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Address New No 61, Plot No 39, Second Street Kamdar Nagar, Mahalingapuram
Phone 91 44 4010 1777

Agriya Clone Scripts Reviews

  • May 23, 2015

After doing extensive research (for almost a year) I found this company for my ex-employer who needed programming for 3 websites. At that time I didn't find any negative reviews of Agriya ( on the internet and I told her that Agriya was a perfect fit for what we needed. I was thrilled that after months of searching; I was able to find a company that was (in my opinion) perfect for the business.

I was so excited that she was going to be able to grow the business and I would be responsible for helping to make it happen. She was so excited that she offered me a piece of the company (once it started making money). I got my ex-employer in contact with them and she began communicating with Arivand Kumar at Agriya. We made plans for (and she spent advertising money on) the launching of the company. I was convinced that I not only had a job but a I also had a career for life.

She communicated with Arivand Kumar at Agriya for over 3 months before she hired them. She was very specific on what she wanted and Arivand told her she would have all 3 sites finished (and up) in 40 days. Arivand also told her that she needed to pay half ($3100) in advance of them starting the work on the websites. She sent them and invoice complete with an extremely detailed purchase order which she sent to them along with the $3100 via Paypal (thinking she was protected). For the next 2 months Arivand kept her "On The Hook" which (unknowingly to her) was long enough for the Paypal protection to expire. After Agriya received the money; Arivand continued to come up with excuses (such as the staff was on Holiday, etc...) as to why the work was not done.

After that all communication STOPPED and she was no longer able to get in touch with him. She called India numerous times and they always said that Arivand was not in. They said he would get back to her (he never did). She left tons of messages for him to no avail.

These websites were to be the anchor of her business and were essential for the business income 9and for my salary and eventual profits). The $3100.00 was the last investment money she had available and consequently, she had to let me go.

It has been over 4 YEARS of her spending tons of money and time calling and emailing Agriya in India. Recently, (and out of desperation) she began researching complaint sites.

She contacted me today and told me that she finally was able to get a refund of the $3100.00. She also demanded they pay interest and the Paypal fees. Agriya refused to pay any interest or the Paypal fees which were over $120.00! So in the end she still lost not only the business and the revenue it would have generated. She also lost the 4 years of interest and the Paypal fees! Not to mention, she lost me as an employee and I lost a lucrative job with incredible earning potential!!!


NEVER deal with these THIEVES! They will RIP YOU OFF!

Her story (and several others) are also on this site!

The programming, software and web development company Agriya ( is owned by

Ahsan Technologies ( They own tons of sites, they clone, develop and sell numerous website programs as well.

Arivand Kumar is a shill for AGRIYA, AGRIYA,COM and ASHAN TECHNOLOGIES! He claims not to be the owner but he is the only project contact you will have (unless he uses and AKA)!

By the way (after over 4 years of keeping her money, not paying interest or the Paypal fees) they actually had the nerve to ask me ex-employer to remove all negative comments (she posted) about them (and Arivand) on the internet as a condition of their "Refund'!

  • May 23, 2015

Avoid them. Their products sucks. They've disabled my account because I shared my opion online. This caused me some financial loss, but on the plus side I don't need their awful product. They promise free features, and then change them. If anyone wants specifics let me know. For instance, I had their payment gateway, they I'll never be chraged anything for it...we'll they changed their fee structure and put me into it. When I complained they said they said they didn't say "life-time free", but I internpret "never as lifetime. When I shared my disatisfaction with this among other things, they disabled my account. Pure genius, take away my business, screw my customer, and coerce me into taking down a review. Business genius. Well, guess what, that forced me into another solutions, theirs are garbage anyways, please guys...there' many alternatives to these. Their code is encrypted so you're unabel to make adjustments as you go, they charge you hidden fees, and are better off avoided.

Well, I found another solution, and took on a loss. Go ahead, disable my account again, you geniuses. I'm likely going to file a lawsuit in India for my lost income, and would love anyone to join. They don't deserve to exist.

  • Dec 25, 2014


I just got out of an experience with Agriya and will never again work with them nor I would recommend them to anyone. Since my client lost over 2000$, 2 months of time and now I have make a complete project from scratch I decided to write a blog about this company.

I have included our story, full of details and I'll keep posting news about what is going on with our case since they are not willing to refund us. I have also started to receive emails from other clients that have been cheated and therefore we will be consolidating all the stories and post them online.

Check out the post and if it is too long, simply scroll to the end of the post where you can find a list of links of reviews and complaints:

And PLEASE, if you have any negative story, do share it with us!

Merry Christmas to everyone!

ps. I'm writing on Christmas about this instead of closing my laptop and stay with my family. You can imagine how I feel about being cheated by these scammers.

  • Jul 28, 2014

I had done a good amount of research concerning the products and services provided by Agriya and saw that there were some horrific reviews online about the company; however I gave the them the benefit of the doubt.

I purchased the script in good faith, paid in full by PayPal using my credit card and confirmed to the agent at Agriya that the payment had been processed. I was then told that the payment had not been processed as it should. So knowing that; I called Paypal and expressed my concern. PayPal said that there was no issue with the transaction from my side and that if there was any form of payment hold/review it would be concerning Agriya.

I went back to Agriya and confirmed that the payment had been processed in full. It is now 24 hours on and I still haven't received my purchase. I have called PayPal 3 times and my credit card issuer twice and send confirmations (proof) of my payment to Agriya and they are still refusing to let me have access to my purchase. Up to now, I am totally dissatisified with my experience with Agriya. Maybe yes, Paypal are holding the monies, but Agriya have not shown any signs that they have tried to contact Paypal to get the hold removed off the monies.

Something would have to drastically improve for me to consider removing this review.

  • Nov 10, 2014


They are not a good company. They are scam artists! So many bad reviews. They are the worst kind of people to work with. Do not take your business to them.

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