detail (if you'r still reading) I got a recording that says that Advanced Tech Support has a restraining order until they go to court in December. Hello this is December? i mean really doesn't that say a lot that they have a restraining order against them? Reading the posts about this company has helped me to realize, I was SCAMED ! I would like to know if there is any way possible to get all my money refunded.. Probably just to contact my credit card company , as it appears that this company is a SCAM and now in legal trouble.

  • Nov 21, 2014

I was in need of computer program repairs. I contacted them from computer advertisement on the internet. First time there was in improvment but then I had problems again--and had been told to call back if need be and they would fix it. Cost $249.00. and repair was worse but they said they would offer me a good deal on Panda security since my computer had a conflict with my antivirus and cost was 250.00 for lifetime Panda security.I had a serious virus attack and called and this was how they said to solve it. There was another charge of 49.95 also. This OCT 28, 2014 and on Oct.29 there was charges of 200.00 dollars for games prurchase on my card that I did not buy. I called my card company and as far as I know they are still investigating this--but they gave me credit and issued me new cards. I think someone from this agency used my card--but I cannot prove it . I began to be concerned when I tried to call them to cancle the Panda protection because I had to pay someone else--in person to come and fix all the problems they created on my computer. I tried several days and called 11/20/2014 just to see if I would be able to talk to some about gettin a refund for all of this. That is when the message told me what to do.

  • Nov 20, 2014

I signed up because I had malware that I could not remove. BIG MISTAKE!! First, they wanted $200,

then $100 for Panda protection. Then they would fix my computer. I gave them control at 5:00pm. At 10:00 am the following morning, I was able to access my computer. No change in the problem I presented. Called back.

Another technician did some trouble shooting. While this happened, I could see the malware name in the registry. The technician said it had to be referred to upper level tech. I gave control of my machine.

When I returned 3 hours later, I called. They said the machine was still hooked up and for me not to use it. Another day without a computer. The following afternoon the machine was still busy. I listened to my answering machine.

Their tech had called before I called in the evening before and left a message he did not know what I wanted him to do. Please get in touch with them. That is 24 hours the machine sat unattended and I did not have its use. Third time is a charm? WRONG! This time I waited just a couple of hours and checked. The machine still behaved as it did before ever turning it over to them. I canceled the transaction and asked for a refund.

This was granted without question and they said the money would be returned in 3-5 working days. Now, the

problem. They SCREWED MY COMPUTER ROYALLY. Someone set it up to suit his or her purpose without regard to how I use my computer. Here are some changes made, any one of which causes the machine to not function right. Together, the machine is a basket case.

.pst files had a mis-match so Outlook would not work

Word files did not allow a folder to be created to store new work

They redefined what programs would work in three different places, turning them off here and there so they did not work at all.

Removed one program I use all the time because it said Spam. This is a special spam folder for Outlook.

Turned off the works for Roboform, my password program, so it doesn't work

Almost every program I use has been tweaked so it does not work properly. I have to go through all the controls and find which one they disabled in order to make it work after a restart. They have caused me to lose at least one-week's worth of work trying to repair their procedures. DO NOT TRUST THESE PEOPLE. One of their advertising promos stressed that all technicians are level 1 and above Microsoft certified. They

operate out of Boca Rotan, Fl. If all their help lives in Florida, there are sure a lot of people who do not speak English so that it can be understood. Portraying itself as an American business with American trained workers does not match the experience I have had with the people to whom I spoke.

  • Nov 14, 2014

Advanced Tech Support ATSParetologic took norton internet software off my computer including all online banking informatio Boca Raton Florida

Advanced Tech Support sold me software that couldn't be installed without a technician working on the machine. After several hours of tech support and a full day out of my work time I asked the to stop trying to fix the problem, refund the charges for the software and restore my computer to the state it was in when they first strarted working on it. I also asked to speak to an officer in the company so that I could lodge a complaint. At this point my security software for online banking was compromised, passwords changed, and my banking information all removed from the software.

I wanted to speak to an officer in the company and when I asked for that they disconnected me from the call and won't now answer the phone when I try to call. I don't know the extent of the problems they've caused and I'm not sure where my banking information has gone. As far as I know they have hijacked all that information and I w ill have to contact every credit card account, every charge card (american express), etc. and have to reset all passwords as well as having to re-enter all that information onto my computer. Please, please please can I start a class action against this company?

  • Nov 12, 2014

Advanced Tech Support Rippoff Company, They infect your computer, and never fixed Boca Raton Florida


  • Nov 6, 2014

Advanced Tech Support ruined my compters Boca Raton Florida

These people were supposed to fix one PC that had a trojan. Instead they remotely accessed both of my computes and changed permission and administrative actions. I still have a trojan on the PC and my new laptop is now basically unusable. I can't do anything except get online for email and games.

  • Nov 5, 2014

The part in qotation marks is from anthother complaint but exactly describes my situation. I will add my stuff as needed.

"I was having problems with my computer, which has been slow of late. Performed all basic procedures, deleting files, etc. Microsoft "Help" directed me to speedyPC as a "Certified" partner. I ran the test, trusting Microsoft. I was informed I had [914] problems with my computer. I requested "fix" only to be prompted for $29.95. I purchased the product, only to find out that I was buying ANOTHER program for $9.95 [as well, in addition] about which I knew nothing. My account was already charged. To activate software I had to call an 800 number, which set off an alarm. The party on the other end then went into my computer and started telling me a bunch of nonsense about the control panels he was bringing up, such as my processor utilization being way too low even though nothing was being processed, that ALL my programs should be running, "

He pulled up the huge list of events with the event viewer on my computer (making it look like he had special software to do it) and then began telling me horror stories. The significance of some of the events were lost to me so I took his word for it at the time. It took an hour for another tech to start this "difficult" job of cleaning up my computer.

When the tech finally began, "I then witnessed, I could have activated [this] myself, so the number was just another lie to drag people in to getting charged for more services. I then found out that I had not only been charged, but that I had been SUBSCRIBED for the same costs annually. I had to go back through their complicated system to unsubscribe.

I have started the system twice but stopped after it reported several problems that don't exist or are unimportant. The cleanup that was performed deleted old programs that I wanted to keep and altered the system by deleting or hiding options that I use constantly. I have spent several hours putting my computer back together. The service performed was basically stuff that I have done myself with the help of another very reliable clean up program.

When this was finished, I was instructed to phone again to discuss "serious" issues with the tech resulting from his service. That was just more scam to sell me $200 worth of "back door" anti malware protection. At this point I was already in for approx $300 Cadn so put my foot down.

I intend to uninstall anything to do with SpeedyPC. I don't trust it As for my money, I guess its down the drain. I don't have time to pursue it. I will lick my wounds and be more aware next time.

  • Nov 3, 2014

Geek Tech Toolbox Advanced Tech Support Did NOT do what they said they would internet

I thought I was being smart researching this company before I purchased their registry cleaner and services to fix my computer. They appeared to have some really good writeups on the web. I am convinced they have no idea what they are doing.

They have fixed nothing despite having control of my computer for approximately 4 hours twice. After they initially went in to fix my computer and stated the work was done I went to use it and discovered I had many of the same problems. I called them back and they again took control of the computer and sent it to a tech. Fell asleep waiting for the tech, 4 hours later the little hourglass was on my computer indicating nobody had been on the other end to look at it.

I was so angry I shut down the computer and called them where I encountered an extremely rude tech that insisted I should leave my computer open until somebody had the time to look at it. Didn't agree that a 4 hour wait seemed excessive. Tried to tell this woman that leaving my computer open like that was the same thing as hiring a repairman and then leaving my home unattended. She told me that she couldn't help me then.

What really made me angry was they or she had deleted Adobe Flash from my computer making it useless to see images or other things I need that for. When I asked her why she said it was corrupt. I insisted she download it back and she also downloaded MacAfee AntiVirus.

When I asked her why she did that since i already have Norton AntiVirus she didn't even answer. I am so sorry I didn't just take it somewhere reputable out in town. It would have been worth the inconvenience. This company is terrible.

  • Nov 3, 2014

Advanced Tech Support Computer tune-up blow up Boca Raton Florida

I got talked into a computer clean-up/maintanence program with ATS. I gave them aremote access to my computer and in the course of two days, and multiple technicians, they destroyed my perfectly good Dell Optiplex computer; corrupting registrey and administrative privileges, locking folders that could not be unlocked, changing files to "read-only" which coulkd no be changed back, uninstalled a registered Adobe program and replaced it with an unregistered version. I coulkd not send emails with attachments, could not open graphics files in Photoshop, and could not place photos in InDesign, etc. etc.

There was nothing wrong with my computer before the "tune-up". It cost me $200 to reinstall Win7 and 4-5 hours to reinstall dozens of programs and data folders. The total cost to me and my time was around $1000 and that doesn't include two days wasted dealing with ATS on the phone. They could not fix it, and had no solution, so finally I had enough and asked for refund which thay said they would process.

It's mindboggling to me that a company that represents itself as a computer experts can do something like this. All you have to do is serch online for reviews and you'll se similar experiences. I wish I had thought of that prior to. Live and learn.

  • Nov 3, 2014


We didn't call Advanced Tech Support we got hooked up with them through a purchase we made called PC Cleaner Plus through SparkTrust and when we finished paying for the product it said to activate your new software by call 800-318-0595 and that is how we got hook up with Advanced Tech Support what a scam!! I work in a professional office and we were having problems with our billing software and so they went in remotely looked around and said we had all kind of errors, blah, blah and you have to leave your computer on for 5-6 hours so it can be fixed and they made it 75% worse. I talked to 3 differenct techinicans at different levels and none of them did a darn thing but make it worse. Now my computer takes forever to even start up and I'm missing files and what a mess!!! I called and canceled the PC Cleaner Plus and the Advanced Tech Support they talked me into and said I want a full refund on our credit card. No one returns my calls or emails!

Please do not make the mistake I did because I wanted the problem fixed now. Go with your local technician in the long run you will save money.

  • Nov 3, 2014

Advanced Tech Support Took over $300 of my money ,I'm on Social Security, to fix my computer but didn't fix anything. Internet

Safecart Customer Service


RE: Purchases from Advanced Tech Support

Ref DRUP-U031231-1LHC $49.87

Ref System Config/Startup $194.99

Ref Monthly Service $14.99/month

Ref Installation of Panda Security System $100.00

I have been having trouble with my computer freezing up constantly and needing to be restarted numerous times of the day. I was contacted online by Advanced Tech Support on 12-2-2013 to help with my computer issues. They said they could fix this problem plus add needed Security Software and add a monthly service for any other problems that may come up in the future. It took hours for them to complete this and I was told that everything was fixed and working properly and that my computer was now secure. The charges noted above totaling $359.85 were withdrawn from my bank account for the work that they said they performed in all those hours.

I waited until 12-14-13 to call them back because the computer was still freezing up exactly the same way it did before their assistance. They again tried to fix the problem by taking hours again to supposedly repair the problem.

After all the hours spent tying up my computer and also my time “holding on the phone”, I had enough of their NOT fixing anything. I called them and told them I wanted my money back because they had not done anything for that kind of money. The gentleman put me on hold to wait for his supervisor and that man was extremely rude and had me on hold while he “removed” the files. I didn’t know until later that he also removed the Panda Security which I paid for.

  • Nov 3, 2014

Advanced Tech Support I was scammed Boca Raton Florida

Two days ago I intended to contact a company I had registered with called PC Pro who provides periodic computer scans s requested. The problem with their service that I experienced was that they systematically removed content from my computer that I did not want removed including Trend Micro, another computer virus protction service I had with he Geek Squad division of Bet Buy which I paid for.

I went to the PC Pro site to call them and the 800 number they provided contacted me with Advanced Tech Support. Their representative, a man named Vinny said they were an authorized repair service of PC Pro. I told him of the problems I was having which are too numerous to mention here and he asked me to authorize his taking over of my computer which I did.

He immediately informed me that I had real serious problems and that they could corect them but it would require purchasing a system called PANDA for $499. When I refused to buy something that expensive he said he could get authorization to reduce the cost to $200 because I was a senior citizen and a veteren but I would still have to pay their tech $199 one time fee to fix my prblems and additinally it would cost $19.99 per month to use free future tech service.

He assured me that all my problems would be corrected and I would never again receive any pop-ups. All of this was false. I also found out that PANDA and PANDA CLOUD are free available downloads.

They told me that if their were any problems, I was entitled to a full 30 day unconditional refund.

In fairness, I have not yet requested a refund but I intend to do so tomorrow. Whether they gratiously honor the refund request or refuse the refund request, I will in either instance post a follow up to let you know the outcome.

  • Oct 31, 2014

EDitor’s UPDATE: Positive rating and recognition has been given to Advanced Tech Support for its commitment to excellence in customer service.

Ripoff Report’s discussions with Advanced Tech Support have uncovered an ongoing commitment by the company to total client satisfaction. This means that clients can expect that the company will work towards finding a mutually satisfactory resolution to any complaints or concerns. Advanced Tech Support listens carefully to client concerns and sees them as an opportunity to learn from past mistakes and become more efficient as a company in the services offered and the support for those services.

The principals at Advanced Tech Support all agree and work off of the same common goal, "our customers are number one to our business. Without them we wouldn’t have a business. We take pride in separating ourselves from the pack especially within the remote technical support business. Overlooking your customers could be a costly mistake, and that’s one we aren’t willing to do.

Years of experience has taught us some simple lessons that most in our industry overlook. If you want to find answers on what changes need to be made you just need to listen to your customers. We have made some significant changes to our business based off of what our customer’s feedback was. In the end we became a stronger more complete company. Our goals are simple we try and treat every customer like they are part of our family, because in the end they are what drives our business. Advanced Tech Support is very serious about customer satisfaction and we will do whatever it takes to make our customers happy.”

  • Oct 30, 2014

Was suckered into spending 150 dollars for a full cleanup and restoration for my windows xp energy star com.... its been over 12 hours and the new technician Freddy is working on it now....

i dont believe this is legitimate.....

I have never had to be part of the tech team before.... and never have i had anyone ask me to shutdown my virus protection....

watching closely, Bryan :Toccoa ,Georgia

  • Oct 28, 2014

Safecart FRAUD!! This company supports fradulent businesses! SpeedMax PC and Advanced Tech Support are complete complete SCAM! OVERCHARGED CREDIT CARD! Internet

I just spent 3 hours between numerous calls back and forth between SpeedMax PC, and Advanced Tech Support. I decided to research a bit more into both of these companies which brought me to this website here, and I can now completely understand where all the complaints are coming from. I have been billed and it appears I will continue to be billed through SafeCart for charges I did not make. I first called Advanted Tech Support as I thought that was the company I was dealing with, when i asked about suspicous charges on my credit card, ( all billed from Safecart) they pretended to now know what I was talking about and initally denied the fact that the two companies are related and refer clients to each other I searched forever for the customer service number for SpeedMax PC as they have charged me through safecart and Advanced Tech Support for some renewal product that I did not authorize. The staff at Advanced Tech pretended to not have the customer service number for SpeedMax PC, which is a bit unbelieveable as they are affiliated and as they even told me themselves they refer clients to each other! After numerours phone call I finally managed to get the 888-290 7758 number from them for SpeedMax PC. When I called that number they refused to speak about anythign billing related and referred me to SafeCart, they couldn't even tell me what the apparent renewal subscription I will be charged is for. I then asked about removing the product unwanted unauthorized product from my computer, and again no help at all, only claims that it will "improve" my computer, I have seen no such evidence and is even slowing down the speed. Thankfully I happened to notice this fine print when I decided to review the phone number on the the invoice of course!

This initially started with a call to Advanced Tech Support about a computer repair, they then also charged me for a tune up and another unwanted product on my computer! Not only that but they blocked access to my computers for a full 24 hours and took complete control over it, then added things I did not purchase and billed me for them. I am so thankful to my friend, that I happened to mention this to, and he took a look at my computer and told me about how completly scammed I got, the systems they installed do completly nothing, and not only that they will keep billing me for no service!! When I spoke to tech support they had no answrers to give me for ther "services" they provided...yea cause they did nothing! The only thing they can tell me to do is Safe Cart is responsible for the fradulent billing and they did nothing wrong on their end. Why is safecart billing me for a product they don't even offer or know anything about? No one there knows about the products and the companies take no responsiblities they are however in charge of the billing for false items!

Ahhhh this explains sooo much! The call from my credit card company about fradulent charges and the constant spamming i am apparently now sending out through my email account and who knows how i'll be able to stop that with all the access they had to my computer. I am going to keep contacting all three companies and my credit card company until this is sorted.

  • Oct 27, 2014

Advanced Tech Support If you want your time, work, memories, computer and sanity destroyed use them. They have messed up all of this for me for almost 2 months Boca Raton, FL Internet

I used Advanced Tech Support last year and id have some problems with them but this year when I need some help with router setting for my magic jack I did call them on 6/17/2014 They told me the router was not the issue and I had to have both of my computers set up so they could work on the. Both computer had more issues after they said the job was done but it was NOT done. I did finally resolve the magic jack issue on my own and it was a router setting problem. Today is 8/7/2014 and Advance tech support has totally destroyed everything that was on my compter. Over a year of work, all my photos....... all gone! Each time I called in for them to fix what they had not the day before either the techs did not note everything they had done or the new techs did not read the information. (I really believe it is both) After countless hours with them running up my cell phone minutes and stressing me out to no end last night they decided to do a refresh. I asked if everything would be backed up. Needless to say the rewfresh did not work and they did a reset loosing everything. My other computer that I am writting this on was also messed up by them but luckily I had decided to make them fully fix one computer befor fixing the other.

  • Oct 25, 2014


My name is Mary. I am a hard working homecare nurse who is located in St. Louis, Mo. I was having problems lately with my computer slowing down. I went on line to research reputable companies to helpwith my delima. Speedy Pc was selected. Alas, they informed me that I needed a tune up and told me that Advanced Tech Support was a reputable company that could perform the work. I went along with thier suggestion and that was the beginning of my SEVERE headache and lack of sleep.

I started the process on Saturday evening, after I completed most of my clients reports. The Level 1 technician performed the work online while I was asleepI. When I awoke, I checked my computer and found out it was still running slow. I called back to the service center and they informed me that they would run the system through again. Early that afternoon, I checked the computer and discovered that the screen was black but it did havesome icons on the screen. I called back to the service center and the instructed me to reboot the system. Unfortunately, my computer was failing to perform functions that worked prior to the technician's interventions, It is now Monday morning and I have a computer that is ready to be used as a door stop. I have called the company so many times this weekend that my phone ran out of minutes.

If I performed as they have, in my profession, I would have lost my license. They killed my computer and I am out two hundred dollars, Please do not ever use this company!

  • Oct 16, 2014

I contacted the Company Advanted Tech support. Sunday 10-05-14. After talking to Mike and then Tim

they tried to sell me all kinds of add on's which I turned down.

I was only interested in the drivers download for $29.95

After giving them my credit card info, He supposedly initiated the

required info to get the "code key". Told me the billing would be from Each time I would attempt

to use the code key Thier system would reject it claming "Unauthorized". I called them back and was giving a

bad time. I sent a message to Safcart with a breif explanation, and requested to cancel the order. I sent the

message twice. However they still billed my credit card acccount. I have since contacted my Bank to dispute the


  • Oct 10, 2014

The co-founders of Advanced Tech Support bring over 30 years of combines experience to the table. We would like to thank you for taking the time to review Advanced Tech Support. Repairing stubborn computer problems can be a challenging task that we embrace. We promise to make the experience as pain less as possible so you can get back to using your machine and enjoying the internet.”

Advanced Tech Support Testimonials

"I was very pleased with the customer service and how quickly the technicians fixed all of my computer issues. I will recommend your company to everyone I run into with computer issues. It was nice to wake up to a working computer. Thanks again for all of your help." ~ John

"Yes, the Advanced Tech Support technician provided a clear explanation of the technical process and also reassurance that a complete repair would result in my ability to access my e-mail account. My computer is now running much faster and I have peace of mind knowing that all my files and pictures are backed up." ~ Fairhead

"I had jenny for the repair. She did a great job. It was over my head and she soon seen that I needed help and she jumped in and was wonderful

  • Jul 28, 2014

Biggest rip off ever. Make sure you call customer service to get refund!!! Wish I had checked this website first. I found Advanced Tech Support via internet search. I thought the small fee was worth it to get my PC fixed. When I paid I was told to call a number to activate my account. The activation did not work so I was transferred to service tech. After getting sucked in to paying $400 four different reps worked on my PC. They totally killed it. I called back and rep told me I needed to buy something else. I said no And that I wanted a complete refund. He kept telling me that this new something would fix my PC. I said no. I told him to transfer me to get refund. He finally did. I told customer rep i wanted refund. She went into all sorts of dissertations and wanted to know my entire PC story. I told her "you killed my PC". She finale did give me a complete refund on my credit card. It took 3 days for my credit to appear on my card record.

  • Jul 25, 2014

I only wish I would have seen this site before i downloaded and purchased the scan , the stories are all too familiar. I got my 270.00 back but still have a inoperable hard drive , but after reading some of the stories as I am typing my hard drive is recognized in my BIOS menu and is performing a self test and it was completed without error , havent done enough research to know what everything means but in my own defense I have gotten further than Advanced Tech Support. Will update soon.

  • Jul 18, 2014

I was suckered into spending 150 dollars for a full cleanup and restoration for my windows xp energy star com.... its been over 12 hours and the new technician Freddy is working on it now....

i dont believe this is legitimate.....

I have never had to be part of the tech team before.... and never have i had anyone ask me to shutdown my virus protection....

watching closely, Bryan :Toccoa ,Georgia.

  • Jun 25, 2014

While using my computer on a recent Tuesday, I got this pop-up that said I desperately needed help. I clicked on it because I thought maybe I did need help. Long Story short, they took over my computer through That is their on-line fix-it. They said it would take about 7 hours. Four hours later they told me I needed to pay $500 for a product to keep all the annoying viruses etc off my computer. I didn't take it. They kept my computer captive off and on for 4 days. I use my computer for work and was unable to make any money while they had my computer captured. Bottom line, they finally returned $150 + 2x $49.87 and 1x$39.94.

However, my computer is now in worse shape than before. I am unable to operate Internet Explorer at all. Plus there are glitches all over. BEWARE!!!! A few of the gentlemen were ok, two men were downright rude and mean.

  • Apr 11, 2014

Last week, I referred a website to my daughter which supposedly had the answer to her laptop wherein the right half of the screen was black while the left side was normal. My daughter asked me to talk to the Support person to see about fixing the black half of the screen. After surrendering control of the laptop to the service person, he said he found thousands of Spyware embedded in the computer and said they can clean it remotely within 6 hours for $250. He also offered to sell us Panda anti-virus for another $100 as my daughter didn't have current anti-virus in her computer. After learning that Panda was one of their products I deferred but agreed to let them do the virus removal since my daughter had authorized it as I was led to believe that would solve the black screen problem. After my daughter's credit card was charged, I left the computer on for 6 hours as directed. When the allotted time was up, I rebooted the computer but still saw the black screen. I called their 800 number and spoke to another person who took over remote control of the laptop and said after checking, that it was a hardware problem and that I have to replace the laptop's screen. This made me wonder why the first guy couldn't have told me this.

I then called a computer repair shop who had previously worked another of my daughter's computers and he agreed that the problem she had was due to a bad screen which can be caused by dropping the laptop, putting too much weight on the lid or closing the lid too hard. Her computer has an LED screen which gives a better image but is more delicate than an LCD screen. I dropped off the laptop with him and less than a week later, we got it back and the problem was fixed.

I feel that this was just a ripoff to sell us a $250 virus-cleaning procedure.

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