Country United States
State New York
City Manhattan
Address 2 W 16th Street
Phone 305-987-1112

AgentC Reviews

  • Apr 27, 2015

I was recentley street casting singles for Carey Weiss' startup dating app called "DateCafe". The night prior he agreed on paying me $100.00 for 7 hours. I showed up about 30 minutes late but still worked for 7 and a half hours, casting all over Union sq park, Washington sq park, East village and Nyu campus.

After about 3 hours training and sending out emails and 4 hours of walking all over the city signing up 27 people I had to wait atleast an extra half hour for him to get back to the city to pay me. He then hands me 60 dollars telling me that i showed up late and didnt cast enough people for his liking.

I then in a camly manner told him i would still need the extra 40 as he origanally agreed on paying me. He started screaming in my face saying "I'm not giving you another F****** penny of my money".

..... He then reapeated this 3 times as he got in my face making me feel threathened for my life.

His assistant whom I had been casting with gave me a 20$ from her pay. Allthough he ripped me off I mainly want to address his psychotic, schizophrenic ways. He continued to argue with me withholding the money and screaming at me to leave his house.

I stated I would stay until he decided to give me my money, he then started to kick his female assistant out who is 18 and I am 19. He definitley is taking advantage of our youthful abilities and YOU SHOULD STAY AWAY FROM CARY WEISS! The way he got in my face as I aproached the situatiion with complete calmness was outragous! STAY AWAY FROM DATE CAFE!

I cant believe the CEO of Date Cafe would treat his employees that way, afterall we are the ones standing outside and selling the company to the general public and he showed no gratitude. His vision is the bring together singles for unity and peace but he is a complete contridiction. Again I really dont care about the money everyone should know about this guy and be very cautious around him and do not trust him!!!

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