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  • Jul 13, 2015

I have worked as an AFLAC agent for many months without a paycheck. They promise you that it is your own business and a flexible schedule. They also promise that after going to sales school (which you spend most of the time learning scripts to counter employer objections) and spending 5 weeks of meetings and doing cold calls on businesses you are supposed to be ready to handle your own agency. They also tell you stories about all the money you are going to make.HA!

I have spent a few thousand already on gas, licenses, sales leads, phone,foffice supplies and TIME. You find out that what you really are is a canvasser for your district manager who gets to keep all the sales made once you leave (and most will leave). You go out into the field from business to business that has already been hit several times from other agents hoping to make "an appointment".

Once you make an appointment (if you can) your District Sales Coordinator (DSC) or CIT (coordinator in training)will actually come and set up the enrollment for employees at THEIR convenience. At the actual enrollment the CIT or DIC will bring the sng computer (because you don't have one, and will conduct the enrollment. If it is a big group they will bring another agent (pet) and you will have to split commissions with anyone who comes to help because guess what? You can't do it by yourself! And you better not get too big a company or it will be taken away from you and given to one of their brokers.

You find out that after the first five weeks of novice meetings you also have to attend a general weekly meeting with the Region and a weekly planning meeting with your District. You must fill out a daily activety monitor called "Success Trax" online where they track your performance. They will humiliate you weekly in the Regional meetings by having you place all your numbers on a blackboard in front of everyone. How many doors did you pull? How many cards did you put in your box? How much AP (money) will you bring in the next week? Then they sometimes pair you up with someone else to Hold You Accountable! They call and text you even on weekends. In essence what you are doing is financing someone elses business with whatever savings or credit you have. You are not given the tools or the training to actually do it all yourself. They also like you to first focus on your circle of influence (people you do business with) These become warm leads for them. Then they pressure you to recruit other people and even to work in the office and call people who have sent resumes! All with no pay or base against commission. Nothing.

I do not understand how a large company like Aflac has goten away with running their business the way they do.Under IRS rules, workers are presumed to be employees. The burden is on the employer to prove that a worker is an independent contractor and not an employee. The IRS has recently simplified their previous list of 20 factors into a 3 category evaluation system to determine whether a worker is an employee or an independent contractor. Aflac fails the test on almost everyone.

These 3 categories: (A)Behavioral Control, (B) Financial Control, and (C) Type of Relationship, include a total of 13 factors. You are an employee who works for free.

  • Jun 13, 2015

On December 3, 2014 I sent in the proper paperwork to cancel my policy through Aflac. I called to make sure they had received my form (they claimed they had not). After faxing the form over three times and calling to follow up, they finally confirmed they had recieved my cancellation and that my policy would take up to two to four checks to take effect of this change. To make a long story short, they charged me six premiums (they probably would have charged me more had I not quit the job I was at) in the year of 2015 and made adjustments/credits along the way. Well according to the records I've kept by pay stubs after every refund had been issued to me, there was a balance due which I have record of all the payments they took and every payment they refunded and the balance due is 35.04. I have repeatedly emailed/called Aflac about this refund and even though they are the ones who took my money, and I have evidence of every deduction and refund they have made, they refuse to refund me the last portion because they claim I have to have approval through my old employer.

This has nothing to do with my old employer, Aflac is the one who took my money, NOT my old employer and now they are the ones who are refusing to refund me the money that I have proof that they took unlawfully even after the "2-4" paycheck adjustment they claimed that there was. Its taken me 6 months to even receive a partial refund because they never follow up with you about any concerns or issues you have. They love to take your money, but they do absolutely nothing to help you or even refund your money that they were not authorized to take. The thing that infuriates me the most is that I have wasted 6 months of my life over money I NEVER authorized them to take from me and now they refuse to take responsibility for which I have evidence that they took from me. I will NEVER EVER EVER recommend them to anyone and I will be sure to let everyone I know, know how they take your money without your authorization then refuse to refund it when you have evidence of what they have done! I have never been more dissatisfied in my life. This past 6 months have been a nightmare and a waste of my time when I never even authorized them to deduct my money in the first place. This is the WORST company I have ever had the misfortune of ever doing business with.

  • Dec 29, 2014

Long story short: I had Aflac disability insurances for years.

In March of 2011 I woke up one morning crippled due to a pinched nerve from a fractured vertebrae in my back. This was caused by a degenerative disc disease. However neither me nor my Doctors knew the cause at that time. I lost my job due to my disability.

I am poor, no medical ins. but I am a veteran so I go to the VA clinic. The pinched nerve was VERY complicated. I had to see about 7 different Dr.s.

The VA Dr.s are FORBIDDEN from signing any insurance forms. Also every Dr. thought the other Dr or Doctors should be the one to sign the form. Because it was so complicated I only saw each Dr. once or twice at the VA clinic. I also went to two different chiropractors and paid them during this time period that I was covered by my policy.

I met my policy's defination of "totally disabled" to a T! I sent all the prooubsequently f to Aflac several times. I don't think they ever looked through all the documents that I send to them and subsequently lost them.

I send all the medical notes, diagnoses, test results, MRI results, Physical Therapy notes, proof of payments to the Chiropractors, etc. to Aflac they still would not pay me.

I even managed to get promply approved for Social Security Disability the FIRST time I applied!

Still I can not get Aflac to pay me for 6 months of disability before I could no longer afford to pay them and the policy was cancelled!

I have paid this insurance company for years and when I became disabled they refuse to pay me and I lost my condo and almost everything in it. My credit is ruined for the rest of my life and now I am homeless moving from one friend/ relitive's place to another.

I think Aflac owes me between $5,000 and $10,000. My policy was for $1,200.00 a month. They only paid me for about a month and a half out of the 9 months of insurance that I paid for that year.

I contacted the insurance commissioner in FL. No result.

I have made numerous claims. No payment.

How could I ever find a Dr. to sign THEIR form? What kind of Dr. could I go to that would listen to the whole story about such a complicated problem that I never recovered from? Some of the Doctors that treated me are gone now.

I still have all the proof that they require I just can't get one person in one dept. to read it.

Of course I am broke, in foreclosure. I would appreciate any help or advice that anyone could give me.

  • Sep 6, 2014

In 9 years I've spent about $30,000 in premiums. Thats $125 every two weeks times 27 equals 3,375 dollars a year times 9 equals $30,000. Thirty thousand dollars. In that time I've recieved about $2000 from Aflac.

Now the good stuff. When you sign up for Aflac you get a representative "who will always be there for you". Really, try looking up a phone number. If you loose that number you'll play hell finding the person. My experience anyway.

If you go to the doctor for a checkup every year you get a "wellness benefit" of $75. For that you need a form. Try finding that. Downloading that and printing that. And if you forget don't worry noone will remind you. I asked Aflac today why they don't just send them out yearly as a reminder and a service. The answer was, "In keeping with the countries green policies we no longer do that". Green means their green. I digress.

You can get paid for a hospital stay as long as it is 24 hours or more.

A surgery as long as it requires general anesthesia. The ER as long as you get there withing 24 hours. For the disability/ off work you get the equivalent of $11.24 and hour!! $2000 a month. Wow.

For my collapsed lung three days ago.....they need an itemized list which takes Kaiser anyway 30 days to produce. Being I was out of work for 4 days I will get minimum wage for those four. But I will have to wait 30 days for the itemized list they require. Then I will have to wait for the mail, the adjuster..........

Oh, did you know if your tooth breaks you get a benefit? I didn't. I know I should have read, read, read. I've broken two in three years. At any rate you personal rep will not be there to coach you on how to maximize your benefits.

With Aflac you are on your own. Be prepared to educate yourself on every little thing because if you don't they will not.

I'm dropping this crap when I can in about 6 months. $30,000, I could have paid off my house or bought a new car or gone on vacation instead of betting I'd get hurt.

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