Alexander Ramanov

Country United States
State Cuba
City Columbia
Address 3704 Trenholm Rd.
Phone 803-673-6125

Alexander Ramanov Reviews

  • Dec 5, 2014

ATTENTION, ATTENTION, ATTENTION to all home improvement companies out here, NEVER WORK FOR ALEXANDER ROMANOV. This man is a complete fraud, scam artist, and con artist. We're a home improvement company here in Columbia SC whom did work for this man. He has a house on Columbia S.C. 29206 that we did roof repair on all this week, alone with our roofing and electrical crew. There was fire damage done to the roof and we also have reason to believe that the owner of this house Alexander Romanov started the fire for insurance fraud. He stated to my business partner that he was in the roof area adding installation the day before the fire took place. We've filed a insurance fraud on this man and contacted the fire department as well. He also did not pay us for our work, he also kept adding on extra work that wasn't in the contract, and only paid for material. We don't work free, we're no slaves, and this man took advantage of the fact that we're young african american business owners. NEVER WORK FOR THIS MAN, WE JUST WANT TO GET THE WORD OUT THERE, BECAUSE THIS IS WRONG.

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