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Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists, Inc Reviews

  • Jul 28, 2014

If you're a private car owner and need wheel repair and refinishing I would recommend you stay far away from Alloy wheel Repair on Washington St. in Quincy. In this way you will not have to deal with the arrogant and sarcastic owner, Sam Kramer. Following a prior good experience having my alloy wheels on my BMW 550IX refinished I returned only 7 weeks later to now repair new damage to one wheel. I expected the same great service. What I received was a refinished wheel with a very noticeably different shade of paint. Previously all 4 wheels had been done so this was not an issue. Upon arriving to pick up my car I immediately brought this to the attention of two employees who then proceeded to get defensive and argumentative. I explained it was obvious to "any casual" observer and challenged them to have anyone other than somebody affiliated with their shop to assess the difference in the paint.

Their defense was if I cleaned the rear wheel (previously done 7 wks earlier it would match the newly painted front wheel and as a few months would pass both wheels would look the same. This explanation would be acceptable if the new painted wheel was brighter than the rear... thus it might fade... and eventually match the rear. The problem however was the newly painted front wheel was very obviously considerably duller than the rear. Thus over time it would not get BRIGHTER to match the rear.

Their defense was just ludicrous and I pointed it out to them trying to have them reason with logic that the newly painted wheel could NEVER get brighter. It would only get duller if anything. Thus the newly painted wheel would never match the rear.

As I stated any casual observer would clearly see the difference but both these employees stood fast in their assessment... I could easily detect a defiant, sarcastic and smug attitude from both. (I might add; consistent with other reviews here)

Frustrated I left my car and asked for the owner; Sam Kramer to call me in the morning of the following day.

I never rec'd any call. At 4:00PM I finally called and spoke to Sam Kramer. His response was "what's this in reference to?" I immediately knew his stance as he was fully cognizant of my car being left overnight and both his employees had filled him in about my displeasure. I said "if that is your attitude, then all I want is for you to repaint the wheel to match the rear or paint both to match". He responded with "that will cost you another $125.00".

I arrived at his shop 30 minutes later and was greeted by his smug and defiant attitude. He simply refused to acknowledge the color difference and then had the nerve to repeat the same ludicrous evaluation his employees had given me the night before. I then confronted him with "I thought you did not know anything about this?" Again just a smirk on his face and more insistence they were the same color. I now asked him How could the newly painted wheel that is obviously a lot duller get BRIGHTER over time to match the rear?..... Again... just a defiant smirk on his face.

I asked him if he had any idea what customer service was, never mind Quality control. His reply was he DIDN"T NEED MY BUSINESS AND NOT TO COME BACK! This after he had taken $500 from me 7 wks earlier.

Upon leaving I drove directly to the Body Smith Shop that had originally referred me to Sam Kramer. Three men, two owners and a 40 yr employee with a combined total of over 100 years in the auto body business TOOK ONE LOOK AT THE TWO WHEELS AND QUICKLY ANNOUNCED THEY WERE DIFFERENT COLORS.

A call to the FRANCHISE office of Alloy Wheel Repair and many subsequent e-mails resulted in The Franchise owner’s decision to proclaim there was nothing he could do. I had previously suggested I would drive to their other Franchise in MiddlesexCounty and have the wheel repainted and asked if they would absorb the cost. After several days.... the answer was NO and their stance was the issue was closed.

I would strongly advise anyone to think twice in dealing with Alloy Wheels of Quincy. The owner Sam Kramer and apparently the franchise owner do not care about customer service. It is so very TYPICAL of companies that think they have a monopoly on a product or service. If you don't like our service, to bad.... don't come back.

I have also read other reviews on Google and Yelp with a recurring theme of SARCASTIC & ARROGANT. There are other folks out there performing this kind of repair. Do your research or call around to different car dealers.

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