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Altered Ego Reviews

  • Jul 31, 2014

I went to Altered Ego Tattoos to start sleeves. I got a tattoo done on my left arm that looked fine line work wasn't exactly on point but it wasn't that noticable. So I went back and paid Matt Fabrizio to do half a sleep on my right lower arm. It was suppose to be a vampire with skulls around it.

He drew the tattoo on my arm and it looked great. So while he was tattooing I put my headphones in and dozed off. When I woke up, he had tattooed something entirely different on my forearm. It looked like a mix between a lake monster and a zombie and on top of all of it, he tattooed naked crooked boobs on my wrist!!!!!

I was furious. It was extrememly dark and vulgar. He told me he was sorry I was not happy with his work and that he would do a cover up as soon as it healed. Well I had to wear long sleeves for 4 months to hide this from my job because he couldn't find time to schedule me in. He did half the cover up finally.

He advised he would need to do it in 2 sessions to make sure it was covered completely. So atleast now the boobs are hardly noticable. But you can still see the other tattoo throught this so called "cover up." Once that healed It took me another 3 months for him to set up another appointment with me to finish the other half.

When I got to the shop he told me that he only planned on an hr session with me and had another appointment soon so because I was 30 minutes late he cancelled. I then asked him how he planned on covering this hideous thing up within an hour and he replied that all he had was some shading to do.

Also he stated that I had no right to be upset because he was doing this for free. Needless to say I finally told him I would just find someone else to do it because he obviously had no intentions of making this right. I then found out from his fiance that he has been having to attend AA meeting because he substance addictions.

Which is most likely why my tattoo looked like a 5 year old did it instead of someone who has been tattooing for 30 years. I live every day with a ugly super dark tattoo on my right forarm that I can not always cover up. It is to dark to go get a cover up over this one. So now I must find a way to lighten it and then go pay another large amount to have it redone. I dont want to see anyone else go through this situation. I have been dealing with this for almost a year now and every day someone asks me what on earth is on my arm.

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