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  • Apr 30, 2015

The add does not say no battery, no charger, etc.. miss advertisment

The price they quote on line is for the camera only.No battery, charger, cable etc.that you would normally receive when purchasing this camera. When I called and asked about this they said that it doesn't include any of the standard accessories because they are a wholesaler not a retail outlet. They don't disclose this on the page for the camera. You are far better off price wise paying slightly more at another site where they include the accessories for a slightly higher price.

Based on this I would not trust this company and would shop elsewhere.

  • Mar 21, 2015

Well, America Cameras got me... I did get my money back, and I'll tell you how. Sorry for the novel, but Here's my story:

Needing a middle of the road dslr to shoot commercials and short films on a budget, I found the cheapest price via google search for a nikon D5200 camera body only for $280. The guy calls the next day to confirm the order. He tells me that it's the international model. If I want one that works with US lenses and batteries, I'll need to pay like $200 more. I asked if I could change my order to a Nikon D3100 instead to stay within that $280 price range. He changed it to the D3100 for a total new price of $309.40. I was cool with that, "please rush my order!".

Weeks went by... No camera. 3 weeks later I receive an e-mail from them that my card has been charged for $309.40, and my order has been sent to the warehouse. (Mind you, their site says you won't be charged until the item ships)

Another week passes. I call to ask about the status of my order. The guy says "you'll have it in your hands in another week!" I grew very frustrated, and just decided that I'll just go to best buy and get a camera. I called them back and said "cancel the order, just to be clear, do not send the camera, and refund the card!" The guy shouts back at me "your order has been cancelled!" And hangs up on me! Fearing that this may be a fraud situation, I called my bank to see what I could do to retrieve the money, I was told to file a claim against the merchant. We did this over the phone.

I spent the next several weeks calling to try to talk to somebody at America Cameras about getting my $309.40 refunded... The $309.40 that should have never been taken. I spoke to a (seemingly nice) Anthony. He assured me that I would see the credit within 5-7 days. I did not. I called after the 7 days and talked to another nameless, faceless scumbag... He told me that if I don't see that refund that it must be an error on my banks end, and that I should challenge the account. I told him "I already filed a claim against America Cameras, and my bank is investigating them!". He replied "then there's nothing I can do for you!" And freaking hung up on me!

I called my bank to find out what the odds are that I would just lose my money. She said that out of 1500 cases she's seen, maybe 1 lost to the merchant. After a week or so, my bank issued a temporary credit of $309.40 that will become permanent if I win the case.

My bank attempted to contact America Cameras for the refund to no avail. The case then went to Visa (who issues my bank card). Visa sent me a questionnaire type form basically asking if I attempted to resolve the issue. I printed and sent them every e-mail and a nice, long letter with dates of conversations and pretty much everything I could find to confirm my story.

(Visa has the power to just go and take the money back from the merchant.)

Finally, after the original order in mid October... The cancellation in early November, I got my money back permanently in mid February. I received a letter today confirming that the credit is permanent, and I won the case. WOOOHOOOO! Suck it America Cameras! I BEAT YOU!

  • Dec 28, 2014

Very poor seller if they are for real

Ordered a camera on 12/12/2014 as of 12/28/14 no camera. I have called them several times and they always say that my camera is on it's way, but they can never give tracking #. Finally I called again and just point blank asked if they where just a scam, of course they said no. now they say my camera is on back order and not really even shipped. Told them to canel my order and called my credit card company. If they aren't a scam they suck in customer service. DON"T WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THEM!!!!

  • Dec 24, 2014

America Cameras is a crook. They do not provide the products as advertised and try to scam you into paying more money for a battery or charger or warranty. Scam artist alert.

  • Dec 18, 2014

After researching prices for a particular camera I discovered that the camera I was looking to purchase had the lowest price at America Camera, in addition they had a 5% off promo code for the camera. After placing the order for the camera I immediately received an email later that said please contact us to "expedite" your order. I assumed they were looking for a few extra bucks I would pay to have them ship it faster since it's Christmas time so I ignored it. I received a call the next day and the caller told me that the camera I purchased did not include the battery... So I said who buys a camera without the battery? To which he responded would I like to cancel my order, so I said yes and immediately I went back to the site to review my purchase. Reviewing the website the "Package" I purchased clearly showed a battery included in the photo right on the site. So I called the company and before I could even finish answering his question "What can I help you with today?" he interrupted me rudely and said "What is your name".

So after giving him my name and zip code he pulled up my order and again asked "What can I help you with today?" So I started my explanation again and in the middle he said "Hold on" and put me on hold and immediately transferred me to another person. From there the next rep asked the same question, luckily I was able to finish, the employee stated that the camera came with a "demo battery" the only lasted 10-15 minutes to which I responded that their website was then deceptive with the photo of the battery, he said it comes with a battery and I said "non-functional" battery. He said not the battery works, and I said who uses their camera for 10-15 minutes? that makes it a non-functional battery. He responded with Great, go buy your camera from

I have been monitoring my bank account to verify no transactions occur, but I've researched the company online and found many others were not so lucky and received charges and lost money to this company (if you can call it that).

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