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  • Jul 15, 2014

We purchased a King-size mattress & boxspring set only to have problems with it right away. We had problems with the fibers/filling seperating causing the Euro-top to flatten and seperate. We had to have their "guy" come out and take a look at it to verify...he is their delivery guy. He then informs us they have had nothing but problems with that mattress. They agree to exchange it for a Serta Perfect Sleeper Privilege Elite.

We slept on the mattress one night.."horrible!" It was hard as a rock and very uncomfortable!! We then went to a different mattress store to purchase a memory foam topper to have some type of comfort! After only 3 months we had over an inch and a half body impressions.

We then went back to the store where it was purchased to get papers to fill out, to be sent to Serta for warranty. We had to measure the impressions and so forth and send them back, to be contacted by a Serta representative.

We were then told to go the store we purchased from and try out the 2 mattresses they would change out for being the "Celebtration" or "Moonbeam Mist."

The Serta rep @ that time had told us the mattress we now had was discontinued & that they had problems with it too!! We were able to go by the store and decided on the "Celebration."

We were then told by the owner of the store (Karen) that we would have to pay a difference for that mattress & would not get a matching set as originally stated, only the mattress. This was never an issue or problem discussed by us or the Serta rep at that time, only that these were our choices. It turns out that the owner of the store & the Serta rep are good friends, not in our favor!

We also were told that the rep was no longer with Serta and we would have to settle things with the store we purchased the mattress set from. We asked to meet with the store owner and see what could be resolved. We were told we only had one choice and would still have to pay if we wanted the "Celebration." I was also told during conversation prior to this by phone we were beating a dead horse!

Why should we have to pay for what they say is an upgrade and a delivery fee to top it off, for a defective product?? We then asked for a refund and was flatly refused. The owner now refuses to do anything and does not treat the customer fairly in any way. Not a way to handle business....& Serta does not back their warranty!!! Nor do people who sell them!!


Panama City Beach, Florida


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