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  • Jul 13, 2015

So off of Amazon i ordered a game from Warehouse Deals inc. The game was for the xbox 360 i ordered it for the xbox 360 and it was confirmed. Then when the package came it says on the package xbox 360 but the disc is ps3. I have no clue how that happened but that was a rip off

  • Jul 13, 2015

I was checking my accout and found an unauthorized third party charge on my card for $99.00. I contacted them and told them I never authorized the charge and want my money refunded...they did not respond or refund my money...I desided it was a lost cause, so I tried to us the boogus service...when I desided to use Prime...I could not...none of the said services was provided...everytime they ask for a login that I never set up because I never authorize the charge.

  • May 21, 2015

I purchased a wire dog crate off his Amazon store and deeply regret it! I have an 18 pound dog, and he was able to break the wire welds on his crate, door and side panel within 1 day! He advertised that it would be a 2 door wire crate and turns out it is only a 1 door. Also, there was suppose to be a free dog crate divider inside the box and one never came. It is adertised on Amazon as a "stainless steel cage". It turned out that it was just regular flimsy steel not stainless. We tried to reach out to them and could never get a hold of anybody. His name is Akiva Nourollah and he lives in Los Angeles. The name of the store is OxGord sold by Car-Accessories. I am not the only person to experience such bad service and products, here is a link to others...

  • Jul 30, 2014

We got two Kindle HD for our daughters for Christmas 2013. One has worked fine with no problems. The other I have called in to Amazon twice regarding it freezing and have had to hard start it. I asked about sending it back and was told that it was fine and it happens sometimes.

While traveling on vacation the Kindle gets weird lines and is no longer usable. I called Amazon when we returned and was told they would send me out a new one. What came in the mail was a refurbished one not a new one as I was told. I talked to the service representative who told me it was just like new. I told him that you can buy them cheaper and it was not new unlike the one that I bought that no longer works. He then told me I did not have to pay for anything and they were doing me a favor so I would not have to wait until mine was fixed. I was not given that option. They again told me that since it was over 30 days they could give me whatever they wanted or a new option 80% of my purchased price. I again stated mine was brand new and 6 months old.

Customer service sent me the warranty they DO have the option of sending a NEW one, they DO have the option of giving me 100% of my money back. Amazon choosed the cheaper option for them and then expects me to send my NEW ONE THAT DOES NOT WORK back to them so they can REFURBISH it and sell it for a profit or use it for some other person for a warranty claim.

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