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  • Jun 22, 2015

Amazon decided to "review" my account and hold my funds and won't pay me for a computer I sold nor a tablet. Three times I was told the funds would transfer and every week it's a new excuse why I am not getting paid despite no complaints and proof of delivered items

  • Jun 20, 2015

Ordered a lighted cane for Fathers Day one month in advance. Received it on the proper time but the light in the cane did not work. Contacted Discounts Jungle and they said they would replace it, no problem. REceived the supposedly new cane in the same box the original I had sent back in and had the same problem...light did not work (it really looked like the same one I had sent back to Discounts Jungle). Sent them an e-mail requesting a return label and to please credit my account. Got an e-mail back from "Sam" whom said that he did not feel like I was telling the truth and that they had never had any problems with this cane except that some people had received them broken in half? I would not have gone to all this trouble if I was lying. Even had other people look at it to see if maybe I was doing something wrong by putting this cane together. The e-mail I received from "Sam" more or less called my a "dummy" and of course they would not send me a return label.

  • Jun 5, 2015

It all started with tanning towels, amazon said it was delivered to talk to postal and they said delivered. Ok so I said oh well just a loss of 22.00, not big of deal. I then bought a red light therapy mask for 89.00. I waited two months finally Amazon told me that it came in but damage. Amazon said they will send a new one.

Finally I received a some kind of electric hair remover? I emailed amazon they emailed an address to return. I returned the product with a signature. Guess what amazon said a month later no money back? They said never received, and I fax the reciept with signature on it at address they said to send. Amazon said not their problem. I placed this order in February, and still no refund.

  • May 5, 2015

I have been in contact with amazon for a week now, I got a folding Dahon bike that have a defect on the pedals and the seller did not wanna help, amazon posted a claim, and now they cancel the claim because the address of the shiping was hostel, I am from Brazil how I would know some one in US where I could be sent to? Of course I have moved and now I have a 450 bike at home and need to walk for 6 miles a day to work, since I have no money for the metro.

Amazon bad service.

  • May 2, 2015

I want to leave a complaint about how I was victim of online shopping fraud,

I was selling two products a Canon camera and a macro lens for the pize of ~$500. I started receiving e-mails to my personal account in the name of Amazon regarding the two products I was selling with all the information in personal seller account webpage, those emails send specific details about where to sent the items that were bought, I sent them trusting that all the information was true and in the name of Amazon. com, and waiting to the money to be charged.

It never happened... I call the company and all that they said is that I was victim of scam, and that I have to fill some forms, but they never felt responsible of the personal information filtration, of course any guarantee or money devolution for the items lost.

So I start looking in the internet and found that this kind of fraud has occurred several times since ONE YEAR AGO to people who sell stuff by Amazon. The worst thing is that all this items that I sent and that all the other victims send are going to the same Address : Ship to: ACQUITRANS 308 S. State - Suite 31, Ann Arbor, Michigan (MI). 48104. USA. Buyer: rispah kiaree

I demand a reimburse of the money for my Items since Amazon were supposed to be the most secure marketplace. So why this hackers had access to my personal information shared with AMAZON and also information from the Amazon seller web page! I filled all the forms days ago I have not receive any reply yet!! If this type of fraud is going on for over a year WHY they have not done anything in legal terms.

  • Apr 30, 2015

They must be doing this on purpose. theyre name is WAREHOUSE DEALS INC, which is similar to another amazon seller called amazon deals which is one of the BIGGESt sellers on amazon that has 135 locations around the world so the difference is "INC" so theyre using the popular name for exposure, and they rip you off by sending something lightweight. ITS A SCAM

  • Apr 29, 2015

I made an order on Amazon to be fullfilled by My Office Innovations. This was an order made for my place of emplyment, and made on a company card. I had to change the payment method, and shipping address because of this. I had forgotten to change the shipping and billing address during the order, and had to cancel the order, along with the other 5 items being fulfilled by other companies, to re-do the order with all the correct information. I made this canclation within literally a few minutes, however My office Innovations refused to allow it. I contacted the company directly, as Amazon directed me to. Here is the rude response I got from My Office Innovations, and Kandi Sherill. Hello Jessica, I apologize. Once Amazon has released an order to us we can not stop, edit , or cancel it. We have totally automated the order process for Amazon orders and they are downloaded and processed before we can retrieve them to cancel them. We suggest that you contact us immediately after you receive the shipment to process the return. Thanks, Kandi Sherrill MyOfficeInnovations Amazon Accounts Specialist Again, I sent the cancelation request within literally a few minutes of making the order, while they suggest to me this was not soon enough.

  • Apr 27, 2015

Do not buy from this vendor. When I attempted to return the item new in the box, he replied to my email 3x to tell me he didn't receive my email? I was charged a restocking fee and was charged shipping, not to return the item (which one would expect), but for the originsl purchase. Emails from seller were rude and patronizing. Life is too short & you work too hard for your $ to put up with this."

  • Apr 23, 2015

Purchased a gas powered exceed rc car for 160 dollars tax included from AHERO-RC they use Amazon as their means for doing business.So I ordered on a Friday night and AHERO-RC is closed that's fine they should of waited until they were open to do transactions but they took my money anyway regardless them being closed it took them four days to ship my package. So eventually they ship my package on a Tuesday so I blew the whistle and called them out on this matter another thing is They shipped Ups and on the website I tracked the package and it weighed 1 pound I also brought this to their attention so they stopped the package and had it shipped back to them. They told Amazon they refused the right to sell to me. AHERO-RC were sending me in circles.These people are extremely unprofessional and should not be allowed to use Amazon's services. Buy from AHERO-RC at your own risk. Chances are they will send you in circles like they did to me.

  • Apr 21, 2015

Amazon suspended my account without warning 3 days before my scheduled payment was due. Upon calling customer service, the first individual decided to resolve my issue by hanging up with me. It took 2 days to get to speak with a supervisor who agreed my account shouldn't have been suspended. He informed me that the reason it was suspended is because someone made a call to them that I was selling illegal products. This person neither knows me nor did they purchase anything from me. Amazon rules state they provide a warning email to sellers prior to suspending their accounts, and the supervisor confirmed this. He also confirmed that warning was not sent.

After providing the images and "Plan of Action" appeal that Amazon requested, my account still remains suspended and Amazon is demanding to see all proof of ownership of the products that I am selling. I have tried to speak with customer service at least a dozen times, each time I end up being shuffled around, hung up on, and not allowed to speak with a person in a higher position. They will not provide a phone number to contact their payments department stating that all correspondence will happen through email.

I have provided Amazon with a formal demand for payment of all funds (well over $10,000), which they refuse to pay to me. They cancelled all of the orders I have already shipped and forced cancellation of new orders that came in just moments before the account suspension. They refuse to make payment to me for the items I have sold and will not release the suspension on my account. All because someone (most likely someone who is selling similar items) made a phone call with an accusation that had no basis in fact.

All I wanted was fair treatment and for the company to honor their contract with me as a seller. Instead they stole over $10,000.00 and chrged me over $2,000,00 to do it! They wont let me talk to anyone who will do ANYTHING to help resolve this issue and they wont pay me the money they owe me. I already sent out the items, paid for shipping, I'm out more then just product, all future sales and they refused payment on items already sent out!

  • Apr 21, 2015

Ordered Tracker R devises thru on 20 dec 2014. Was to ship in Jan 2015, then Feb, then Mar. Never received them. They say on their website (order being processed and in production). Contacted Amazon and they can find no record of transaction. But my credit card was charged. Funny thing they are selling these on EBay and Amazon. Boy was I ripped.

  • Mar 18, 2015

I ordered Amazon Fire Stick believing I would be able to get Netflix , which Amazon advertised as part of this package. SURPRISE !!!!! On their site no Netflix. I read countless negative reports about Amazon promising customers Netflix. Guess I had to spend around $140.00 to read all the complaints. What a BARGIN !!!!! As far as Netflix is concerned? OH WELL !!! They got your money...No promices after that. One thing I should of noticed!!! No phone number to contact, complain or speak with a representative.....

I do not recomend Amazon for anything. This company is a total Ripoff. Go ahead and throw your money at this Greedy company. If you do ???? You deserve to be screwed over...........

  • Mar 14, 2015

Prime is supposed to provide free shipping without having to reach the $35 purchase amount. Prior to accepting PRIME, their employee confirmed this supposed free shipping, period. However, many items are labeled add-on items which can not be shipped without meeting the total required. So you pay $99 non-refundable (reguardless of what the written advert says) and you still have to reach a changing total. Shame on Amazon, PRIME is a great advertizing tool to enhance the bottom line of the company. For the consumer, not much has changed. If you plan on saving the $99 on the remaining items per Amamzon policy, you will be buying enormous amounts per month and have no problem making their minimum purchase amount.

  • Feb 25, 2015

I ordered a Roto shock mount rack case from Amazon costing $725.00 on which is covered by the Amazon A-Z Guarantee. The case arrived damaged, could not be repaired. AXON, (3d party seller) customer service sent me an email assuring me that I would receive a return shipping label and a refund promptly and I filed a claim with Amazon.

After several calls to Amazon & Axon were unreturned I called Amazon and Amazon customer service sent me a return shipping label going back to AXON. AXON refused to accept delivery and sent it back to me.

Two weeks have passed since I filed my claim. AMAZON and AXON have gone out of their way to avoid responsibility for this defective delivery and authorized return, refusing to accept the return goods, re-sending the pkg. back to me and refusal to refund the $724.00 due me.

I received an email requesting we release the claim and close the return out with Amazon. No refund has been forthcoming from Amazon or AXON. I paid by bank debit card so please take care and avoid using a debit card on Amazon as you have no recourse to a refund from your bank as you would have with a credit card.

  • Feb 23, 2015

Be on the look out for this vendor selling affordable professional equipments on-line from Amazon. Kims Outlet. Twice we have purchased from this vendor and twice they haven't processed our orders. In both occasions we had paid for 2nd day shipping and the order wasn't ever shipped to us. Amazon has has to refund the entire order cost plus the paid 2nd day shipping. Not sure if Amazon realizes that these type of vendors put Amazon at risk and in DOUBT.

1st Order Placed from this vendor KimOutlet on Amazon for item: LimoStudio 2 piece Dimmable 500 LED video lights kit

On Saturday, February 20, 2015.

ORDER # 110-2547389-6900260 We never received the order. We had paid 2nd day shipping. Order never arrived. We asked Amazon to refund the 2nd day shipping. A few days later, order still didn't arrived. We asked Amazon to refund us the entire order and cancel the order. A representative from KimOutlet never responded to the issues and Amazon responded with a full refund. But this doesn't stop here.

On June 20-2014 we had the very same exact issue with same seller: ORDER # 109-7721757-0950620

Reason why we purchased again from this vendor is because when I asked one of my staff members to place an order, they went ahead and searched Amazon for the the merchandise, placed the order and ironically made a purchase from the same vendor KimOutlet and once again they've done it. We paid for 2nd day shipping. Merchandise didn't arrive. We requested UPS to investigate and we also asked Amazon to refund the 2nd day shipping charges. 3 days later, our merchandise never arrived. We contacted Amazon and they are still allowing this vendor to jack clients and take them for stupid. Amazon has refunded the full amount we paid for the merchandise, but then this flag raised up in our thoughts.

We are going to put a FRAUD alert on-line to make sure everyone knows KimOutlet who is a vendor on Amazon is a fake business and it is a total FRAUD. The orders get placed on Amazon, they collect your personal information from your Amazon account and then they don't process the orders. You as a buyer, are under the expectation that your order is being processed as they generate an actual tracking number via UPS which ends up getting no merchandise.

We do feel that KimOutlet is a fraud fake company that is selling items on-line to potentially obtain client's information to then use the clients information to do fraud charges even potential identity theft. Why would a vendor place merchandise for photography studios on-line using Amazon for Amazon to have to refund the money you pay. It wastes everyones time, it creates a hole moment of discomfort and at the very end Amazon seems to continue to allow these vendors to continue to sell and do the same thing over and over.

Amazon and KimOutlet have mayor issues and I wonder if anyone else has had any issues with these fake @ss vendors KimOutlet. There is no an actual address on-line for a physical store location, there is no information on-line that will lead clients to contact them directly, so I wonder if my customer information is safe with Amazon or safe from these fake vendors.

  • Feb 18, 2015

I had the same incident happen to me as someone else on this site. I ordered a vanity on Jan 29. The estimated delivery date was between Feb 6 and Feb 12. The day I ordered it, I received notification that a shipping label was created. NO TRACKING UPDATES EVER. On Feb 12 still no updates. I called the number above (which I think is someone's private cell phone). Same story as the other person on this site: "It hasn't shipped? How weird... FedEx must have lost it. I'll ship a new one immediately! You should see new tracking updates in 1-2 days!" All lies. I received another fake shipping label number that was created but no updates. No answer on the phone. I'm cancelling my order after nearly 3 weeks of trying to work with this fraudulent company.

The other complaint on this site said her problem was resolved. I doubt the message saying it was resolved is genuine.

  • Feb 16, 2015

I have had an Amazon sellers' account which I used only infrequently, usually to sell DVDs. I always shipped out purchased items by UPS, even though it cost me more than Amazon allowed because I wanted to make sure my customers were satified with their items on receipt. I had never had a charge back, or demand for any refund, and had never been notified by Amazon that I had ever violated any policy of Amazon. Recently, I decided to sell my DSLR camera body and a couple lenses I didn't use often to come up with enough to upgrade the camera body. I listed each item for sale on my seller's account, and the only response from Amazon was to confirm a succesful listing for each item.

But when I received purchase orders totalling nearly $2,000, THEN Amazon notified me they were "suspending" my seller's account and would "suspend" payments from my account for 90 days. I went online and clicked on the link to see the actual notification. There was nothing about past customer complaints, no mention of an specific policy I had violated, but there was a lot of information containing "sales metrics" which were zero for quite a few months back (since I hadn't used my account).

I told Amazon that if I wasn't going to be paid upon the customer's receipt and acceptance of the item, I was not going to ship. I also told them that I would ship WITHIN THE HOUR upon confirmation that payment would not be suspended.

Amazon's response was to REVOKE my seller's account, and any future accounts I might try to open. I can only surmise this was an attempt on Amazon's part to hold, and use, my money for 90 days before sending it to me. Otherwise, they could have told me my account was suspended when I began to list the items for sale (which they didn't). They couldn't do this to the big third-party retail sellers like BestBuy or Adorama, but for the individual, occasional seller, I guess it was worth a try.

Their conduct was bad faith.

  • Feb 14, 2015

I placed two separate orders for two different items in December of 2014 that were expected to be delivered in December of 2014. The items were never delivered, despite the tracking information for both of the packages showing that they were delivered - I never received the items. I tried multiple times (I ended up contacting Amazon customer service 6 times regarding this issue) to resolve this issue with customer service. Each time, I was told that I would be contacted by somebody within (blank) business days (usually 1-3 business days). However, I was NEVER contacted by the team that I was supposed to be contacted by, nor was I followedup with by the customer service rep, even though they said they would followup by a certain date. When I contacted the company final time, again they tried to make me wait (blank) business days, which I wasn't going to settle for, because I knew I would not receive a response; instead, I chose to turn to my credit card company for help, since I knew I would not get any progress made with the Amazon customer service team. I filed transaction disputes with my credit card company for each of the two charges on my account, stating that the items were never delivered. Several weeks went by and I thought everything was settled, but I then was contacted by my credit card company saying Amazon had rebutted the dispute, with their response being that the tracking information showed the packages were delivered - this was already known. I fully understood what the tracking information showed, but I still never received the items. Now, my dispute with my credit card company, which I was forced to go through because made no efforts to help thier customer, is at a stand-still due to Amazon's lack of clarity, lack of support, and lack of care for their customers.

Now, after many years of being a loyal, paying customer to's Prime membership, I received an email saying that the company has closed my account on the basis of me requesting too many refunds. However, this is nowhere near the truth. The only source of refund requests comes from a fault in the company itself. did not take appropriate measures to ensure that I would receive the items that I paid for, such as is the case above. Obviously, since I paid for the items, I expect either the item I paid for or my money back so I can order the item from a merchant who WILL ensure that the item gets delivered to me. So, when I contacted's customer service department, they offered to provide me a refund for the items that the company did not ensure successful delivery of, and I accepted the offer. For the company to now say that I am at fault for accepting these offers is completely ridiculous, and it truly shows how little they care about their customers, even the loyal Prime-paying customers who have dumped thousands upon thousands upon thousands of dollars into their company.

  • Feb 2, 2015

Absolutely shoddy and unacceptable customer service.

Amazon have put my account 'on hold' for absolutely no reason and refuse to unhold it.

"We didn't receive your fax", yes you did! I sent it to you five times! Awful customer service, the 'account specialist' cannot be reached by phone, only by 80's era fax machines, appalling service, they just do not care at all. No other website I have used has this appalling and unintuitive 'verification method'. Shoddy website. Accounts can be put 'on hold' for no reason at all and Amazon will then keep all of your gift card balance and any other balances all for themselves.

  • Jan 27, 2015

Amazon Prime took out a hundred six dollars out of my account without my was fraudulent and they will not put my money back on my card.I never authorized anything from Amazon Prime.if this doesn't get resolved I'm going to go to the Better Business Bureau. and or call Curtis on Channel 3 News.

Heather Veenstra Lockeford California

Heather veenstra

  • Jan 8, 2015

Amazon has numerous written advertisements on the internet stating that with Amazon Prime membership the customer will receive free 2 day shipping.Period. End of statement.

It was only after I joined that I found out they had pulled a bait and switch and printed untrue advertisements. After I joined they changed their story to, "Only items being sold directly by Amazon (NOT anything sold by an individual) have free 2 day delivery. THAT much isn't even a true statement. In fact, even with Prime membership many items being sold directly by Amazon still mandate that the customer buy at least $30 worth of merchandise to receive free shipping.

In other words only about 1-5% of the items sold on Amazon tonight truthfully come with free shipping when you have prime membership. Said items sold by Amazon directly have ridiculous, exhorbitant prices, for example $42 for one box of kitty litter IN ADDITION TO more for shipping. The smae item is being sold by direct sellers for prices under $10.

I am stunned that this is Amazon pulling this. I'm thoroughly disgusted and so mad I can't see straight.

  • Jan 7, 2015

An book was delivered with no receipients name and no identification of the giver. It was not clear how to do this return so I tried to report this to Amazon's PR department. The recording instructed the caller through steps that included identifying the state and your first and last name. The recording could not recognize my first name no matter how many times I repeated it. It gave no options for speaking with someone; instead giving two different 800 numbers and told to lidentify my name among the 28 options - none of which were mine. I was then given someone's telephone number which was not mine or anyone else I knew. Two 800 numbers were give but literally, led to no connections.

The book sent to me was “Anti Cancer by David Servan-Schriber which i never ordered and receiving such a book as this one with no written connection to me, made me suspicious: is this a way to show a book's popularity? Are sales figures a false reflection of books mailed indiscrimately? Something is wrong with Amazon's system.

  • Dec 30, 2014

I purchased several DIY glass jewelery components from several months ago. The description of two of the items did include a notation that items were being shipped directly by the manufacturer who is located in China and would take one month for me to receive.

Both packages were labled with custom stamps with "GIFT" checked off. Neither package had sufficient wrapping, and neither was marked "FRAGILE". Both packages contained broken glass. Over half of the glass cachebons in one package were broken or chipped.

I submitted a claim to the supplier-- and have had no response.

I also submitted a review on Amazon concerning the package that contained the most damaged items. I mentioned that over one half of the items were unusable due to poor packaging, and that they were mis-labled as a gift.

My review was rejected by Amazon stating that I could not comment on the packaging only on the materials themselves.

I was not looking for my money back, my motive is to prevent anyone else from purchasing these items from this source. I also wanted Amazon to be aware of the dis-honesty of their partners.

  • Dec 30, 2014

Amazon, PayPal, Craigslist, and everywhere else prohibit what Dan Mull is so desperately (hundreds or thousands of times over, literally!) soliciting and beggin other account holders to do for him. When you politely decline Daniel (Dan) Mull (Books in Demand), this crazed, wildly-unstable lunatic criminally harasses, threatens, stalks, extorts, manipulates, accuses, falsely charges you and the system. Everyone he claims to have contacted, communicated with or complained to is actively investigating and in the process of shutting him down (if they have not done so already).

  • Dec 17, 2014

I own a retail store. We have sold many items thru Amazon's website. A Customer wanted to return a Sharp soundbar. The customer was contact within 2 hours of receiving there e-mail. We would refund the customer in full less freight costs. Which was verified with Amazon. The mistake we made (according to Amazon employees) was we should have responded to the customer thru Amazon's A-Z Guarantee claim program. Instead the customer was contacted back thru amazon's regular dealer website.

After seven days of no response to there A to Z program the customer was refunded $245.48 in full from my account.

I had made several phone calls and set e-mails to resolve this case with the same response from Amazon.

Amazon even asked me to contact the customer to have them return the item and I did with no reponse from the buyer.

I feel like I was robbed by Amazon.

My store no longer sells items on Amazon. They have earned Thousands of dollars in commisions from 2011 to 2014. We now sell mainly on E-bay and our brick and mortar store front.

  • Dec 12, 2014

I have been an individual buyer and seller of DVD, PC Software and Music on, for over 10 years. I also have partnered with another entity, selling similar merchandise. All our our merchandise has been 100% new & factory sealed. My partner also sells on every international Amazon. Their most recent customer rating was 100. My partner utilizes the 'Fulfilled By Amazon' tool, where sellers send their goods to Amazon who stores them, and ships out the orders as they come in. They are in physical possession of the merchandise.

In October of this year, Amazon sent out emails to sellers of DVD with MSRP over $25, informing us that unless we provide a copy of the invoices where we purchased the goods, they would not be allowed for sale on Amazon. One problem with this is that in one instance of ours, we have already sold over 100 copies of a DVD that had MSRP of $39.99. Our price? Less than $8. Add to that Amazon already has this in their posession, and we have had ZERO complaints of bootleg materials.

Begrudgingly, I supplied my partner with copies of my invoices which were sent to Amazon. Amazon refused to accept them, because the address on the invoice does not match the address on their account. What are sellers with multple locations supposed to do?

The end result - I have thousands of dollars of merchandise which I CANNOT SELL on Amazon, and my partner... the numbers are in the tens of thousands of dollars! And Amazon picked the BUSIEST time of the year to enact this 'law'... just before the holiday shopping season!

Why are they doing this? They will tell you it is to stem the flow of bootleg goods. However, they are making ZERO exceptions for sellers who have had no complaints of bootleg goods. This leaves one other option - Amazon needs suppliers that they can purchase from directly, and cut out the middleman... mom & pop sellers.

I posted this information on their facebook page, and Scott AmazonAgent Johnson responded. He sympathized with me, and he offered me a $300 credit toward any black friday merchandise. I accepted, and was passed off to DuJohn M who was to complete the transaction. They emailed me wanting my address & phone number. I provided both. Then I got a response asking if my shipping address was the same. Several days went by... nothing. I emailed back and was told - we've tried contacting you but got no answer. I asked them what number they were calling, and they had transposed the numbers I provided in the email. I informed them of such, and they still did not call. Finally they stopped responding to emails.

So they offered me a $300 credit for my troubles, and never completed the transaction. They then proceeds to block me from facebook to try to destroy the evidence, but the emails still I retain.

  • Dec 4, 2014

ONEWOOD sold me on an Apple iPhone accessory stating that it would work on the 4s with iOS 6 or higher.

Long story short, they even gladly sent me a second one just to see if it was a fluke defect.

Now that neither of these accessories work as stated, the only way that customer service will refund my money is if I return the parts. NO BIG DEAL ... Other than the fact it is shipping back to CHINA!

I wrote them many emails stating that I am more than willing to ship back the items when they send me envelopes with paid shipping labels to do so. SIMPLY BECAUSE I don't have the foggiest idea on how to ship outside the USA.

So in the end their "High standard of customer service" actualy means that they are selling a defective product.. Probably an illegal knock off here in the US and it doesn't have to work because they just scam you out of your money.

I tried for one month after purchase .. Close to 20 emails.

I would like to send that stuff back So maybe they can fix it for future consumers. Looks like all they want they already have.

I know that their actions will accumulate eventually and maybe my few drops in the bucket will help.

All I know is that is NO way to do business in this country.

A REFUND is due when the sale was deceitful.

  • Dec 3, 2014

I purchased a lamp from Spiritual Quest. I should have known something was amiss when I saw the homemade youtube videos posted on their website promoting their lamps. Their videos look like they were shot in a home bathroom and the spokeperson was slovenly, unprofessional and disintested. But since they had been in business for over a decade I told myself that you can't judge a book by its cover. Now that events have unfolded I can say that you indeed can judge a book by the cover! I have no idea how this company is still in business, this is the worse American customer service I have dealt with. I have come here in hopes that I might be able to save someone else from throwing their money down the drain. Spiritual Quest does not allow you to write reviews for their products on their website. I wonder why?

After I placed my order I selected a shipping that garunteed my order in 7-10 days. I also gave Spiritual Quest instrutions to deliver their package directly to my door, as I live in apartment building and do not want anyone else to accept the package on my behalf. They confirm these instructions in their records.

Two weeks passed, and I heard nothing from Spiritual Quest. I checked the status of my order on the website, but it listed my order as still processing. Once the date I expected my product on passed I emailed them to find out what was going on. Apparently, the order was now in the mail, but they did not update their website to reflect the change of status, or send an email that the order had shipped. Now c'mon guys, a confirmation of an order being shipped is the most basic of business practices that even an e-bay seller would observe. When I replied asking what the delivery date I could expect te item on I received no response, and was given no tracking number. I contacted them a total of four times, and finally got a short surly message back from Oliver Aldaz who identified himself as their shipping coordinator, and told me that I alredy receceived my order days ago.

I sent back an mail explaining that i had nor received anything, he finally gave me the tracking number as I requested, and kept writing sarcasting comments. As you probably have guessed from the beginning of the story, my package was just handed out to someone in the building. I questioned Oliver about why the instructions to deliver the package only to my care were ignored, and if they had a signature on this order so that we might be able to establish who took this item. He fired back that I didn't ask for a signature!

I attempted to show him the instructions I submitted with my order but he did not respond. I emailed him, asking if I could be sent a survey evalauating the customer service I recieve... unsurprisingly he did not respond. I filed a ticket with Spiritual Quest's website about my lost package, requesting either a refund or a replacement light. I heard nothing. After weeks time I filed the ticket all over agaom waiting for a response. This time I got Rick, and he said he would look into the matter for me, and apologized, and admitted that the lack of responses I was getting surprised him. Weeks passed. And I heard nothing from Rick either... I took the initiative contacting him again, he apologized for the wait and for the inconvenience at least, something Oliver never did. However, he told me in a rather sheepish childlike manner that they weren't going to offer a refund. He kept using unprofessional business talk actually writing, "It was the mail man's fault not ours!"

I have filed a claim with USPS for the lost lamp and am still waiting for my money back. I will not hesitate however to file a charge back with my bank against spiritual quest if necessary. Consuers you have been warned, this is how Spiritual Quest conducts business. I got no lamp after paying them 40 dollars.

  • Sep 15, 2014

Regarding the Amazon Kindle reading app for android devices, I had created over 80 hours of notes for a book I was reading and when attempting to sync these notes with the PC version of this app the notes were completely destroyed in the process.

After two weeks of chasing this issue with customer service and their technical department, they acknowledged they 'probably' have a technical issue with these apps. They said they were 'sorry' and gave me a $30 credit to 'compensate' me.

I have the e-mail history of my attempt to describe the irreparable harm their apps did to me in destroying my work. At customer service's suggestion, I wrote to corporate at [email protected] I received no response.

Incredible indifference on Amazon's part to a customer of over 10 years!

  • Sep 10, 2014

Amazon charged me Over $600 for items never shipped. They continue to state they did not take the funds. However, my bank has proven otherwise. So now they are saying that a refund was issued. Bank proved that to be a lie as well. Amazon is now attemping to put blame on my bank. They will do nothing to resolve any of the issues. Basically Amazon stole my money and refuse to give it back hiding behind lies. $398.71, $40.64, $208.58.

  • Sep 10, 2014



  • Sep 6, 2014

USfirst2savvv is a merchant purporting to sell electronic assessories online at I placed an order with them for a product and never recieved it. When I tracked the order, I found out that they sent it to the wrong address, which had been changed by Amazon 3 weeks before my order. When I contacted this seller, they shipped it out to the same wrong address, even though I informed them of the correct address and verified it was changed on Amazon. I contacted the seller and gave them for the 3rd time my corrected address.

The seller contacted me and said that they shipped it out again, and when I tracked it, they sent it to the same wrong address they sent it to the first two times. While this seller refunded my money (this has not been verified), they promised to send it to my address and never did, even though I provided a screen shot of the address showing they were at fault. They promised to compensate for their negligence by sending me the product and never have. This company is a complete scam and is unreliable and should be avoided. Beware.

  • Aug 11, 2014

My daughter rented a used textbook from It arrived with a damaged cover. When she returned the book, it was rejected as "unacceptable" due to the (already) damaged cover, and I was charged over 68 dollars for the book. The book condition did not change or worsen while she had the book. In fact, she only used the book twice while she had it.

Amazon contracts with Apex Media for the actual rental. So, both companies are at fault. There are numerous complaints on Amazon's discussion forum about these fraudulent practices. The discussion is Beware Textnook Rental Scam. This fraud has to stop!

  • Jul 31, 2014

I have been ordering an herbal extract of Green Coffee Bean and Raspberry extract through my I have received the product, but have noticed charges coming up on my bank account from Puerto Quellon LP

I have purchased nothing from these people. They are attemping fruad on my bank account. I pay everything through Amazon. I have no idea how they got all my personal informtion other then my transaction from Amazon for my products. I am out money and had to change my banking information.

  • Jul 30, 2014

Beware of Amazon if you are a seller or buyer. As a seller Amazon has failed to pay for customer purchases. Four months we hve been told 5 days, 5 days, 5 days but these five days never arrive. We have sent multiple messages to amazon letting them know their customers are at risk of collections, but they don't respond. I have contacted several customer support representatives and seller support representatives. They all act shocked that we have not been paid and Amazon is not responding to collection notices. They try their best to get someone on the phone or email to cooperate with getting payment to us, but it just doesn't hapen. We had no choice to send all customers to collections.

Amazon customers beware!!! buying form may result in credit damage. Merchants will send you to collections if Amazon does not pay its bills. Several customer have gone to collections and Amazon doen't seem to care. Collecting money from customers for goods and sevices by a third party and not making the payment obligation is in-fact fraud.

  • Jul 28, 2014

I also am a victim of Amazon's Kindle Fire--mine was gently used and i thought my cord was bad--replaced it to no avail--looked on the internet to see what could be the problem and I was stunned at the number of people with the same problem--when i called amazon--i was told i could get a discount on another kindle but mine was out of warranty--so too bad....... I will never order anything from them again--I think there should be a class action lawsuit--this is just so wrong.

  • Jul 24, 2014

I ordered a titanium graphing calculator from what I thought was Texas Instruments online. I later learned it was not TI but this company I had never heard of. My heart sank when I saw it was part of Amazon because they have NO customer service. Sure enough, Amazon's supposed "tracking" showed that the calculator had been delivered late in May.

It was ordered in early May and the delivery was guaranteed to be by May 29. I went through the tracking silliness to find a message that it had been delivered to my nephew. I have talked to him as recently as yesterday, 11 June, and he has not received it. They did send him two cases for it, but no calculator. I ordered one case.

I will not pay the bill now but would like people to know about this scam and the fact that AMAZON HAS NO CUSTOMER SERVICE now. I will not do further business with them.

  • Jul 23, 2014

I received two Amazon/Kindle gift cards from a relative as a gift. I went to my account on to redeem the cards and add values to my balance. The first card worked with no issues, but the second card would not redeem due to "bad gift card code".

I contacted Amazon help through their chat services and had a long and drawn out chat with on eof their reps who asked me a myriad of questions and then put me on hold for over 10 minutes stating that she would investigate. She then came back and asked for more information. I was able to provide her with store where purchased, card code, card bar code number, date of purchase, etc. After all this, she put me on hold again for about five minutes then came back and stated that she could not do anything for me and that she would have to refer issue to the "Gift Card Department" and that I should expect resolution within 48 hours.

After almost exactly 48 hours, I received an email from Amazon asking that I log into their site and provide additional information. When I logged in, the information they requested was the exact same information I provided to the first rep. I supplied the information again.

I then received another email from Amazon almost immediately stating that they cannot do anything about the card and that I needed to go back to the store where purchased (I had already told them that the card was purchased in another state) and ask them to give me another card.

I feel that I really got the run around and that there must be something they can do when they have the card numbers. codes, etc.

  • Jul 11, 2014

I am a regular joe and desided to use Amazon Seller Central to sell my Bose Wave Radio valued at $600. The slling process worked fine and amazon made sure I do not ship the item before the buyer pays for it. Once he did I shipped the item and I got paid by amazon. So far so good. I thought this is a great way to sell a product.

Well after a month the buyer opened a ticket with amazon claiming the product was defective. I missed an mail from amazon asking me to respond and after 7 days amazon gave the buyer a full refund of the $600 and deducted the money from ym account.

So the buyer got a full refund without returning anything. I got no money and no item. I feel amazon helped stealing my product. I contacted amazon and they told me:

"Your account was debited for this transaction because we did not receive a response to our e-mail that was sent to you"

"You are welcome to contact the buyer directly to make return arrangements for this merchandise. While they are not obligated to return the order"

So the buyer is not obligated to return my item? Does amazon give anybody a refund if you don't return the item first. Aperantly yes if its not amazons money.

this is a bad company with a bad service. They only protect one side, they have no sense for fairness... i feel I got illegaly ripped off!

  • Jul 3, 2014

I am a regular joe and desided to use Amazon Seller Central to sell my Bose Wave Radio valued at $600. The slling process worked fine and amazon made sure I do not ship the item before the buyer pays for it. Once he did I shipped the item and I got paid by amazon. So far so good. I thought this is a great way to sell a product.

Well after a month the buyer opened a ticket with amazon claiming the product was defective. I missed an mail from amazon asking me to respond and after 7 days amazon gave the buyer a full refund of the $600 and deducted the money from ym account.

So the buyer got a full refund without returning anything. I got no money and no item. I feel amazon helped stealing my product. I contacted amazon and they told me:

"Your account was debited for this transaction because we did not receive a response to our e-mail that was sent to you"

"You are welcome to contact the buyer directly to make return arrangements for this merchandise. While they are not obligated to return the order"

So the buyer is not obligated to return my item? Does amazon give anybody a refund if you don't return the item first. Aperantly yes if its not amazons money.

this is a bad company with a bad service. They only protect one side, they have no sense for fairness... i feel I got illegaly ripped off!

  • Jun 27, 2014

Don't waste your time trying to be rich while signing up for amazon associate. I created a website and wanted to earn extra cash to supplement my income to run the the site. I choose to be an Amazon Associate because the referral fee where payments upto 15%. I applied to the program and received emails congratulating me on my memebership. Once I did that I was given a link to post the amazon referral link on my website. Four days later I tested the link. I bought someting with the link. After the product was delivered. I got an email stating that the website is not operational and my application had been terminated. I called to see if I can get credit for the sale that said no because my application had been denied. I said my website had been up and running for 3 months prior to the application. No answer from rep and said i will have to reapply. So I applied the second time, same scenario, I bought something. A few days later after delivery I get an email my application had been denied becuase I lack content or valid information for amazon. a very opinionated determination. I ask again shouldn't I be credit for my sales referral? They said no. There you go. I would say this amazon associate process is a scam. They will make a sale from using you site and they deny payment by cancelling you member ship as soon as you make your first sale. In my opinion your links should not be issued until your membership is valid.

  • May 5, 2014

Amazon offers refunds to buyers yet gives no real consideration to the sellers. Why because there are so many of them and Amazon could care less about the sellers. One falls to the wayside 100 follow.

Buyers, like this one take advantage of sellers by making outrageous claims to support their return, to the point that they damage the item, as this buyer did, Yet Amazon supports this type of Seller by giving them back MY money and forcing me to accept a damaged returned book!

Amazon, says refunds on NEW items are given... nothing is said about used items.

This buyer purchased a 40 year old book, knowing the cover was damaged and returned it first complaining, it smelled. When that did not work, she complained the cover was damaged, when that didn't work changed her complains again and again till Amazon gave her what she wanted.

Amazon engages in unfair business dealings!

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