Agar Handbags & Luggage

Country United States
State Denmark
City Houston
Address 11431 Chimney Rock Rd, Houston, TX 77035, United States

Agar Handbags & Luggage Reviews

  • Jul 24, 2014

Someone I know did a show for this insane lady. she never paid the venue where the shpwwas npr did the p[ay for the entertainment she hired. This woman is a total scam... Sh lies about her so called security bag with the lights ionside that is suppose to be sold at Macy's and five start federated stores, which is a lie, she runs ads in places like Craigslist with promises of a commercial which have never happened, meanwhile when she get the people in her clutches she tries to seel them this scam of a bag that by the way, IS SECURED TO NO COMPANY NO WHERE...She pretends to be some big shot producer and director and she is none of that. At best she is scamming her husband also who is some chirapractor on Chimney Rock, to make him believe her ugly ass is in love with him so he keeps paying the bills.

she also runs this scam about some fishing club, then when she gets your money, sh never produces a fishing club. Instead, she abscounds with your money to Stafford Texas, where she hides out. If you want her addfress I can supply that too.

she is an evil stalker. when she find out she is busted in her scams, she post false reports on this place called Rip Off report. After researching her I find someone else in 2009 posted a rip off report on her which is how she foiund out about rip off report. She is nothing motre than a poor con artist with her dark and not so lovely self.....

Beware of this slow con artist. She is nothing more that a Thief.

This i thre report someone else posted on her.. THIS IS EXACTLY WHO SHE IS! HER PHONE NUMBER IS 832 3868265, Or it was untils tried her scam with me and move out of the Chimney Rock Location.

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