AIM Used Auto Parts, LLC

Country United States
State Florida
City Tampa
Address 3601 N 15th St,
Phone 813-463-0955

AIM Used Auto Parts, LLC Reviews

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  • Aug 14, 2014

Aim used auto parts and Superior Used auto parts of Florida

Both of these companies are owned by the same folk which also used to go under a company named Remeca auto parts which was under investigation. They lie to non suspecting customers about mileage stating that there is 32, 42, 52,000 miles on engines and transmissions that actually 3 and sometimes 4 times as many miles on them. They are also supplying vin numbers for these units that are actually vin numbers that are not from the vehicle that the units are being pulled and sent from. These two companies are fraudulent and are ripping off people nationwide. Please check the BBB for further info on both of these companies.

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  • Jul 25, 2014

Had posted a request online looking for an engine. AIM responded, and seemed legitimate at first. Ordred engine and completed their contract. I then had another question right after placing order and called back, left message. No one called back, so I become worried about what was going on. In looking further I found an F-Rating on BBB and many many complaints that hadn't been resolved to customer satisfaction. I then sent email, that day, to cancel order and started dispute process with CC company. Next morning, they did issue 80% refund, but I seem to be out the 20% restocking charge. Feels like trickery to me, hope this helps others to avoid what looks like a bad business. If they really were legitimate I think they would have called back right away and addressed my concerns, then have issued a full refund. Highly do not recommend doing business with them. I think they are untrustworthy.

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  • Jun 16, 2015

I purchased an engine from Bryan at AM parts which he said had 44,000 miles. me and my mechanic waited close to a month to finaly receive it. they sent the wrong one. i ordered and payed for the right one to be shipped. they said they would refund the first including shipping when wronge one returned.

three weeks later the replacement which he said had only 53,000 miles arived. they also sold me an extended warranty for 200.00 my mechanic said the hoops they make you go through to keep warranty valid was a rip off and to cancil it.

AM would not refund warranty and would not refund total i spent on first engine even though he said he would.

oh, and the engine with only 53,000 miles, burns oil. i have to add oil every couple of weeks.

i recorded my conversations with Bryan including the one where he said he would fully refund it. he is a liar!

recomend people stay clear of this place!

  • Dec 20, 2014

Terrible quality, terrible customer service.

Unsure if these people are inept or just crooks. After 3 months of runaround and two defective engines from them, I am glad to write them off and only being out ~$1000 in shop and rental fees.

  • Aug 23, 2014

Ordered used engine from AIM UAP, LLC late November, 2013. Cancelled 11/27/13 via written email and by phone. No refund and lied to by multiple staff. Purchased a used engine from Aim Used Auto Parts late November, 2013 to be shipped to San Jose, CA. Cancelled the order November 27, 2013 following complaints by written email and phone. Agreed to a restocking fee of 20% ($260) despite engine likely not leaving the racks. AIM Used Auto Parts - Ref #: 1390620 Part(s) Order: 2005 Chevy Aveo Part Description: 4CYL, 1.6L Vehicle: 2005 - Chevy Aveo Total Cost with Shipping: $1,299.99 -$260 restocking fee Total Refund Due: $1039.99 In direct contact with sales representative Joeseph Miller from beginning of transaction to today: Joseph Miller D: 1-866-548-2444 Ext. 302 F: 866-228-9762 Through phone calls nearly every two weeks for the last 9 months have received different stories from, "Check sent out yesterday," to "Check sent to wrong address," to "I don't see a record.

Elevated complaint to the manager, Bryan, who assured me that a check would certainly be sent out by the next day and that he would have a check number and not to pursue complaints through the BBB and small claims court as I had assured Joe I would do if I did not receive satisfaction. Called at the appointed time and Bryan had left the office without a check number for his staff. Was told again that the check had left the office the previous day and that they again would call me on Monday, which they had previously neglected to do despite promising to. Bryan's contact info: 813-463-0955.

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After nine months I am seeking the full $1,299.99 from Aim Used Auto Parts, LLC. There is no reason to hold on to a customers money for nearly a year and continually lie to them to attempt to hold on to it longer.

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