Aesthetic Medical Educators Training, Inc.

Country United States
State Texas
City Austin
Address 7606 Hawkeye Drive
Phone 512-301-2125

Aesthetic Medical Educators Training, Inc. Reviews

  • Jun 26, 2015

This is the first negative posting I have ever done before on the internet against a business, but I hate to warn other physicians and nurses about the company and the information. I am board certified internist and just attended the Los Angeles botox Course offered by aesthetic medical educators. The Aesthetics Medical Educators Training program is hands down the absolute worst course I have ever attended in my entire life! My partner said I should check out a company called esiw but they had bad reviews also, I think anything would have been better. I paid almost $2,000 dollars for this course! I am so upset and trying to get my money back. For $2,000, if you can believe I had to print out my own materials and bring them to the course! NO handout, no manual!!! I should have known at that point that the course was a scam but the website looked good and I made the mistake. I expected quality hand outs, print materials, charts, whatever, not a short black and white copy of a power point presentation.

After the course I went back read that if you want a manual you have to pay an extra $50, I have never heard of a company charging $50 for a book that is supposed to come with the class. And then, they state that they are just being "friendly to the environment" They must think their readers are stupid! I guess I am for registering for this class. I want to report this company to some agency I don't know who or how but I will find out. The instructor who taught the class should not have been teaching. I would have expected a plastic surgeon or at least some high level Aesthetics physician. The instructor knew very little about the course material and probably never performed these techniques in private practice either. (This however, I cannot stat for certain. Its just that the quality of training was so basic that there is no way the instructor could be doing this in practice). If I had stayed home and watched a youtube video I probably would have learned more. I can write for another hour but I have to stop somewhere. The hand on was a complete kole. I practiced very little and Im not even sure what this company is doing is legal because they are charging their patients for procedures and there is not established physician patient relationship, the set up was unorganized, they violated every HIPPA law, osha, biohazard conditions, and quite frankly, I felt very uncomfortable being at this program as if it were run by NON MEDICAL PEOPLE who know nothing about practicing medicine, a little scary.

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