Alliance Protection Systems of Phoenix, Inc.

Country United States
State Arizona
City Phoenix
Address 10835 N 25th Ave Ste 255
Phone (800) 238-6455

Alliance Protection Systems of Phoenix, Inc. Reviews

  • Jun 5, 2015

This company has complete dishonesty written all over it.

I got a knock on the door from a gentleman in mid-40's, short and a bit pudgy and introduced himself as Jeff "the local home security expert helping out the neighbors" Now I live in a non-solicit neighborhood which I explained, but with no hesitation he explained he's worked out a deal with my HOA as a trusted "ADT" agent.

I listened, the entire time knowing he did not talk with the head of the HOA...because it IS ME!! I asked to see a license, which he explained in Phoenix a door to door solicitation or pedling permit is not needed (BOGUS)

Jeff continued to mention that with his relationship with ADT he was able to give me (FOR FREE) an entire home protection setup. I was intrigued, so I opened the door a slight amount only to have him pushing the door even more open so he could walk past me to show me how my deadbolt isn't secure enough. Really? You're going to push through a grown man into my home and expect me not to care? Obviously this is very concerning to think what he does when a woman is alone. How far does he push his way into the home?

That agitated me very much. I asked for his busines card, he handed me one and I told him to leave immediately. I went to the URL of his business card and sure enough, the website was broken or down. The phone number rings a blank voicemail box.

This seemed very sketchy for a real ADT provider. If you see this character around your neighborhood, i'd recommend calling the police to escort him away from your home, kids, assets...etc.

Company name he was going by is Alliance Protection. I've since found other reports going by Aliiance Home Protection of Phoenix... and other similar phrases. This to me seems like an Alliance Scam rather than Alliance Protection.

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