Country United States
State Pennsylvania
City Philadelphia
Address 400 Market Street, Suite 1100
Phone 877-258-3722

Alteva Reviews

  • Jun 19, 2015

We have had nothing but issues with Alteva. We signed on with them after being promised amazing service at a great price. From the beginning of installationt he problems began. We received a bad router that they had to replace. It took longer to get setup then anticipated. Once we were passed off to our dedicated account manager we no longer received the service we were promised. Any time we had a question or an issue we couldn't get a hold of anyone. Our account manager was changed three times without telling us. We would email or call and receive no response. When we would not pay our bill or pay less due to the lack of service then we would finally receive a response. This went on for a year. Finally we'd had enough. We talked to them about canceling. Their response was that they were responding and doing better now so they had upheld their end of the agreement and if we canceled they would be charging us the full termination fee. We have requested to speak with a decision maker and have been refused. It is too little too late for them to try better after a year of poor service. With how they marketed themselves we expected to receive a high level of service which we have not seen.

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