America Payout Service

Country United States
State South Carolina
Phone 585-479-6982

America Payout Service Reviews

  • Apr 30, 2015

hI received a phone call on 4-29-2015 asking for my deceased mother. I stated she is no longer living. I was told by someone who was using the name Michael Lopaz. He said my mom had won 2 and half million dollars from America Payout Service. As her daughter I could recive the money. I needed to give my name so Bank of America could take my mom's name off of the check and replace it with my name. I gave Mr Lopaz my name he said he would have Bank of America to call me to tell me what I needed to do. HE gave me the # 585-479-6982 to contact him if I needed to.

B.B. Jackson called me from Bank of America stateing I needed to first get a gold stamp to take to the bank with the 2&half million $ check in order to be able to cash the check. In order to get the gold stamp I needed to deposit $3,700.00 in a bank account of Javielle Williams , her account # is ********** at Wells Forgo Bank. Several times she asked me not to get a 3rd party involved. Ms Jackson contact # is 484 823 4032. Ms Jackson stated my mom and I had good credit at Bank of America according to her records. My mom or I never had accounts at Bank of America. She asked me to call her at the above phone # when I got the receipt of deposit of $3,700.00 . It was a little after 5 pm when Mr Lopaz called and asked If I had made the deposit , I told him it was to late to get the money from my bank to make the deposit because the bank had closed. He told me I could make the deposit tomorrow. Our earlier conversation this morning he asked If I had stocks ,bonds or CD ? Ms Jackson suggested I get the money by cashing in a bond or from a CD. I do not intend to make a deposit but I am reporting this hoping it will save another person from being scammed.

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