Allied Interstate LLC

Country United States
State Ohio
City New Albany
Address 7525 West Campus Road
Phone (800) 811-4214

Allied Interstate LLC Reviews

  • Jun 9, 2015

This company is extorting people by using collection agency tactics. I don't even have an ebayvaccount and they are trying to collect money from me... Call FTC and BBB to file complaints.

  • Apr 3, 2015

Virtuoso received my accouterments after. Thus, BOTH, Allied and Virtuoso put this bill on my credit report. For the same account. Both agencies called me Monday through Sundat, all hours of the day. When I tried to get to get one of them to of the accounts; they both...ignored my attempts. How in the heck can I be billed twice for the same account on my Credit Report. With both compani3s taking malicious acts against me, I attempted to contact Sprint regarding this. It took me weeks and many transfers, for Sprint to have me call Virtuoso. With that being said, if Virtuoso ended up with my account, why in the heck have ALLIED already tacked this bill on my acount. Virtuoso is aware of this, and they didn't fact they billed a dollar more...tHan Allied, again for the same SPRINT ACCOUNT.

I had an old Sprint account that went into collections. Allied and Virtuoso received my account, Allied first. I put this account under dispute when Allied contacted me first. Dispute because my phone was stolen and Sprint turned my account over to the thief, changed my name, password and account information and everything. What Sprint did was illegal and upon finding this out and my many attempts to restore my account. My phone was supposed to be on standby and they in-turn charge me full price and insurance on my phone that they illegally gave to a thief and illegally switched my name off and replaced with the thieves name and information. They knew who had my phone and their location. And still billed me full price for the thieves usage.

Back to Allied, upon putting my phone under dispute...I did not know that Virtuoso had received my account until they started harassing me. Both companies called me Monday through Sunday, all hours of the day.

Thus, both Allied and Virtuoso tacked the same Sprint bill on my credit report. If Virtuoso received my account after, why did Allied tack it on my credit report. In addition, I spoke with Virtuoso about it and they did absolutely nothing, in fact, they charged me a dollar more than Allied for the exact same Sprint account. I attempted to contact Sprint about it but after weeks of calling and the many transfers, they sent me right back to Virtuoso.

Companies should not have the right to treat you any kind of way and screw with your credit report just because they can. Companies should be thoroughly checked before they have any right to just put something on your credit. As for Sprint, they know what they did was illegal and they made every attempt to justify their system of actions.

Lastly, these systems are not designed to help people, in that alone...they are flawed. No solutions and no options. One day I will in fact make a Masters and PH.d program specifically geared to these elements.

  • May 13, 2014

Alleid Interstate LLC a collections agent (so they say) attempted last year to collect $60.00 (a sellers fee) for a motorcylce I had advertised on ebay, I did not have a current paypal account and it was the first time I had ever tried to sell anything on ebay, a customer clicked on the buy it now feature and was rejected becuase I did not have a current paypal account and I was out of town and did not answer back the emails, I sold the bike to a guy that found another one of my ads on craigs list,( I have a copy of his check and drivers license) and I can prove he did not buy the bike off ebay! I have allready told the company (Allied) all this last year 2013 and told them to stop harassing me as well as Ebay and I was not going to pay! right after it turned 2014 I got a email from ebay telling me I owe them $60.00 again! I also just recieved a letter today from Alleid Interstate that they are attempting to collect the debt for ebay! ahh here we go again! Is there not a statu of limitations that has run out? there computer made a mistake! thats all, but they want to ruin my credit for it! I am sick of these idiots harassing me and ruining my credit!

  • May 2, 2014

I was contacted by letter on 2/21/14, the letter stating that I owed for an account that to my knowledge is closed and has been for years. I was then called by Allied and the woman I spoke to was extremely rude and wanted personal information before she would tell me who she was.

I wouldn't tell her any of my information saying that she called me so she should know who she called. She then hung up on me and I proceded to contact the company that Allied said I owed the bill to. As of today (4/29/14) I have not received any information from them saying I owe this bill.

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