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  • Oct 17, 2018

Hezi Torati Master Criminal

Google his name and you will find that he ripped off a dozens of people in the New York area. He claims to be in the real estate business but basically is a fraud who induces people to invest with him on properties he does NOT own. Cannot make it up. Needs to be in jail immediately for a very long time

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  • Jun 7, 2018

Hezi Torati is a crook

Hezi Torati = short sale, wire, loan modification, check, corporate, and tax FRAUD = GRAND LARCENY

Hezi Torati = your money gone, home stolen, sleepless nights, divorce and lives changed forever

Hezi Torati = Alessandra Torati, Robert Marx, William Fallon

Hezi Torati = criminal, 2-bit crook, jail bird

If you are a investor, hard money lender, homeowner, contractor, attorney, etc and you see, hear, smell the name HEZI TORATI - RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!

Google him but don't believe which lists him as a TRUSTED Business | Verified Safe™…businesses consumers can trust. Rather, scroll down a bit until you get to the actual complaint

You've been warned!!

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  • Jul 10, 2014

Hezi Torati is an incompetent and dishonest person. He defrauded me out of $15K and has a trail of people to which he has bounced checks (including me) and caused harm. He also has former employees to whom he owes money. He will say we are all just disgruntled, but there is just too many of us for it to be ignored or dismissed...

the amounts of money are always small and thus very difficult to recover since legal challenges can easily cost more than the damages. He closed his last company Nss Financial Services where he failed miserably and left his debts unpaid. There are many people in the same business as he, who are honest and reputable. If you do business with him you are definitely taking an unnecessary risk...

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