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Amazon Reviews

  • Jun 22, 2015

I was simply ordering a set of $24.95 headphone. In the process of ordering there was lanugage about a "free 30day trial of Amazon Prime." I received the shipment but did nOT authorize the continuation of the service, nor did i receive any correspondence about any addtinal charge.

Lo and behold some "snake" tried to slip a $101.52 charge onto my card. i see that the complaint section of the Internet is 'blowing up" with similar complaints so that feel as if they're trying to sucker everybody and hoping that a certain percentage won't "cath' theri nefarious activity.

Please count me as just another 'sucker' that wasn't quite a stupid as they thought the general popuation of the united States is.

As a legitamate sales professional I can state that this is one of the reason my job is so difficult. I'm always walking in the footprint of theives and scammers like this who are so prevalent that literally EVERYBODY assume that I'm just another snake out to get theri wallet. it's a sad statement on society in general.

Bob from Saint Petersburg, Florida

  • Jun 22, 2015

I placed an order on Amazon with this vendor and it looked like everything was working beautifully. Turns out, they never actaully had the item and then cancelled the order, delaying my urgent use of the item (and requiring re-order elsewhere). For some reason, Amazon does not allow seller feedback unless you got your order (what use is that?), so they continue to accept and fail to fulfill orders, because it allows them to be lazy about updating inventory. They even had a cookie-cutter email with lame excuses about this scenario (e.g. "we do everything in our power to keep inventory up to date", but clearly that is not true).

  • Nov 22, 2014

Amazon, Amazon local, and US Air Solutions

This company is a rip off. First I bought what In thought was a duct cleaning service. What I got was a bait a switch and a 110.00 bill and they broke my heater in the middle of winter..

When I contacted the company about fixing my heater they said that it is my problem.

Then I contacted Amazon and they said they have nothing to do with Amazon Local.

So now I have a bill for my broken heater and I am out 110.00 for a 39.00 service.


  • Nov 22, 2014

I've ordered what was supposed to been (2 Android Galaxy Note smart phones) which was actually only androids, from this seller on Amazon. My order came approximately January 23rd 2014 One came defective and they weren't galaxy notes they were just android phones, which made me unhappy. I returned them January 24th 2014 for a refund and till this day of November 21st 2014 I have not received my refund yet.

My name is Sheena

From Cincinnati Ohio

  • Oct 20, 2014

I am filing a report today regarding Amazon and their seller, Connect Buy. I have been trying to be reasonable and fair with them for several months now, and I have even proved they shipped my order wrong and they won't admit wrongdoing. Here is a breakdown of what happened: July 1st, 2014 I ordered 2 comforter sets and paid an extra $134 for 2-day shipping. (I needed it quickly.) I was given an estimated date of July 3rd – July 9th at the time I placed the order. I realized at the time that July 9th seemed too far out since I expedited this. But I figured there was some glitch in their system and they would still ship as I requested. July 3rd , They shipped my order, but they shipped it regular UPS ground. **Please note, with the holiday and weekend in between, I should have received it on July 8th, which is when I expected it and needed it, since it was 2 day shipping after all.

July 8th, realized I wasn’t getting it and had to go out and buy something else. July 9th, my order arrives. About a week later, I returned the bedspreads and told them I expected a full refund. July 30th, after spending almost $351, I got a refund of $173.50. This is because they felt entitled to the $134 shipping, and a 20% restock fee. Since then I have filed a claim with Amazon and was denied, so I appealed. That was also denied. I sent several emails to Amazon corporate and even Jeff, the CEO of Amazon, to tell them of my unfair denial. At first, they would respond, saying that there was nothing they could do because of the A-to-Z Guarantee Claim restrictions. They no longer respond, so I went back to Connect Buy. At first, Connect Buy would respond and say there was nothing they could do because it was delivered within the estimated delivery time. Now, they no longer respond either. Then I went to and via online chat I confirmed this order was in fact sent UPS ground. I went back to Amazon and Connect Buy with a screen shot of my chat with UPS. Amazon didn't reply, and Connect Buy still said that I got it 'within a reasonable amount of time'. If I had told them to send this UPS ground, shipping would have been free. But they shipped it ground when I clearly requested and paid for 2-day shipping. I am livid no one at these companies thinks there is anything wrong with how this was handled! I have been nothing but professional and reasonable with Amazon and Connect Buy. I have proved to them that it was shipped wrong. No one has apologized or accepted any blame.

  • Oct 17, 2014

10/10/2014 I ordered a vibrator and it arrived a few days later the packaging was gross the item was used and slimey , I called the comapany so called comapny they have no store ! they sell out of a garage .. they would NOT refund my money What the hell !!!! this is sick im discusted over this .... never buy from these scammers

  • Oct 16, 2014

I ordered a Halston hangbag from Amazon approximately 3.5 months ago. Several days ago I used the bag and realized the cording used to connect the inside to the outside has disintegrated. The rest of the bag looks perfect.

I called Amazon and was told "too bad, so sad. We won't do anything after 30 days. Tell it to Halston." "Ok. How do I contact them?" "Google them." No responce to an email to "customer service" at Halston.

There is no way to contact Amazon after 30 days, even with Prime.

I won't be renewing my Prime membership.

  • Sep 29, 2014

Amazon are a Huge Rip Off, they charge sellers 12% and do not back up the people selling products there, we have proven to amazon on 3 different times that the customer recieved the goods and was using them yet amazon gave them the money back for parts that they said did not fit and took the money away from us the supplier and them tell us its bad luck for us that we dont get paid for the item and the item will not be returned! All Sellers be warned about amazon they are scammers at the best and they tell you when you ring up that they have no contact capability between any departments there and when they screw up or not pay you for your goods they say that they do not have to support their vendors and its in their policy,

  • Sep 27, 2014

On may 24 2014 l bought a window table for myself throught and I notice that when it was conecting to a charger it gets real hot and l thoght it was normal, but sudently it stop charging, and inmediatly on the 29 of july 2014 l send a email to mazaon and and l waited for ocean electronic reef to respond and he didnt, it was amazon who emailed back to let me know that it was over 30 days for me to return it... but amzon could force ocen reef to refund my money or he could stop selling its things... amazon ot even send me a feed back about the purcase becuase he new l will tell amazon is gulty too....

  • Sep 22, 2014


First of all, I was fortunate enough to be able to leave the company without causing myself to be targetted by the management and owner of the company. I've worked for this company for many moons and had even gotten to know the family. Let me say all of the people are nice except for the male management and owners. They claim to honor their religion but failed to protect the very employees that bring them bread daily. First of, if you are a non family member and female, be prepared to be treated less as you are seen as less always.

My job at first was just customer service but after months into it, I realized several things inherently wrong.

We were never told the truth about anything, just do it and you will be fine. Many times we were asked to do perform the following tasks:

1. Lie to our customers so that we do not receive negative comments from our customers

2. Many times we were out of stock no somethings and told the customers that they are receiving it when in fact we all know that they will never receive the item. We ship either a toilet paper or empty box just so that Amazon or any other market places have a tracking number on them

3. Employees were constantly asked to lie and cheat our customers and when customer are unhappy, we would bribe them with empty promises or sometimes with refunds. Example would be, if you leave negative comment then we will not refund their money kind of deal

4. Their right hand man aka Jack, an ex military person always insults and belittle and berate others or even at the border of sexual harassment all at the same time claiming to honor their God (I cannot confirm this but was told by other co-workers) and the owners and managers of this company seem to condone this kind of action

5. We never let any government or city employees to inspect the warehouse. Couple times there were circumstances where the workplace is simply too unsafe because of fire hazard. Fire inspector would always be kicked out of the company. This work place is a fire hazard and probably has mold problems - if we asked too many questions we would be in trouble

6. Employees or even other sub contrator are always asked to create fake accounts to disrupt other businesses or their legit competitors. Couple examples were employees were asked to purchase a product from a target competition and leave fake reviews or orders

7. Employees were asked to create a purchase from a trusted brand and when customer actually buys that brand, we were asked to send out a generic knock off. This is going on and has been going on and will go on.

Review the following BBB accreditation, this company has revoked license. Also, google Akiva Nourollah or Yehuda Nourolalh, the first thing you see is RIP OFF REPORT or SCAM. Seems like they were selling cell phones before and has been scamming others. Yes, it's white collar crimes not really punishable by law but they are morally wrong and hurts many others. Common workers are being hurt by their evil conduct.

I am sure that there are many employees and businesses that are affected by their evil behavior and conduct not just in the business realm but even in their personal lives. I can't believe that these men are married and their family seems to be okay with the way that Nourollah family conduct business. I hope no other co-workers are targetted because of what I said in this posting. I am so sick that California allows these kinds of businesses to operate and even thrive. It's like saying let's allow terrorist cell groups to operate inside United States and thrive. Exactly, this does not make any sense.

In my opinion, this company and family has no right to run any business because they are simply dishonest and has no interest in building clean business.

  • Sep 20, 2014

Amazon has a service called Amazon prime which requires a yearly membership fee paid in advance. I have been a prime member for several years. One of the benefits is free 2 day shipping on eligible items and discounted overnight shipping on eligible items. During the past two years, with the most recent case being today Friday, September 19, I have paid for items to be shipped to me either overnight or with my two day shipping benefit and Amazon has failed to get me my item in time. Only one of these several times was it a question of whether it was Amazon's fault or the shipping companies, every other time it was because Amazon simply did not ship my item until after I contacted them (on the day that my account said GUARANTEED delivery date, I have screen shots as proof). Every time they are unable to give me adequate reason why I am paying for a service and for items in advance to get them by a certain time and Amazon is simply failing to ship them in time. They will not give me a reason. In the case of paying the money for overnight shipping I have been refunded, however this doesnt cover any of the yearly membership I pay to get discounted overnight shipping. In the case of two day shipping not getting to me they simply tell me to wait FIVE DAYS past when I contacted them (I have already waited the two days it was supposed to take to ship). They will not provide me with a reason why I need to wait five days when (according to what they promise me with my prime benefits and the information on the item's page) I could literally reorder the item and it should get to me within TWO days. They avoid all questions relating to why they have not shipped my items on time and why they are still waiting to ship my item(s). Amazon prime is a scam.

  • Aug 25, 2014

I ordered a hatch cover for my toy hauler. It needed to be the specific size, brand, and style listed in the add to fit. The brand I ordered from Warehouse Deals was Ventline. The product I received was Heng brand. It was 1/2 inch too small to cover my roof vent and the hinge was the wrong design. There was no invoice in the box, nor any return information. I contacted Amazon and was told this was not an Amazon product so I would need to contact the seller. I had no contact infor for Warehouse Deals. I am currently stuck with a product that I cannot use. Ironically, Amazon has contacted me three times to answer potential customers questions about this product. I've told them each time that I received the wrong product, but no followup has been done.

  • Aug 20, 2014

I sold two galaxy s5 phones on Amazon and the buyer claimed you never received the package. He then filed an A-Z claim against me which was suppose to take 7-14 days for a decision, but they decided in 4 hours which is against there own policy. I contacted Amazon sellers support with the tracking number from usps and they told me they can show proof of package being delivered, and issued the buyer a refund,sonow im out of two phones and $959. is a joke. There in the business of siding with the buyer and F***** the seller over. I will never buy or sell anything on Amazon neither will all my friends and family. My advice to you is never shop on Amazon stick to , much better and you dont have to wait 30 days to get paid like I did only for them to turn around and take my money back.

  • Aug 13, 2014

I received an Amazon Christmas gift card but I was very disappointed when I discovered it could only be used at Now that I reside in the UK, I now was only buying from However, I thought I could make use of the card for at least one purchase I knew it could not be sent to the UK but had it sent to my sister in Colorado. She is an expert on dealing with postage to the UK and always handles these purchases, finds the best rate for the weight or side of the package and she understands the custom regulations. The other purchase I made would deplete the card for what I thought was an inexpensive item and hardly any weight. I did not expect any shipping problems for this light weight small item that could fit in an envelope. Now this item has become an absolute nightmare and the company I purchase the item from seems to be getting away with overcharging their customers.

To set the record straight most of the gift card went to the first purchase for which I have no absolutely no dispute with and that bill was promptly paid.

The second purchase through the merchant Gribble Grabble was for a soft needlepoint cloth sunglass case with cleaning cloth that cost $ 8.99. (Attachment C). I did look at their shipping rates which are very confusing. They state to Europe (by weight) $ 4.50 I presumed was for each pound weight (Attachment B). I knew it had to be way under a pound (per weight as it states) so the total should have been just $4.50. By shipment it states it is $45.50. That said to me that my item would be for up to 10 pounds and that was not come even remotely close. I went to the US Postal Postage Calculator and put in what I thought the weight/price would be. I send jewelry to the US and receive jewelry supplies so I am familiar with this resource (Attachment A-1 and A-2). I noted that the first class international service was $12.75 which was around the prices of their international standard scale for 21-42 days between the rates of $14.95 and $16.95 (Attachment B). So I requested the international standard amount. Although my item was more in line with the weight of a DVD or CD or even a VHS – the item is small, lays flat and does not weight even 4 oz., I honestly thought I was more in line with this shipping amount. So I specifically plugged that in, put my credit information. When the invoice showed $45.50, I immediately cancelled. I honestly thought that I made a typing error or the system was not working. I put the information back in, again asked for the international standard for the 21-42 days. This was an item I was buying showed as a credit of $8.05 so that item actually cost me 94 cents. It is absolutely absurd that I would pay so little but be saddled with a ridiculous shipping payment. Anyway after ensuring that I had put down for the international standard amount, I clicked and upon the second click I realized that my receipt this time did not reflect the amount I thought it should. I printed the receipt (Attachment C) but now I was totally confused because not only did it not give me the standard international rate, nor did it go by the weight of $4.50 per pound nor did it charge me the $45.50 (attachment B) but the amount was for $47.21. I have searched their entire shipping rate page and cannot find that amount – so now where did that amount come from?

I knew that I needed to wait for the transaction to show up on my credit card statement before I could make an inquiry. I honestly thought there was a mistake during the transaction and I could deal directly with the company later. So I waited a few days to see if they would contact me about the irregularity.

After a few day when I didn’t receive a “we are sorry but there was a mistake on your purchase”, I thought ok, maybe no one has addressed as of yet. I waited a few more days and the more I waited, I became upset about this transaction. “Could they honestly believe anyone would ever pay five and a half times the postage for such a trivial cheap item?” So I contacted Gribble Grabble asking them to explain the amount for shipping applied to my order – it had to be a huge mistake and I wanted the order cancelled I honestly felt that they applied an unbelievable postage amount for such a very tiny and insignificant order. I was given tracking information so I approached asking for the order to be cancelled. I sent the following email:

Well if you have the ability to track this item, then you have the ability to stop the delivery of this item. If I didn't have a date of delivery until August 4 to Aug 19 that is plenty of time to stop it before it leaves the US. I had absolutely no idea that you were going to charge such an outrageous amount for this glass case that weighs next to nothing. You are asking me to pay 4 times the amount of the case for shipping. I will not do it and if the order is not stopped, I am filing a complaint with my credit card company. I will weigh this item, and have the postage checked by our system here. It doesn't weigh even a pound. I have this come from the US that weights a full box and the whole package is $26.00 or so. You are ripping me off and I do not like it. I was using a gift card which apparently did not cover but $8.00 of your sale so that means for something that was $8.99 and $8.05 was taken off, I am paying $47.21 for something that I only paid $.94. That is absolutely insane. I won't do it. As I said if you do not cancel this order, I will follow through with the postal system, my Credit Card Company and Amazon. When I placed the order it was all together with other items I paid for. I believed that shipping was a total for all items. I expect a full refund. Also if it does arrive and I ship it back to you....if the cost does not come close to what you are quoting, I will make sure this is known, Amazon will hear about it and also on feedback. I know I am not being very polite here but if you cannot see how absurd this situation is, then the only way to approach it is with a firm hand. However, if this matter is resolved quickly and immediately I will also ensure that Amazon and the feedback gives a more positive response. Thank you for your immediate attention to this situation; again it is absolutely such a ridiculous transaction.

Their response was: hello,

you can't tell the US post office to stop delivery. maybe with UPS or fedex but not with the post office.

the cost of shipping was clearly stated during checkout. i am not sure why you are complaining now. “you paid for standard shipping but i upgraded you to priority mail”. tracking says it is on its way to you.

your amazon purchase during checkout told you the expected deliver date

Estimated Delivery: Aug 4, 2014 to Aug 19, 2014 your item has until Aug 19 to arrive there before it is considered late.

your postage cost well more than you think it did and “i bumped your order in front of other people who paid before you to get your order out quickly.”

i regret you are unhappy however nobody ripped you off.

you were informed of the shipping cost AND expected delivery date.

you agreed to both and made the purchase. you have no grounds to file any sort of complaint.

since your order was shipped Priority it will be there well before the 19th.

have a pleasant day.

After them telling me that”they changed my shipping request”… this is when I felt, they were really taking liberties with my purchase. So I wrote back:

Well you said it: “I paid for standard and you took it upon yourself to upgrade to priority - did I ask for that (you paid for standard shipping but we upgraded you to priority mail.)?

You are totally correct especially if I only asked for standard shipment...... (your postage cost well more than you think it did and i bumped your order in front of other people who paid before you to get your order out quickly.) Again did I ask that you put my item on a priority shipment? Did I make any suggestion that I wanted this sooner than later?

Right there in those two sentences, without asking me you did something I didn't ask for.

Unhappy yes I am. And once I find out what the difference between standard shipment of a few ounces of this eye case and what the priority shipment would be, I will be following through with this.

You have a nice day too.

I have not heard from them since. On July 30, I finally received the page (Attachment D) which as of this day, I have not opened it. I tried to find the amount of postage that was used but could not find any indication on the package. It only states on the custom tag that the glass case is valued at $9.00 (Attachment E) and the weight is 6 ounces (which is only .375 of a pound – not even half of a pound). So I thought if I paid $4.50 per pound, it would only be for half a pound $2.25!

I took the sealed package to the Royal Post office and she was initially flabbergasted that something so small and lightweight was in such an unnecessarily large bubble lined package. She said you know there are smaller bubble packages and I told her I didn’t send it, I received it. Her comment was they made a pretty penny off of you! So she felt it and couldn’t really feel it because it was so thin. Then she weighed it and said that if I were to send it back unopened, exactly as it arrived here, the cost would be first class international (even in this large bubble wrapped package) it would be £4.75. At today’s exchange rate of $1.68, the total would be $7.98 for this same package going back to the same place in California and would arrive in approximately 14 work days without sending it priority. The package ONLY weighed (in the large bubble package with the lightweight glass case) a total of 163 kgs which is 5.75 ounces (Attachment F). So with that verification from the post office, I was determined to find out what options that would have been available.

I went back the USPS Postage Price Calculator for international services to (Attachment A-1 and A-2). I entered the package was small weighing less than 6 oz. (0.170 Kg) to United Kingdom (Great Britain/Northern Ireland) and my chart showed me three price results that applied to this purchase.

I asked for Standard First Class Package International Service (Attachment A-1)with thepackage being within all measurements and value) it stated the amount of $12.75. However, I would have even accepted the Priority Mail International Small Flat Rate Box (within all measurements and value), at the cost of $24.75. BUT I did not receive a box; it was a padded envelope so this would not apply.

I was charged for Priority Mail Express International (Attachment A-2), without asking for this But they decided to do this. They did not ask me about whether I wanted delivery of the item quickly nor did they inform me that they changed my order. This small company out of is charging exorbitant shipping amounts, using larger unwarranted packaging and changing the orders from standard to priority without the customer’s knowledge. They used excessive packaging to apply higher rates knowing that the item inside does not warrant it.

I am asking for a refund from this company in the amount of $40.00 which they blatantly over charged me with mailing the package which is actually five and a half times the amount, placed in a larger unwarranted package and also changed my request from standard to priority of which I did not ask for.

I honestly believed the amount of shipping that I was going to be charged was o/a $14.95. As I also said, I have proven that the package weighed slightly less than 6 ounces (0.0057497 oz.), which is also less than 0.170 kg (0.163 kg), the rate provided by the USPS. The item would not have cost any more than $ 7.98 to send back to California for the same amount of time as when this shipment arrived here at my front door. Also it did not need to go priority. This on line company has all these various charges for domestic shipments but has chosen the lazy way to apply shipping charges as just a lump sum for most of their items.

As I stated, I have not as yet opened the package and I will gladly send back the item and pay the $7.98 to do so happily. However, then I want the entire amount of $48.16 credited to my credit card. I will also never use another gift card from; it has been a total disaster. Thank you for looking into this matter and if you require any additional information.

  • Aug 6, 2014

When you buy from a seller who sells through Amazon, you are told of a “buyer guarantee.”

Beware. There is a catch. All the seller has to do is claim that your returned purchase never arrived. The only guarantee Amazon offers is that they will take the seller’s word for this. This system is ripe for fraud.

If you buy from a seller who works through Amazon, you can be cheated by any seller who refuses to acknowledge that you returned an item. We smell a class-action suit in the making. If you have been cheated in this manner, please contact us at [email protected]

We will notify Amazon of each case, and will gather all responses to present to an attorney.

When asked about this practice, a “Venkatesh” from Amazon replied:

Hello from

As mentioned previously, we have reviewed this claim and the information you provided. We have determined that this A-to-z Guarantee claim will remain unchanged.

We understand that you may not agree with this decision, but we will not be able to assist you further with this claim and there will be no further response to your e-mail messages regarding this transaction.

Thank you for choosing


Account Specialist

  • Jul 25, 2014

I needed a book for my class so I ordered it on Amazon from -Daily Deals- for $68 New.

I got a used book with writings which was sent to me by a different seller. I contacted this seller, and they broke in tears telling me that -Daily Deals- have been playing a scam on them for years. Basically Daily Deals buys their used books and resells them to naive customers like me for a whopping 760% profit as new.

I complained to amazon but never got the money back because (listen to this) -Daily Deals- did not follow proper procedure to return the book. How is this even possible?

I left negative feedback to Daily Deals and I started getting phonecalls from people with very strong indian accent who were barely able to speak in english asking me to remove the feedback. Yeah right!

They are scamming not just customers, but also other honest sellers on Amazon.

Do not buy from them!

  • Jul 18, 2014

I have been trying to buy software, Front Page 9, from Amazon. The package I recieve contains only a disc with no users guide or CD Key.

I have returned the disc for exchange multiple times, talked to customer support and sent e-mails, all with no satifaction. They still keep sending more disc's without CD Key.

I have contacted the company that makes the software and they say that they will not support any product sold on Amazon.

  • Jul 3, 2014

AMAZON, the trusted marketplace - read more!

During the holiday season of 2013 we elected to post our inventory on Amazon in order to reach additional customers. We had been selling with Amazon for several years and had not experienced the same nightmares as other people with account suspensions, funds being held, etc... etc... and while the horror stories are valid and inevitable with we were not surprised when we had received a full account suspension and seller priveleges removed effective immediately in January 2014.

The reason, apparently out of 1700 items being sold during the December Christmas Holiday season of 2014 we had 3 customers receive a defective iPad product (in their opinion). Amazon apparently takes defects very seriuosly and without question expects every electronic item to be flawless without defects.

We offered to the customer in each incident a full replacement or refund as soon as we receive the product in return. Only one time out of the 3 incidents did we receive a product return for exchange and even this single incident the customer defective claim was not valid. However, we were not aware that even in the reviews section, if a customer complains or leaves a diragatory remark regarding the quality of the product by design and manufacturer standards, Amazon will hold the seller responsible. We were not aware of this back door policy.

Had we known Amazon would suspend our account without warning and hold our funds for 90 days we would have elected to sell other merchandise than electronics, afterall, electronics like any other product will have a defective issue from time to time - 1700 products sold and 3 complaints for which only one returned the product for replacement is a unrealistic expectation by

It is well over 90 days for the funds to be released and we continue to get deaf ears with regard to communication by Amazon. Amazon has 117,000 employees, has destroyed millions of local jobs, put countless business our of business and continues to use legitimate businesses for showfooming of their low priced products and cannot take a single step in showing some decency, honesty and integrity.

Their are thousands of sellers who have experienced this same issue, without warning, without provacation and they too cannot receive any justification to the reasoning and methods this Seattle based company takes advantage of the marketplace.

For any person to shop with Amazon, you are only apart of the game. You are participating in the destruction of American Jobs, Freedom and the open diverse country American has been founded upon. Amazon is the worst orgainization ever to occupy the internet. If the Amazon threat does is not stopped, the choice of shopping online will be simple - Walmart or Amazon.

  • Jun 30, 2014

Amazon helps buyers steal sellers property even if you follow all of the policies. I had been an Amazon seller for many years and never had a problem until recently. Recently an item was purchased via my Seller Account on Amazon. The Buyer received the item on time (with me paying ~$10 more in postage than Amazon obtained from the customer). The buyer stated that he no longer wanted the item and wanted a refund. As directed by Amazon email I sent a message to the buyer stating that when I received the product complete and undamaged that I would return the money. This was one of the options that their email stated I could use. Amazon refunded the money without my consent and before the buyer returned the item. When I explained my problem to Amazon and asked them to reverse the refund until my property had been returned, they stated that it is not their responsibility to get the seller to return the item. So now I don't have the money or the item that I was selling. In my opinion, this means that Amazon just helped the buyer STEAL my property. The buyer is holding my property without my consent. Amazon in repeated emails has told me that it is not their problem and that they have no plans to fix this issue that they created. Amazon is contributing to the theft of my property.

  • May 6, 2014 is a ripoff. This company automatically signs you up for stuff when you place orders. They signed me and my Mother-In-Law up for some $99 crap when we only use them maybe once a year. I went on there site looking around and about a hour later i received a email from my bank where they was taking $99 out so i called them and they said i signed up for this service a month ago and renewed it today. I just wonder how many elderly they have ripped off who does not pay attention to this kind of stuff. Be careful people they are out to rip you off.

  • Apr 11, 2014

This is my personal experience and can prove it. Amazon told me with almost all my orders that NO WORRIES they have an A to Z guarantee,YEA RIGHT! Well I was a regular customer and was given bad info by their vendor Just Suspension so I filed a A to Z claim, I have emails from at least 4 to 6 of Amazons so called specialist tell me I am guaranteed to be taken care of and get 100 percent back. Now mind you this was their vendors error Amazon knew everything that transpired and kept telling me no worries. Well even though I proved to amazon and the vendor they were wrong Amazon hit me with a 70 dollar restocking fee which they said NO worries over and over. Then I get a email saying that since I refused delivery of the incorrect parts ( amazon told me to refuse it)amazon is going to charge 70 dollars. They said if I would have signed for it I would not have been charged! Well amazon knew this from the beginning and their vendor Just Suspensions is being sued by many people. They know this vendor stinks, they actually told me that they have sooo many complaint about them but play backup. Two theives working together!! I have all the emails to back this up. The A to Z Guarantee only works when they want it to. I have closed my amazon account and filed a claim in South Florida small claims. There are too many good local stores with good prices why go to this GIANT who is only out for them. I learned my lesson.Thanks for listening!

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