All Services Movers Inc.

Country United States
State Denmark
City Houston
Address 2100 West Loop Suite 900.
Phone (800) 599-3104

All Services Movers Inc. Reviews

  • Mar 5, 2015

From the moment All Service Movers (recently changed their name to King David Moving) loaded up my belongings in a truck, I regretted ever using them. The transaction started smoothly, with a rep, Mike Reddan, assuring me that this would be a much better idea than moving myself from Washington to New Mexico. I was starting a new job, and needed my belongings at my new home by September 1st. Mike gave me a pick-up date and never once explained that my delivery date was not guaranteed. It wasn’t until the movers showed up at my storage unit did I realize I didn’t get the whole truth. Not only did I find out that the company had 21 days to deliver my belongings, but when I asked about full value replacement insurance, the movers acted like it didn’t exist. They told me since I didn’t ask for the insurance during my estimation, that it wasn’t available to me and then suddenly he said it would cost “thousands more”.

As the movers were loading up my belongings I tried numerous times to get a hold of Mike through telephone. First, he was on another call. An hour later he was still on another call, but the person who answered the phone said she put a note in front of him and he’d call me when he was done. An hour after that he was missing from the building. That began the communication with All Services; none. I left numerous voicemails and tried contacting Mike through telephone and e-mail. The few e-mails he’d actually reply to he’d usually say he was out sick and then ask if I was taken care of, but would never reply when I told him no. The majority of my calls and e-mails were left unreturned. It felt like the moment they had my money they were uninterested in my plight.

September 1st came and went, and no one bothered to return a call as to where my stuff was. Three days later someone finally answered the phone at their Washington office and without an air of apology spouted, “we don’t give guaranteed dates” and then proceeded to “uh-huh” and “yeah” me off the line. I had to start my job as an RN, without my necessary work items and uniform, without a bed and without anything to cook with. When I finally got a hold of someone named Nicole at their office I found out my items hadn’t even left Washington a week after they were promised to me.

On September 10th, I finally got a call from someone with a Texas phone number, giving me the name and number of my delivery driver. When I asked who she was, she said All Services had an office in Texas. At this point, they had my belongings for two weeks, and my delivery wasn’t set until the week after. I explained to the person on the phone that their estimated date of the 16th or 17th would push the delivery window to nearly 21 days, which is the maximum amount of time they’re allowed to take. She gave me a “yeah, so what” attitude and never once apologized when I explained the situation.

The only good news was that our belongings came on the 13th. When the driver and his helper began to unload our stuff I noticed how little care was taken with all of it. Every furniture item was damaged in some way, boxes marked “fragile” were collapsed and furniture items the movers had taken apart to fit in the truck were all missing their hardware. They had even put heavy boxes into my bookcase, and then used a blanket to hold it closed. This ripped the permeant shelves off the bookcase and tore off the backing. Everything looked like it had been thrown, dropped and stepped on. They even tried to deliver furniture that wasn’t mine, and the delivery driver mentioned that he didn’t know whose it was.

All Services could have redeemed themselves by just answering my phone calls and being up front. I could look past all the damage they did to my belongings, if they have just communicated with me instead of ignoring me for two weeks. How would the people that work at All Services have felt if they were put into the same situation I was placed? Probably exactly how I did; frustrated, ignored and helpless.

Now I’m in the damaged claim process and I’m reminded how hard it is to deal with All Services. Mike originally wanted me to send him my damage list with pictures, and then three weeks later when I wondered where my claim was in the process, Mike was again silent. Finally, on October 10th, he e-mailed me saying, “I’m not ignoring you, I was out sick”. I sent four e-mails over a week and when he finally e-mailed me back I found that sending him my damage claim was pointless because All Services hires out a third-party to deal with claims. The third-party had no information on me and I found I had to submit my claim via their website. When I explained what I was told by Mike, the representative apologized and said that was not how it was done. Because the movers who loaded up my belongings refused to offer me full value replacement insurance, I’m stuck with $0.60 per pound insurance. That means of the more than $1,500 the company did in damage, because the items don’t weigh a lot, they’re only offering me $91 for everything they destroyed. Not even enough to replace the professional Kitchen Aid mixer they just tossed in a laundry basket, breaking it beyond repair.

I can’t recommend All Services, and in fact their lack of professionalism makes me want to be an advocate to tell anyone who’s moving to steer clear of them. Customers are willing to put up with a lot, but they crossed the line and showed no remorse for doing so. That isn’t how a business is supposed to behave, and I’m so disappointed in how I was treated. No one should go through what I did. I’d also like to point out that over the phone Mike claimed they had an “A-“ rating with the BBB. When I looked them up on the BBB website, I found they aren’t even BBB accredited in Washington and Texas. Their BBB claim comes from Nashville, where I can’t even find them listed as a business. Their legal name is also Oracle Service Solutions, Inc and they are based out of Houston, Texas. You can look up their DOT number that they display on their website, and it’s obvious they are not a primary hauler, but a company that contracts out to drivers. According to the DOT, they only possess 1 driver and 1 truck with no yearly mileage. This means whomever shows up to pick-up or drop-off your belongings more than likely doesn’t work for the company and is contracted out. In fact, my delivery driver said he drivers for multiple moving companies and couldn’t believe how disorganized All Services was. His words, not mine.

Worst company I’ve ever dealt with. Steer far clear of them.

  • Jan 12, 2015

On 9/26/2014, ALL SERVICES MOVERS, INC was contracted (out of Tacoma, WA) to pickup my household goods from Mukilteo, Washington and deliver same to Suffolk, Virginia in a reasonable amount of time. On 10/14/2014, the moving truck showed up at my Storage facility in Suffolk, Va with only 35% of my personal belongings, where they demanded the remainder of the payment of $1540. I gave them a cashiers check for the full amount owed with the trust that they would follow through with the rest of my shipment as soon as possible. After 2 days, the driver contacted me and sent pictures via cell phone of my shipment that was inadvertently delivered to a residence in Maryland. He said that the items were picked up and put “in storage” until one of the company trucks could go through this area and bring my good to Suffolk.

To date, nothing has been done to retrieve my household goods from Maryland. Several phone calls to ALL SERVICES MOVERS home office in Houston, TX has resulted in nothing. As a matter of fact, not one manager would come to the phone and speak with me about my missing shipment. They refused all communications. Even with the “Consumers Affairs Agency”. They would not return any calls.

It is obvious that this poor excuse for a moving company are actually crooks and scam artists that are in this business for one reason….money! At this point, I am sure, that I will never see my personal belongings again that are estimated at nearly $10,000. to replace. Something has to be done to bring these scumbags to justice one way or another.

  • Oct 9, 2014

This company gave me a quote and then proceeded to charge me so many extra fees that they are now charging me $1000 plus over that initial estimate. They bullied me into paying stating that I wouldn't get my stuff if I did not pay. The day the movers picked up my items they yelled at me and told me to pay the extra fees or they'd just leave. The driver hung up on me because I said I felt cheated. The person who booked my move said he'd talk to the driver and sort it out, he never called back. The person who booked my move told me a delivery date and it's two weeks past and I still don't have my stuff. Customer service told me that they can't make the salesperson who booked my move return my calls. I have had to call every day just to find out when my items might arrive. I was specifically told I would not be charged a shuttle fee, today I was told any move to the city I am in requires a shuttle move. Customer service is horrible, you can never speak to a manager. One day the girl told me the manager was out sick. The next day she said the manager was on vacation. They have no supervision. Their solution to complaints is sending you an email form to fill out. I did so and management basically said my complaints were unfounded. The company as a whole has poor communication, they never return calls. They are disorganized and horribly run. They are scammers. I told them that I have no understanding of how they can possibly still be in business the way that they treat costumers.

  • Jan 9, 2015

Worst move ever

Ruined so much out our stuff. Driver showed up in flip flops and pajama bottoms. Proceeded to tell me there would be extra charges for labor and packing. Above the extra money I paid to have speciality i teams packed. They showed up in a rented budget truck. I to,d them it would not be large enough. They were at my home from 1 pm until 3:30 am. They did not get it all in the truck. The next morning I demanded they come back to get the remaining items with no response. When my stuff arrived about 40% of things were damaged. My boxes looked like they had been thrown off the truck a few times. Many were smashed and retaped. I sent pictures to make a claim and they have offered me $135.00 and told me it was my responsibility to make sure it all got on the truck. The truck that was too small. They are scammers do not use them. You are better off using pods. My stuff was transfered at least 4 diffrent times between pick and delivery.

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