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  • Jun 4, 2015

I've purchased things from AliExpress for a couple of years now, basically without a problem. But Heaven forbid if you want a valid refund or replacement! I had a couple of horrendous experiences recently when I ordered a couple of wigs (I need them, as I've lost my hair due to chemo) and was not only sent items other than those I ordered, but that are utterly unusable as hair or any other purpose whatsoever. The seller (goes by many names, it turns out; some of which are Emily Zhang, Cathy Zhang, Las Vegas Wigs and other company names I can't put my hands on at the moment) refuses to refund my money at ALL, though a money back guarantee is, well, guaranteed. She refuses to send the wig I ordered (of which there was a photo) unless I FIRST leave an 'awesome 5-star review' (buyer's words). She refuses to budge on this point at all, though I've pleaded and reasoned with her in every way I know. She has demonstrated that this is a 100% intentional scam. (And stupidly, I had failed to read her customer reviews, nearly all of which outlined the exact same scam to which I've fallen prey.

AliExpress is doing nothing: the first agent I spoke with via phone said she would escalate the aleady submitted complaint/case. That was about 2 weeks ago, and I never even received so much as an email acknowledging our contact. I can find NO record on their site of my dispute. Yesterday I had to contact them through Live Chat, because their one and only phone number no longer works. That agent took the claim, and though I asked her to escalate the case as promised, she didn't do so. The only email I've gotten from her details her completely butt-kissing email 'respectfully requesting' that she (the seller) check her emails and answer emails or chats from me! This AliExpress agent was told of all the emails that had gone back and forth between us, so having this seller just 'read and answer my emails' is of no benefit, since same seller just repeats the demand for 5-star review as a prerequisite to her redeeming herself with me.

I am aware that a miracle could occur where they refund my money, but based on my own experience thus far and the experience of others in the past, I feel very little hope.

  • Apr 2, 2015

An Aliexpress merchant sold me defective counterfeit Kingston USB sticks. I suspected they were counterfeit, so I contacted the Aliexpress support who then contacted the security team. I was shocked that I had to proved to Aliexpress security that I was sold counterfeit products; however, I had plenty of proof, such as the packaging was wrong and had different barcodes, the stamping of "Kingston" on the casing was different than real Kingston products. Also, the device information showed as a "USB device" and authentic Kingston USB drives say "Kingston". Aliexpress contacted the vendor to have them provided documentation that they were selling authentic Kingston and the vendor was unable produce the documents. The vendor was remove from Aliexpress; however, I didn't receive a refund! I'm unable to contact Aliexpress security via email, since they can only be contacted via a web-based support chat and they told me that Aliexpress security should issue a refund; however, that never transpired.

I will never deal with Aliexpress ever again and I've encouraged all my friends and family to never deal with them, as well. It's pretty bad that such large company can get away with scamming customers out of money and providing no protection.

Do not deal with Aliexpress, as there are plenty of other Asian online vendors that provide the same products and some kind of protection from being ripped off!!!

  • Mar 16, 2015

I placed an order number 65151456359488 with AliExpress for O Rings for $8 and received a wrong item instead : a printer roller. The order was shipped as a China Post Air Package RI274818999CN.

I applied for a refund and was approved by AliExpress investigation team. Despite this, I have not been refunded the money.

AliExpress claims the money was given to the seller and cannot get the money back.

How am I guilty they cannot get their money back.

I ordered an item and paid and was sent a wrong item instead and this was proven by AliExpress themselves. How come they themselves cannot retrieve their money. They only suspended the seller for a week. In case they were to suspend the seller indefinitely, I am sure the seller would have returned the money.

I am able to return them the wrong product after they pay for the postage back.

  • Feb 18, 2015

These SCAMMERS are selling counterfeit merchandise online, they are using false advertisement selling goods as 100 percent genuine leather and sending the consumer 100 percent pleather. they refuse to take back their counterfeit products and does not honor its buyer protection. All of their sellers are operating with moltiple fraudulent shemes into ripping off the consumer. Do not , I repeat do not buy from them unless you like giving your money away. Other scams used by them is giving you fake tracking numbers. To add insult to their arrogance if you write a bad review they may not post it to the site which they did with me.

  • Feb 17, 2015

I purchased some desktop mice on Aliexpress. When I received them and opened them up they were all one third the size of the mice shown in the listing. I had no use for the miniature mice so I requested a return. The seller refused my request. I opened a dispute and the seller still refused to accept the return. I argued my case once again and after being called annoying and insulted I was given a return address. I paid over $100 to send the mice back to the address provided through Priority Mail express so I could track it. I have delt with international scams in the past taking advantage of the lack of tracking information to international locations.

After a couple weeks the package reached its destination city but the tracking indicated the package could not be delivered to the address the seller provided. After another month the package is coming back to me and I am out my purchase price, over $100 for return shipping and will soon have a bunch of mice that are worthless to me. I am certain that this was the sellers plan from the very beginning. The seller has made every excuse, blaming it on an incorrectly written address, poor handwritting, incorrect phone number and a host of other excuses I know are all baseless. There is no reason a scam like this should be accepted.

  • Nov 28, 2014

I ordered a coat for my disabled fiance, which was/is advertised as a xxxl coat. My fiance wears an XL in all her other coats. She could not close the coat I received! There's a full 3 inches between the two edges of the coat, when she put it on! It's clearly not even a large! Jessica ye responded, after I sent an email, and apologized, told a joke, mentioned God, and wished me a good mood. She never addressed the refund I'd mentioned, at all! I have no return for the money I spent, I have no gift for my disabled fiance, and I have less than 30 days until christmas! The aliexpress website clearly states that I can open a dispute, but after filling in all the info., it wont let me do so, without attachments. This is accomplished with a website called mediafire, which excludes windows phones. I have a windows phone! I sent photos to the email address, but these have done no good, and since they go through the standard email process, its not listed as a formal dispute, and there is no assistance from the aliexpress website! Bad, wrong, broken, dirty, poorly constructed, and wrong sized products are a regular occurance with this website! I believe that the aliexpress website is a deliberate scam! You have at least a 50 percent chance of being ripped off, and there will is no accountability! It only looks legitimate! I feel robbed, and disrespected! I believe that the Chinese behind the aliexpress website view me as another dumb American, and that all of these alleged mistakes are deliberate, and intended to sell the unsellable items to dumb Americans! Also, because they are in china, you have no recourse, after your moneys gone! They know this!

  • Nov 26, 2014

I placed an order for cell phone repair parts. Before I received the items I ended up in the hospital where I remained for nearly 4 months. Upon my recovery I retrieved the unopened package from a friend who kept it for me. After opening the part I installed a mother board that did not function. Then to my surprise I discovered that an lcd/screen assembly had a yellow "fail" sticker on it. Of course the part did not function. Jaken Lin the scammer knowingly sent me bad parts but forgot to remove the "fail" sticker off of it. He was caught in the act of knowingly sending bad worthless parts that he salvaged from the trash heap. Upon contacting him he refused to make good for the parts. If they had worked and failed after 3 months he may have had a point. Even then the parts should be warranted. However, these parts never functioned properly because they were bad when he sent them. I lost over $200.

  • Nov 12, 2014

Ordering a pair of Nike Air Huaraches I thought I would message the seller to tell her what colour I wanted. I messaged her and she agreed to sell me all black huaraches.

When the shoes came they were the wrong colour being black and WHITE. I specifically messaged this person telling her I did not want the white and black ones. She then refuses to send the black shoes or even refund me. This awful seller tells me that it was all my fault that she 'missed the message' and sent me the wrong shoes.

It is outrageous. She is a complete rip off and a scammer and I highly recommend never buying from her. SHE WILL SCAM YOU!

  • Nov 1, 2014

AliExpress is openly letting scammers sell coutnerfeit knock-off replica clothing and items and refusing to help when someone realizes they've been frauded.

A particular store called Cheapbiz Co.,Ltd , operated by Liehai Wu and Shengwei Deng are selling counterfeit goods via AliExpress, and refusing to refund the victims when they realize they've received cheap knock-off items.

Here are the counterfeiters detals

Supplier: Liehai Wu

Cheapbiz Co.,Ltd4

AliExpress Store:

Consignee: shengwei Deng

Street Address: yanshou Road,nan jiao xiao qu 2#609

City: putian

Province: Fujian

Country/Region: CN

Zip: 351100

Local Number: 86-594-13666907106

Mobile: 13666907106

  • Oct 13, 2014

TOTAL RIPOFF! I purchased this hair about 3 weeks ago And Just got it installed a Week ago as Of today i can Honestly say i Knew the Hair Was F*d Up when I recieved It because as I was combing it clumps of Hair were coming out So i decided to wash and see if it was going to be a little better And It Wasnt the Ends Tangle Horribly like old Synthetic hair I Messaged the Woman ABBY WANG and She Basically insisted to me that this was virgin hair in wich its not at all i Know hair ! Trust Me. I could honesy say i Have only 1 pro About this crap Is That Its Cute When Wet but i can Absolutely Not Comb thru it at All. I sent The Woman Pics Of the HaiR and showed some of the shedding so She tells me it might have got messed up during shipping but when I Tell her I Deserve a Better Batch of real virgin Hair From The Company she doesnt Reply.. Never Ordering from Rosa Hair Products Again!

  • Sep 27, 2014

Aliexpress keeps cancelling my orders for "SECURITY REASONS", no matter how big or small of an order i place. Ive been a registered buyer for over 4 years and never had an issue buying until last moth. I placed an order for $25, nothing out of the ordinary, same credit card i use on all of my aliexpress orders. However, this time aliexpress sent me an email almost 24 hours later informing me that my order was CANCELLED, for "SECURITY REASONS" of course. HMMMMM, thats weird. considering the fact that i just placed a successful order last week. I go to the help center on the site scrambling my mind trying to figure out why in the world Aliexpress would choose to cancel this order of all the orders ive placed in the past. Finally i see where i can dispute the transaction and file a claim. Good, right? NO, BAD! In order to do that Aliexpress requests ALL of your personal info like your ID or passport, bank statements, a photo of your credit card.... Front and back! so they want to see the security code on the back as well. If i didnt know any better I'd think Aliexpress is running a major scam against its buyers. But here's where things get upsetting... While they cancel out your order, guess what? THEY STILL CHARGE YOUR FREAKIN CARD! They will either hold your money while investigating or reverse the payment. HMMMMM, if aliexpress gets to take the money in the first place then aparently theres nothing wrong on your bank's end. I even called both VISA and my bank for reassurance and was told by both institutions that everything on their end was fine. In fact, both VISA and my bank saw the transactions come through sucessfully. I also emailed aliexpress only to get no response for over a month. I cant help but wonder if ALIEXPRESS is only cancelling orders just so that we as buyers can say "what the heck, let me send these documents over so that i can hurry and get on with my transactions"???

SHAME ON YOU ALIEXPRESS! Theyre trying to steal our identities and money all while they want us to believe that we're shopping in a safe environment. BALOGNA. Nice try. If anything, VISA or our personal financial institutions would be asking us for these things, not the merchant. Im positive that if our banks felt that the transactions were fraud, theyd stop it themselves, not ALIEXPRESS. I encourage anyone that is having the same problem as i am to RUN!

  • Sep 9, 2014

On or about 8-25-14, I went to a web page i was told was having a really big sale. So i went to "aliexpress".com and made out a small order. I ordered a deep red crossbody purse and a heart shaped pillow for my daughter who is getting ready to deliver my first granddaughter. I am a normal 53 year old that happens to be disabled with a Degenative Spinal Disese, i have had 7 spinal fusions that didn't work. I have never been afraid to go check out a webpage, i am always looking for new ones and thats why i went shopping there. The purse was 15.96 and the pillow was 6.60. They came to me twice for money saying they didn't recieve it, so i paid them twice. I also opened a dispute with my credit card company.

When i realized something was wrong i tried their email, it is a computerized woman named Eva. You ask her for a question she answers with 5 more questions. It is a vicious circle. I also recieved an email all in Chinese. After several attempts I finally came here and to my credit company who are both filing disputes.

  • Sep 8, 2014

I purchased shorts in size medium regular and I was sent odd looking black pleated skirts instead of shorts, I was then offered $15 as a refund? for merchandise that I spent $75 on and cannot use. The reporting process is unreliable and the, Guarantee is non existant

  • Sep 1, 2014

Hi, I'd like to share some facts about alkaline water ionizers you can get from aliexpress/

I ordered one 2 months ago and eventually decided to make a test and to find out what this Alkaline water ionizer really does.

I ordered Ph&ORP testers for that and performed some tests. After all calibrations of testers and tests of water before and after ionizer I found out the following things:

I will post only one result for Cooking dishes mode (Max ionizing mode) and water flow speed - 1.5 L/m:

ORP of water before Ionizer: +150 ORP of water after Ionizer: +129

pH of water before Ionizer: 6.1 pH of water after Ionizer :+7.1

Conclusion: ORP difference is 21, pH difference is 1.

Alkaline water ionizer is too weak to produce water with negative ORP and with high pH level.

This means it doesn't give you results you are looking for. At the same time ionizer tells you that you are going to get water with ORP -550 and pH 10.9. People still buying that and think that it works. It is a big scam!

  • Jul 28, 2014

I purchased 2 cell phones designed for the elderly from Shenzhen Yilian Technology on I needed to ask 2 questions about the phones so I followed the links and sent email to their salesperson, Keven Guo. He did not answer my questions. Instead, his reply was only to ask if I was Chinese. There is no reason why he needed to know if I was Chinese just to answer questions about the phones. I became suspicious and uncomfortable with possible discriminatory practice by a China-based seller and therefore I tried to cancel the order. According to AliExpress web site, I could cancel before the shipment was made. But it did not tell me that the seller could refuse to cancel. I tried to cancel several times and Keven Guo refused every time. He shipped the phones anyway. When I did not tell Keven Guo if I was Chinese, his emails became much worst. He wrote back that he was disappointed and I should not go back to China forever.Those were his exact words.

I have never experienced such rude and unprofessional behavior. Once they have my credit card account number, they become rude and abusive. The AliExpress customer service is useless when I tried to complain. My complaint has to fit into one of the existing categories such as no shipment received or else they ignore it.

If anyone knows how I can alert US authorities and stop this type of sellers in selling to the US public, let me know and point me the way.

  • Jul 16, 2014

I was excited to discover Aliexpress take advantage of ordering unusual and interesting items from China. I had the courage to place initial orders (10+) and was pleased for the most part with my merchandise.

After the initial purchases, I made a second order of items. Initially I ordered a ring and was told that I needed to order a minimum of $10. I added merchandise and ordered from additional vendors. I received confirmation emails that my orders processed successfully, but shortly after received notification that my orders were closed for security reasons. This went on for three orders. Each time I contacted the cardholder services they assured me there was no problem on their end, as the transactions were approved. After three cancellations, I requested a refund for the ring, as I could not process the order to total $10. I was told by the vendor that I needed a PayPal account for that, and I should understand how AliExpress works.

To make matters worse, it was requested that I send identification such as a credit card statement, credit card, or passport. This is extremely unsavory and suspicious, as no legitimate company would ask for such personal information. Well I provided a copy of my driver's license and they said they needed additional information!

It is a shame that this is a recurrent issue with many buyers around the world. Not only does AliExpress not care for vendors doing fair business with customers, it adds to the climate of mistrust of ecommerce. AliExpress has no bona-fide procedure to complain about issues. They will not answer any emails and the virtual chat feature does not work, adding to the level of distrust.

I told many people about AliExpress after receiving my first order, but now I am hesitant to refer anyone else to this sham of a company. I will return to (((competitor'sname redacted))), as they have excellent customer service levels and actually work hard to resolve customer complaints.

  • Jun 23, 2014

My daughter made the mistake of ordering a prom dress from Dress Palace, a vendor on (a division of Alibaba--they company Yahoo has invested in.) It was a deal too good to be true - $122 for a dress. We spent months trying to get the prom dress, filing complaints through Alibaba. I spent so much wasted time on this. All we finally got was a doll-size veil, not a full length, beaded prom dress. I begged for my money back, but they offered a $30 discount if we would accept a shipment--weeks after the prom--I had no faith in them after all their broken promises and would not accept a shipment of, who knows, another veil??? They have closed the file because after three months I could not come up with more proof that we didn't get the dress.

Never again will I let my daughter order something from Alibaba or AliExpress.

Interestingly, she ordered a dress from another (Hong Kong?) firm (not through Alibaba) and though it didn't fit right, they accepted the return and promptly refunded our money.

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