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Country United States
State Benin
City Schaumburg
Address 4 Eastham Ct
Phone (847)809- 8453

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  • Jul 28, 2014

We hired All Tiled Up, a company owned by Mr. Jonny Ozug for a bathroom remodeling job. He personally came out, took measurements, and we explained everything we wanted. He told us what we wanted was absolutely no problem, that he had done this many times before, and he quoted us an amount. Day1, Jonny shows up and starts the demo to the bathroom. He tells us we will be back in business with a bathroom in three days tops, because he has another job lined up, too. Day 2, Jonny doesn't show up for work. Day 3 and onward (I just want to point out here that the "we will be back in business with a bathroom in three days tops, because he has another job lined up, too" promise fell through. It took him 8 business days, Saturdays and Sundays excluded, to finish the job.): We wanted to install a fiberglass surround, which we had already purchased, based on the measurements of the project involved.

We had also purchased a whirlpool tub.

After trying to work with the surround, he told us he couldn't install the surround because it wouldn't look right cosmetically when it was finished. He stated it had to do with the seams on the outside edges of the surround. So we went with "professional advice". My wife accompanied Jonny to the store to return the surround and choose a surround that would work. He pointed out the options, and my wife made a decision and returned the previous surround and purchased a new surround. After the surround was purchased, Jonny proceeded to destroy the surround by trying to stuff it into his van and failing. My wife returned the unit, but the store had no other unit in stock to exchange. When I got off work that day, I drove to 3 other stores in 3 different towns that had replacement units in stock, only to find out that the units they had were damaged or otherwise defective(the stores allowed to me to inspect them before purchasing them since we were having issues).

So Jonny then asked if we simply wanted to have him install ceramic tile instead. We were now mired in the "between bathrooms" stage. We really wanted to have a surround installed, but we also wanted to get the job done without any more issues or delays, so we acquiesced and chose tile that he approved over, along with a safety railing. Throughout the entire project, Mr. Ozug complained non-stop about everything he had to do. He could not utter a sentence without the F work being used. My wife and children were subjected to this behavior throughout the span of the project. While cutting tile and trying to drill through it for the handle, he was yelling and swearing at the top of his lungs in front of my house every time a tile or drill bit broke. He couldn't install the tub, so he had to call in his plumber friend. He couldn't do the electric required for the whirlpool tub, so we had to call in an electrician, which was now an added expense to the project. Please remember, this is all after he promised what we wanted was absolutely no problem, and that he had done this many times before. He damaged the tub during the install so I had to cut a whole through an adjoining wall so my wife and I could re-solder the part of the apparatus underneath so the tub would be properly grounded and work properly. He couldn't install the safety handle, telling me it couldn't be done. Expletives were involved there, too. Because we switched to tile over the surround, we obviously weren't going to get the shelves that are built into the surround. Jonny suggested we use spring-loaded rods in the corners with shelves/baskets. He was with us at the store and pointed them out and we purchased them. He finished caulking and grouting the tile and instructed us NOT to use the bathroom for at least 24 hours, so the caulk and grout would dry properly. We waited more like 36 hours before using the facilities. At the end of the job, he demanded extra money over the original quote, for extra time and extra labor.

At that point, we just wanted this guy GONE, so we paid him a portion of what he had wanted on top of the original quote. This seemed to aggravate him, but I told him that things didn't go exactly as expected or smooth at all. We felt sorry for him. He kept hinting that he had nowhere to go for Thanksgiving, that his family was all out in New York, so we gave him a little more, more beacuse we simply wanted the ordeal to end than anything. Eventually, the wall and ceiling in one corner of the room began to separate from each other because of the the spring-loaded rod and the poor workmanship of Mr. Ozug. There is absolutely no reason that should happen other than poor workmanship. I tried to contact Mr. Ozug regarding the issue as we were both in contact with each other, including in other forums. When I tried contacting him via Facebook, he blocked me. I then emailed him about the issue, including photographs, but he would not respond. So I called his work/cell number. He told me that he had not seen the email, as he had blocked my email address from being able to send him emails. He also told me I was a loser and to F off.

Based on my personal experiences with Jonny Ozug and All Tiled Up out of Schaumburg, IL, I recommend that no one use his services for any type of remodeling job. I have filed this report on to let others know what he has done. I have also put a review on I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau against All Tiled Up as well. The complaint was closed as unresolved due to the BBB not being able to get both parties to resolve the issue. Mr. Ozug created a side story as to why I was "going after him". I continued to try and resolve the issue through the BBB, requesting arbitration, but Mr. Ozug refused arbitration and has refused to make any attempt to resolve the complaint. I will now be taking my issue to court against Mr. Ozug to recover my entire cost of the project, the materials, and the demolition that will be required to remove the poor work that Mr. Ozug of All Tiled Up created.

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