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Alliance Moving Services Inc Reviews

  • Jun 1, 2015

Although Alliance is a moving broker I hold them responsible for the horrible service we received. The movers that were contracted were EazyMovingCorp (that we were unable to find w/in your system). The gentlemen barely spoke English so I am sure communication was a significant issue as we were unable to understand them and they were unable to understand us.

First off they asked us to package the glass for our captains bed, that was fine, after we had it packaged both my spouse and I on separate occasions let them know it was ready to be placed onto the truck. Needless to say it was left off the truck for us to find later. Unfortunately the vehicle we were driving to our location to had no more space. We called them and let them know, although we accepted we would have to just right it off as a loss.

Due to automotive problems we were unable to make it to our destination for delivery. Our friend Terrance Sawtell handled the reception of goods. However the movers now seemed to posses less knowledge of the English language than before.

Boxes that were clearly marked Fragile, this side up, etc ect were haphazardly stacked and thrown about w/my friend Terrance desperately following behind them placing them right side up and making it so boxes wouldn't become more crushed.

They took apart my sons bed when they at pick up however when they delivered our house hold goods the bed wasn't put together. We called to inquire why and the rude receptionist (Vanessa) said that Terrance had signed a piece of paper that said the room was to small to put the bed up (same dimensions as where it was previously by the way). So we requested a copy of that to be emailed to us and obviously it wasn't.

Upon attempting to put my sons bed together we discovered that a key part of the bed wasn't delivered with the rest of our goods. This bed new cost us 1200 dollars and now my son is sleeping on a mattress on the floor.

Upon pick up they took apart our captains bed as agreed. However upon delivery although they put the Captains bed together (I use that term loosely), it wasn't put together correctly and as such after one night of sleeping on it caused significant damage to its frame, this is also the same bed where they neglected to pack the mirrors. This is bed that when purchased new was 3000 dollars.

We had a 55 inch flat screen TV that we had packaged up ourselves. When they picked up the TV it was wrapped in shrink wrap, then bubble wrap, then a 500 dollar blanket my spouse had acquired while in Korea, and then encased in cardboard. Upon receipt it was no longer encased in cardboard, the blanket was no where to be found and the TV looks as though something bashed into the left side of it damaging the screen. The TV cost us 1000 dollars.

This hasn't even taken into account things items that were carefully boxed up. A long box of comics (a very sturdy box designed to store them) was all but crushed along with its valuable contents. Boxes of valuable and some irreplaceable figurines and collectables that were wrapped in bubble wrap and carefully packed were also crushed.

A Wii U in its original in its original box, is no where to be found. That is now considered a collectable and sells for 500 dollars.

We still have may boxes that are remain packed and I dread to see what type of disaster will be waiting for us. My spouse a disabled vet suffering from PTSD has requested that I store the remaining boxes in the attic for now due to not being able handling seeing our lives and memories destroyed because of two mens incompetence or willingness to do their job correctly.

Me and my family have moved several times across country and in a few cases across the world and this by far is the absolute worst service we have ever received regarding a move.

We understand that it is likely that somethings will become damaged during a move and that is what our insurance is for. However this is far beyond the damages normally sustained during a move and to me show gross negligence on their part in the handling of our possessions that they were payed to transport safely.

  • Oct 15, 2014

On the 15thof September, 2014, I called Allience Moving Services to have them pick up my warehouse supplies and move them from San Diego to Florida. "Robert" was my representitive. He quoted me $1568.10 to move it. He told me to count the boxes and measure them for him to quote the cost to move it. I did as he instructed. On September 19th "Best Rate Movers showed up to pick up my warehouse materials. I was surprised, as I was expecting Allience to pick it up. Best Rate Movers tried to get me to pay the balance before they would move it. I protested and told them to go "F*" themselves. They shrugged and said, OK then, never mind. 5 days later I get a call from Allience telling me they want to triple my quote to over $3,000! They said "pay or you don't get your stuff"! I had to pay them.

Bottom line? Alience Moving Services is a scam, Do NOT USE THEM! They will rip you off!

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