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Country United States
State American Samoa
City Tempe
Address 1140 S Priest Dr

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  • Jan 22, 2018


I attended Al Collins Graphic Design School from 1998-2000, completed the AA degree program with a 4. GPA. I'm now 24K in debt on a student loan, I will never repay, because I'm not working in the field I went to school for. They did not help me get jobs in the field. I’m still working in the same field as I did before I attended their school. Lots of promises no results. Please included me in the class action suit.

Thank you, Sandra: [email protected]

  • Apr 13, 2015

I went to Al Collins Graphic Design School from 1998-2000, completed the AA degree program. I'm know 48K in debt on a student loan, I will never repay, because I'm not working in the field I went to school for. They do not help you get jobs in the field. I want to be included in the class action suit.

Thank you.


  • May 7, 2014

I moved out to Arizona to attend Al Collins Graphic Design School in the summer of 2000. I wanted to take webpage design about a year into classes I was denied the ability to go into webpage design. By that time I had had enough of this place the people I had started school with were dropping out left and right. I told the admisistration that I was going to drop out then if I suddenly was unable to take the courses I had sighed up for. They changed their minds real quick when they realized they were going to have to return the rest of my tuition money. I suspect that they never did since I have so much student loan debt from this joke of a school. The majority of my credits were non transferable to other schools so more student loan debt ontop of that. I hope this place gets what is coming to them.

  • Apr 16, 2014

I am attempting to start a class action lawsuit against Al Collins Graphic Design School now known as Collins College. There are several posts on Rip off report involving them. I too experienced false admissions statements regarding placement rates, graduate salaries amongst other omissions which equate to lies.

I live in the Phoenix area and have been laughed out of interviews without even looking at my book or worse- never gotten a response due to their poor reputation in the industry.

The first job I did get in this town the employer told me he wasn't going to hire anyone from that school but because I had great personality, good portfolio, great attendance and graduated with honors he would give me a shot. Sadly the company closed down a few years later (he retired) but he told me and others that I was the best employee he had ever had and he was glad that he hired me and gave me a great letter of recommendation.

I then was able to find employment out of state but when I moved back to AZ due to family being here- it started all over due to their reputation which had gotten even worse- if that's possible. Employers had even put in classified ads No Collins Students or graduates need apply I find it difficult to pay back a student loan when I cannot find a job in the industry paying what I was told their graduates were earning.

It is criminal that I have to pay for something that I can't even be proud of or put on my resume due to it counting me out before I'm counted in and the professional embarrassment it causes. Ive had people even be surprised that I was a graduate since they thought no one capable comes out of there. I had a graduate recently tell me he started his own company but doesn't tell his employees or clients that he attended Collins. Sad

I recently asked for a copy of my transcript to have it arrive being shown as a withdrawal. I graduated from the AA program with Honors and completed the Graphic portion of the BA to be told I have to go to another school, take out more loans to complete my BA general education units in order to obtain the degree from them. They did not provide gen ed units on their campus. This was years ago when I was told this (1995).

When I recently contacted them and asked the current requirements (I am going to re-educate in a Master Degree program and need my BA completed first) I was told the requirements now is 10 General Education units but I would be held to the 64 units when I attended 13 years ago. I have transfer credit from FIDM in LA and they said originally they would transfer them and now have balked at that.

They said the transcript mix up was a data conversion error all my classes were lumped together and it didn't show me a graduate of either program. They weren't even sure how to correct it. They couldn't find my physical file in storage which is a violation of their accreditation to my understanding. I still do not have a corrected transcript and have not seen my physical file. As soon as I receive it I am taking the credits to another reputable school to complete my BA so I can remove them from my resume completely as it is the equivalent of a scarlet letter in this industry.

I have had enough of their nonsense and don't want another person to go thru this. I would like to have my money back and they can have their useless piece of paper back. That may not be an option but at the very least we should be compensated for our trouble, humiliation and lack of return on our investment of time and money. Many other students who have been duped by this sham of school should come together with me and join a Class Action against them.

I also know several former instructors who will give depositions and have received more than 12 emails from people wanting to join the suit. These 12 were found from doing an online post for less than 24 hours about joining a suit against Collins. Funny that I placed it in the classifieds for design/art jobs section and got that big of a response. They cant find jobs in the field either. I'm sure if I were to really try to find people it would be a landslide.

For the posters who just want to bash the victims of this fraud- do you blame a rape victim because of the way they were dressed as well? If things worked out well for you Bravo- that was my intention in this investment of time and energy- there are MANY people who have not shared your experience- You must be the one or two students that they used to create their questionable 92% placement rate and large salary earnings.

I was delusional for a long time and defensive about defending the school too- it was defending my decision and talent and investment. I had no control of the school going further and further down the tubes as they years went by. I have had to deal with this for many years.

To attack mine or anyone else's skills is juvenile and lacking the common knowledge that it is illegal to sell a product or service with false or misleading information especially if it causes them harm or financial loss.

Anyway- don't their ads claim recently that you don't have to be an artist anymore to work in the industry- I am an artist and have experience and still face discrimination. Its criminal that you have to deny or omit them from your resume when they wont call you unless you do and alot of companies now wont hire anyone without a degree- sad catch 22 when you are paying for something you cannot use.

To further evidence the unscrupulous and disreputable nature of this company and the Corporation that owns them read this article on CEC who owns Collins.

Post here if you want to join-

I will contact you.

Negative posters- keep it to yourself- if your so happy why are you here-

Ive had enough negativity to last a lifetime from this place-

I want justice and to be done with it


Peoria, Arizona


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  • Jan 2, 2015


We created a Facebook page and It is still active. We are also working together with others in the same boat to put together a class action lawsuit. We are working with the AZ Attorney General's office. Take a look a our page and help the fight.

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