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  • Jan 28, 2015

This rescue is run by a "PA Humane Officer" Penny D. This officer has been removed from 2 of the 5 counties she serves due to her behavior. The rescue is professed to be a 501C3 rescue, but will not provide the names of board members when asked even though it's the law in PA to do so. The reason for this is that there is only 1 board member rather than 3 as required by PA law. That one board member is in fact "Penny D". Penny also lives off of the donations to the resue that is also not legal for a "non profit" group. Facts concerning the removal of this "humane officer" can be verified by going to the "PA Dept of Ag" and searching for the humane officer of Butler Co. PA. It will show you that she has infact been removed from Butler Co and other counties. She is under investigation also for the remaining counties she serves. This rescue adopts out their animals with a contract that is no way legal. I have had this contract checked out by attorneys and a copy is also under investigation by the DA of Armstrong Co. Where this "humane officer" still serves for the time being.

This person "Penny D" will stop at nothing to get her own way. She wants to be in controll of everything and when she doesn't get her own way she will lie, cheat and bash anyone that doesn't abide by her wishes. A friend of mine runs a "Legal" Pa rescue and assisted Penny when Penny asked for help with 25+dogs, cats and several other animals Penny said was from a hoarder case. My rescue friend had the animals in question signed over to her rescue when the animals were surendered. Penny of AAPI was nothing but happy for the help with these animals until Penny didn't get her own way. All the dogs from this case were taken into my friends rescue and placed into foster or forever families after vetting and the animals were found healthy. The dogs in question were full blooded labs and had papers available. My rescue friend does not in any way promote breeding of any animal due to the over population we already have. Penny insisted that the available papers for the dogs be offered to potential adopters/fosters. When the rescue refused to hand out papers, stating it "in their opinion"promotes breeding, Penny then demanded the dogs be returned to her and stated that the dogs were "stolen" from her rescue. Penny demanded that the dogs be placed in homes with out adoption fees. The rescue can not do that because unlike Penny's rescue, they do not adopt out animals with out vetting. Penny was furious with the rescue for not abiding by her wishes. Penny even went as far as obtaining a bogus surrender form from the original owner of the dogs. I respected Penny for what she did as a humane officer and I was friends with her on FB until this situation with this rescue showed me just what kind of person Penny was. I told Penny what I thought of her actions. Of course, this also put me in Penny's book and in the line of fire for her bashing and harrassment. I can not disclose the name of the "legal rescue", due to the fact that there is current legal action being taken by this rescue to correct the wrong done by Penny and her rescue.

I adopted a horse from AAPI. AAPI states that they never ask for an adoption fee. The horse was brought to my home by Penny D. I agreed to pay her $100 for fuel for hauling the horse to us. After the horse was here and unloaded, I was then informed that there was also a $50 adoption fee that I also paid. Penny was very happy with our barn and stated that she fed her own horses the same feed I fed mine. Penny handed me a contract that was blank and told me to just sign it and she would pick it up. Penny was on her way to Harrisburg to complete her by-yearly requirement for humane officers. Penny picked the contract up on her way back through our area. I didn't agree with everything in the contract, but never dreamed there would be a problem with this contract or Penny. So I signed the contract figuring there would never be a problem. I had been friends with Penny on FB for quite a while and trusted her. My bad. Penny is not to be trusted in any way.

The horse I adopted from AAPI/Penny D. arrived here in not deplurable condition but not the condition I would expect from a rescue run by a humane officer. The horse had not been groomed in some time and had rain rot on his head. I took the horse to a stall and proceeded to groom the horse. Loads of dead hair came off the horse and I noticed that the horses back bone was sticking out a bit leading me to believe that the horse was not being fed properly while at Penny's rescue.

Everything was fine between Penny and myself util the incident with the dogs and my friends rescue. Then I left Penny know that I was not happy with her or her actions. That's when Penny then stated that she would remove the horse I adopted from her and her rescue if I continued to not promote her and her rescue. I have gotten multiple messages from Penny on FB herrassing and threatening me about the horse I got from her. I informed Penny that this horse will not leave our home unless a judge or legal magistrate etc. stated the horse had to be returned. In no way did we violate the contract, as this horse is well cared for and very happy here with us. Penny only wants to get even with me for not siding with her rather than my rescue friend and is using this horse to get back at me. Penny has multiple FB pages that she uses to spy on people and bash them. Penny messaged me constantly threatening me about this horse. I found it necessary to block Penny so she could no longer send threatening messages. Penny then stated that I violated the contract by blocking her.

I have filed a report with the PA Atty Gen and also contacted the DA in Armstrong Co about Penny and her practices.

You will find that once Penny see's this report, she will not defend herself by posting the board members of her rescue or any such thing. She will resort as she always does, by bashing, lying and degrading me or anyone that speaks out against her. Penny has resorted to obtaining pictures of peoples property and posting them or personal information on FB to bash and try to destroy them. I expect she will try to do the same to me. Just ask yourself, what kind of "humane officer" acts in this mannor? Is this the kind of rescue you would want to adopt from or give donations to? Penny has a gofundme account currently asking for $20,000 to build a rescue? She has obtained $5 of that $20,000 as to the last time I checked that account. Be aware that there will be retaliation from Penny on this report. She will do nothing but try to bash me and try to force me to return this horse, not because the horse is not being cared for here, but because she is using this horse as a weapon to get at me.

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