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  • Jul 14, 2015

I purchased a Liggett & Platt bed bed on that was advertised with several different listings, all the same bed, all the same price. I clicked on the Dynasty Mattress Inc. listing from 2727 Workman Mill Rd. City of Industry, Ca. 90601 and ordered and paid for the bed. When the bed finally arrived, late, I had no matressess. When I inquired on why I had no matressess, I was told it didnt come with matresses. They (Dynasty) sent me the listing on that Amazon site that stated at the end of the listing it did not come with matresses. I honestly didnt see that since the beds were pictured with a matress and all the other listsings came with matresses.. that is what makes up a bed, right ? not just a frame.

When I contacted Amazon about my discontent, I had two seperate customer service representatives agree with me and apologize for the confusing and inappropriate listing and gave me three options in writing via email.

1. send the bed back at my expense. Duh!

2. They would give me 30% off the purchase price of $1,888.11.

3. "get the matress locally from any store , do let us know and we'll refund the cost."

I spent 4 hours on Sunday and did just that, bought them locally at a sale price and paid for them, they were special order, non refundable.

On Monday I advised Amazon that I had performed their recommended action only to have another customer rep tell me that regardless of what was said and published, they would now not do that, but it was up to me to work it out with "their 3rd party vendor." They made a mistake she said.

I contacted Chase customer service, the bank behind the Amazon card and told them my story, they was amazed. She agreed to put the amount of purchase under dispute until a fair settelement could be reached. ( I thought that had already happened the first time , ??)

I now have 2 unusable beds, no matresses and a $739.40 special order for the matresses that should have been shipped shoved down my throat. Amazon apparently thinks they can disregard their own customer service policies or any customer service reconcilitions that they have put in writing, at will.

It gets better, they sent me a customer feed back survey asking me how I rated my experience. I told the story and rated it as " awful." They refused to publish the rating in spite of their again published statements on presenting fair and honest reviews that they do not doctor or prevent.

I spent 3.5 hours on this problem today and was told by yet another customer service rep., that I can return the beds and they will refund the shipping and handling. Here's the kicker, the amount of freight to be paid to return the heavy bed frames is almost the same amount for the matresses Ii purchased locally at their instruction. ?? HOW STUPID IS THAT ?

  • Jul 13, 2015

The A-To-Z Guarantee Is A Joke And Not Usable and does not give you any guarantee!

I have tried to use this A-to-Z guarantee on several ocassions and they denied my requests for

reasons not stated in their denial.

(After appealing their denial they told me that they denied my guarantee because I did not contact the

seller within 14 days of receipt of the products).

This 14 day window is hidden in their description of their A-to-Z guarantee but is not obvious when you

purchase a product. The product descriptions never say that "You have only 14 days to complain about this


When you purchase products that are sealed in hard plastic bubble packaging you do not expect that you

have to open the packages Immediately (or within 14 days) to try out or test the products.

For example, you purchase a wireless USB 801.11n adaptor and because the price is right you order 3 of

them. When you receive them they are all nicely packaged in fancy hard plastic packages. Do you expect

that you will have to open each package and test each item? Of course not. You would expect that the

products you received were working and that you could use them several months or years after you

purchased them.

Now this is the problem and the deception about's A-to-Z Guarantee: They require you to open

and test the products that they (or their third party sellers) sell within 14 days or they will not honor

their A-to-Z Guarantee!

This is really bad. Who expects to review or use all products within 14 days?

My advice at this point is to not purchase anything from that you cannot verify that is good

and working within 14 days of receipt. That is, do not purchase anything from unless you

intend to use it immediately.

(So much for buying stuff for future use - Forget it!)

hollidayp1 150711 1834

  • Jul 13, 2015

You will order a product from this company on Amazon, and they will take your money and give you an estimated ship date. After that date comes and goes you will email or call to find out where your item is. They will claim the shipping company screwed up and it was returned to them, but they didnt notify you or reship it (because they never shipped in the first place!) so they will tell you they are reshipping it. You will wait another couple wedks and call again because they never sent you the promised email with tracking number. The woman on the phone will apologize that their warehouse is REALLY BUSY and the order got lost but she is shipping it that very day and sending you a tracking email. But you will never receive that email. You will wait a couple more weeks and email them again. Then when you demand to know where the item is they will send you a form email saying "they have approved your request for a refund" even though you never asked for one. By this point, they have wasted over 2 months lying to you and summer is almost over so the itrm you ordered in may will be pointless to reorder cuzz summer will be over, and thats IF you get your refund in under 2 weeks if ever!!! This company is LIARS! i would have asked for a refund the first time they didnt ship if they hadnt lied to me for an additional 2 months and WASTED my time and money!

  • Jul 10, 2015

I Am Not Impressed With Amazon's Deceiving Business Practices Anymore!

I had bought a Massage Table and unfortunately the Headrest was Not Standing Up Straight and I had contacted Amazon and spoke with a supervisor out in the Philippines (since they hire Very Few Americans to handle their Customer Service in order to Save Money) in order to return it (and before I returned it, I did write a Public Review on to Website informing the public about what went wrong with the Massage Table and I even provided a Picture Of It As Well to support my claim).

This particular supervisor told me that I missed the cutoff date by just a few days, but rest assured me that I can still send it back and she would make an exception and even stated that I would be entitled to a Full Refund for the Massage Table and Never Informed ME either on the phone and/or in writing that I Would Be Charged Any Fees!

How Ridiculous!

I therefore Returned the Massage Table with all of the accessories undamaged and back on Monday, July 6, 2015 at 6:30 P.M., I receive any email coming from Amazon advising me that I will be getting a Refund in the amount of $118.22.

I was very much Angry and Disturbed over this because this was Not the Correct Full Amount that I was supposed to be getting according to the Supervisor that I had originally spoken to.

I then contacted their Horrible Customer Service Department out in the Philippines at:

866-216-1072 and spoke with Two Supervisors. One of them was willing to give me part of the Money Back that I lost in which I told her was Totally Unacceptable!

I then demanded to speak to another Supervisor who was of course also in the Philippines and this one Refused To Reimburse ME For The Rest Of My Losses.

I then sent out a Very Serious Letter Of Complaint back on Monday, July 6, 2015 to All Of Their Corporate Executives demanding NOT only to give me My Full Money Back, but to Return My Money Back To Me In The Form Of A Check and allow ME to go my very own separate way.

Nobody has even bothered to contact ME back on the phone to discuss it and Yes, I did contact their corporate office at: 206-266-1000, however, their receptionists are Trained To Not Transfer You Anywhere, except refer You Back To Their Horrible Customer Service Out In The Philippines at the 866-216-1072 number.

Furthermore, the only thing that I eventually received was a letter sent back to me on Tuesday, July 7, 2015 at 12:24 P.M. offering me a Goodwill Refund of $12.82 cents and on Wednesday, July 8, 2015 at 1:56 P.M., I received another Goodwill Refund in the amount of $16.73.

For You, this may sound nice, but for ME, I am Disgusted!

Please Look At How Much Hard Work I Had To Go Through Just To Receive My d**n Refund?

Honestly, I was still Not Satisfied and I did try to contact their corporate office several times to speak with somebody because I just want my MONEY sent back to ME and prefer to SHOP elsewhere, however, when I talked to their receptionists again, ALL they told me to do was to File A Written Complaint On To My Profile in which I did the other day, however, My Very Serious Letter Of Complaint Went Unanswered And Purposely Ignored!

  • Jul 6, 2015

I’m very careful about what I click on but Amazon is more clever than me. I had no intentions of joining Amazon Prime but then noticed the option for 2 day shipping, which I did not use. Then I saw the option for downloading songs which could not be downloaded to my computer. When I saw the option for movies with no ads I knew something was wrong. I have been a member for 4 months and do not recall signing up. Getting my money back was very difficult. I’m disappointed in the Amazon business practices. The Prime option is too illusive and has too many limitations. Just try to find out exactly what it is and you will know what I mean.

  • Jul 6, 2015

Aware of the influx of fake memory cards from China, I assumed that Amazon was a safe place to buy, given their reputation in the marketplace. But alas, I recently bought six memory cards from three different vendors and all turned out to be fakes with the digital alteration to make 4GB cards appear to be 64GB. A simple test with h2testw was all it took. Amazon agreed to refund my money, but they still offer the exact same cards for sale on their website. After thousands of warnings via feedback and buyer reviews about selling fake/counterfeit microSD memory cards, Amazon continues to sell them by the truckload. In my opinion, this amounts to little less than fraud. Amazon is a hard place to get in touch with and while I have yet to speak to anyone personally about this issue, suffice it to say, I have tried. These memory cards have been digitially altered to appear to a computer, smartphone, tablet, or camera to have a far greater capacity than they actually do. Most cards rated 64GB capacity are actually 4GB cards, digitally altered to continuously overwrite existing data on a 4GB card instead of providing the capacity to store data up to its rated capacity. Chinese manufacturers have flooded the market with these fake memory cards, but Amazon has failed to take due diligence to be certain that these cards don't wind up in the hands of unwitting customers. There is no question that these cards have been intentionally altered and it's very easy to check. The practice of selling fake cards has become so commonplace, software developers have written a program to specifically check and report on the capacity of memory cards and devices. It's called h2twestw. I no longer have the trust in that I once had. I'm not deluded into thinking that this one complaint will make a difference, but possibly if Amazon hears the same complaint over and over and over again they'll start to get the message.

  • Jun 17, 2015

I purchased the Water Ford vase assuming it was the big version of what I was looking for; however I got half size while in Amazons website it was showing a full size, and I decided to return the item. I requested Amazon return service, and dropped it off in the same packing as I received back to Amazon. UPS tracking # 1Z8Y5R629009627861 It was delivered by the end of May. They closed my account, and then I had no more access to the web account and I got an email saying they will keep everything, but will not issue any refunds, because they delivered everything to me. So I had to email around 4 times to Amazon, and then the response was like Okay... we are waiting for the return to be processed.

So every day I was checking for the status. Initially they received the item, and they just had to process it. Today, June 15th the response was that they have no receiving anything, nor telling me what was that they allegedly received. Supposedly, once they receive - they will process the refund. Its so frustrating - now my only option is to file the chargeback with the bank or file the complaints with the 3rd parties like Attorney generals office, Media outlets saying how Amazon robs the customers to gain some free capital, and the BBB. Not only that, it seems that the so called account specialists are not even in the US - they hide their names, and talking nonsenses, are fully disoriented in the situation, so how can they tell me what is going on in Kentucky. They also refuse to call on conference call to KY warehouse and be on the phone while they are searching of the item.

  • May 25, 2015

I was riped off by by $99.00! They charged my acct $99.00, on april 18th 2015, for free 2 day shipping. although they are making good for it, but because they knew they messed up, I will be getting the $99.00 back on my account! But here is the bad news! That charge made my account overdraft and now I am Not in good standings with my bank. So I am upset at amazon and along with the $99.00 charge I have $30.00 pluse $5.00 fee each day that it was in overdraft! Never ever, have I been in overdraft with any bank!!!!! I will never again use the net to purchase anything muchless from amazon or the like!

  • May 20, 2015

I ordered and received a 10x10 canopy tent with sidewalls. We have had it for just a little over a month. This past weekend we had it up and it started to rain. Later, upon checking on it, we saw that the entire top of the tent had collapsed into itself and bent the support beams, with water pouring into the middle of the tent. The company I bought it from stated that the return time had expired and "they are not responsible for damage due to weather conditions". This is an outdoor tent. The first time it got rained upon, it collapsed. Do not buy through Amazon and especially through Shop 247. They do not stand behind their product.

  • Apr 17, 2015

Ordered two night tables through with A-Plus Traiding back in February 2015. We recieved conformation on the order and shipping information and a debt from our bank account but never recieved the produce. Its now Tax Day in April 2015 and still no product, filed complaint with and nothing! All we have recieved so far is a copy of the complaint we filed with sent back to us by Are they part of the scam? Nothing but a scam to ripp people off. Do not do business with them unless you like throwing away your money.

  • Apr 17, 2015

Amazon sellers can ship when they want as long as they print a shipping label and I have not gotten half of my orders. I have been a customer of amazon for a long time but recenly they have been really shady. They increased shipping rates and now have added taxes even on used items. I have been trying o cancel account for months but they just ignore my requests and tell me if I do I will lose all my money on already shipped orders but I don't care because they are just a bunch of scammers who sell used itmes for almost full price. And if you can't afford prime they treat you like you are not a customer. They refuse to refund gift cards in your account if you close your account. will never order from again and have to say ebay is way better and it don't take ebay a month to send out items. I guess because they are a rich company they think they are above the law and don't care about valuable customers.

  • Mar 23, 2015 created an invalid return request for a buyer and allowed false claim to steal money from my account.

I am 5 star seller and work hard to provide the best products and service amazon seller center. Recently created an invalid return request for a buyer who got a 100% brand new factory sealed Braun shaver and used it for more than 3 months. Both's and my return policy does NOT allow returns beyond 30 days. And there is no issue with the shaver at all. The buyer claimed that the shaver did not work at the beginning, then changed his story to that the shaver does not work to his satisfactory after 3 months of use. I helped him to contact the manufacturer Braun for warranty service because whatever manufacturer's warranty needs to be done with the manufacturer. But the buyer refused and insisted to file a Amazon A-Z claim and Amazon did not allow me to dispute this claim, and simply deduct a large amount $ from my account. Amazon did not even refund me any of the sale's fees and shipping costs Amazon charged me on this sale. simply stole money from an all 5 star seller and did not allow any communication and said that their decision (to steal my money) is final.

1. The claim against me was an NOT a valid A-to-z Claim to start with according to the conditions set by

There are 3 necessary conditions to file an A-to-z Claim per This claim did not satisfied conditions 2 and 3.

So it was an INVALID claim to start with.

2. The claim was "item not as described". The item description is 100% the same as the item. And the seller even offer

FREE expedite shipping to the buyer for no extra cost. The buyer used the product for more than 3 months and changed

his mind and wanted for a return. The seller explained in deals with patience and took the initiative to help the buyer with

manufacturer warranty service. The evil buyer refused and wanted a refund because he still need to use the shaver and

cannot wait for the mailing to and from the manufacturer.

3. The return request was way outside of both Amazon's and my return window. The return request should not even be

allowed from the first place.

4. It's against the industry ethics and good professional conduct to treat sellers with all 5 star ratings like this on seller center.

5. Amazon even took all the sale fees and profits from this sale and the shipping costs from the seller so basically the seller double lost

the item, the sale, the amazon fees, and the shipping costs.

6. This whole thing is simply WRONG by any standard.

  • Mar 4, 2015


Thanks for selling your item on marketplace.

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Your payment has been deducted from your buyer's account and it has automatically been deposited into your seller's account immediately your item was purchased on our marketplace but your payment will show as PENDING and no records of the transaction will be registered on your seller's account until shipment of the order has been confirmed and verified.

You are expected to ship the item and get back to us with the shipment details for shipment confirmation and verification and once the shipment has been confirmed and verified, we shall reflect the payment into your seller's account and all records of your transaction will be showing on your seller's account with immediate effect. Marketplace are protecting both the sellers and the buyers from any kind of fraud activities and for a secured transaction for both the sellers and the buyers.

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Sorry for any inconvenience,

Kindly go and make the shipment via fedex to the shipping address provided for you, failure to ship out the item within 1-2 Business Days,your Amazon account will be DE-ACTIVATED and SUSPENDED. Mail the shipment postage reference number to customer service at: ([email protected]) in order for the FUNDS to be Transfer into your Amazon Account.

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