All Storm Solutions Inc.

Country United States
State Benin
City Naperville
Address 1011 W. Ogden Avenue, Suite B
Phone (630) 541-5913

All Storm Solutions Inc. Reviews

  • Oct 31, 2014

I was approached by two women in a public parking lot holding small gift bags. They asked if me or anyone I know wears makeup. I entertained them and listened to their schtick. The yound hispanic woman, presented a demo for mineral makeup, first a compact containg blush, eyeshadow and lip color. The second compact contained only lip color, and the third are makeup remover wipes.

The gift bag is free with the purchase of the bronzing power for $20. I was told that this company is affiliated with Bare Essentials Mineral makeup, who I have been interested in trying for a couple of years- so I decided to buy the product.

I did not have cash but was told that credit would be accepted by using a mobile transaction app, running through the iphone. She ran my card and asked how I would like the receipt delievered. I opted for text message, of which I never received.

A few hours later I noticed a $69 charge on my bank account from Chicago Storm, INC.

There is no website for these people or a phone number.

I plan on filing a fraud complaint with my bank and will continue to spread awareness about these crooks.

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