Affordable Garage Doors, Inc.

Country United States
State Chad
City Albuquerque
Address Surrounding Areas
Phone 505-933-7579

Affordable Garage Doors, Inc. Reviews

  • Jan 28, 2015

I found this poor excuse for a service company through a Google search. I called and explained to what I think is the owner that something was wrong with my garage door, possibly the opener motor not working. I asked him if he could meet me at my house to tell me what was wrong and to give me an estimate, NOTHING ELSE. He agreed to meet me and when he got he told me the motor was definitely bad but then he tried to up sell me on an entire system, including springs and rails. I told him I was not planning on spending the nearly $500 for "repairs" he was trying to sell me, then he said I owed him $69 for the "service call." I asked him what exact service he was providing, and he said that if bought the new system that would "subtract the service fee" from the total price. I told him I was not going to buy anything and that I still didn't understand what he was charging me for if he didn't do anything but give me an estimate, which is what I told him the call was for in the first place. He said that I called for a "repair" and that I owed him the "service fee" for calling him. I told him he never mentioned that on the phone, nor did it explicitly say anything of that nature on his website, and thus that was a very unscrupulous approach to doing business. He said "nobody has complained before" and that I had no reason to be upset. I paid him and asked him to leave my property and told him once again that I did not appreciate his lack of integrity. He didn't seem to care one bit!

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