Agoura Drapery

Country United States
State Aruba
City Agoura Hills
Phone 818-859-6038

Agoura Drapery Reviews

  • Oct 20, 2014

We had the displeasure of having Greg from Agoura Draperies knock on our door to solicite business for shutters and blinds. I wish we would have done our homework on this guy before we wrote him a check. He promised the best price, gave us a song and dance about how great his shutters were and that they were made locally by his own shop. The samples looked good and he seemed as if he knew what he was talking about. I received his hand out / flyer on my door a few times over the previous weeks. I noticed he had references on it, however many of them were very old and out dated. The red flags were everywhere now that I look back. He's going door to door, shoving flyers in our door every other day (it seems like) and says he'll beat anyones price. He's very high pressure and really wants you to order the first he came in to give us the estimate. We have so many things going on with a new house that we didn't have time to get 3 estimates. So, we went with Agoura Draperies for shutters in our new home.

This is where the nightmare begins. He promised shutters in 2 weeks. Now remember, we are in a new house and have nothing on the windows, so getting the shutters ASAP is very important to my family. WE gave him a 50% deposit in the form of a check. He cashed the check the same day! Two weeks have come and no word from the guy that hounded us for an appointment! I called several times and got his voice message. Finally I blicked my number and he answered. I asked when my shutters were going to get installed. He replied that he quoted us 4 weeks, not 2 weeks! I was outraged and told him no, you told us 2 weeks and we even discussed a party that we were having a few days later and wanted to make sure we got the shutters installed before that. He said no problem. Now all of the sudden he can't remember and said he always quotes 4 weeks for shutters. I went to a house on another street where he had a sign. I talked to the homeowner and they too were told 2 weeks for their shutters. So now I know he is a lier. This homeowner had been waiting 6 weeks, with excuse after excuse from Greg.

Now I am worried. I call Greg and asked when exactly the shutters will be done. He said my order was next in line to be made. so I stopped him right there and saidl since the shutters have not been made, I want to cancel and get my deposit back. He said he cannot do that because the shutter might be cut already. So it's excuse after excuse from this guy. It has now been 5 weeks and we still have no shutters. I am going to small claims court Monday morning to file a lawsuite against him for the refund of my deposit. I found out that this has happened to many others and we need to put a stop to it once and for all.

i have already had another company come out and give me a new estimate. They beat agoura draperies price by $400 and they promised me a 3 week delivery. They gave me references of other houses they just did in my own neighborhood. I went and looked at two of them and talked to the homeowners. They were very happy and got their shutters in less than 3 weeks!

Please stay away from this guy. He looks like he's about 60-65 yrs old. All grey hair and drive an old silver mini van.

He knocks on your door and promises you the world, but cannot deliver on his word.

And to top it off, I got a better price from the other company!

As soon as I file the court papers, I am going to go ahead and order from the other company. We can't keep waiting for our shutters, and at this point, I don't want this crook in my house again.

I hope nobody else gets ripped off by this guy.

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