American Academy of Facial Esthetics

Country United States
State Ohio
City South Euclid
Address 2120 South Green Road
Phone 1-800-952-0521

American Academy of Facial Esthetics Reviews

  • Jun 8, 2015

I just attended the Botox Course by the American Academy of Facial Esthetics yesterday in Jersey City. What a total waste of money and more importantly, what a waste of time because I closed my office for three days. I only attended the first day and left after that. I can't believe they are charging almost $2,000 for the course, what a scam and rip off. Are they just so blind that they have no idea how poor this course is? Dr. Louis Malcmacher, DDS is the president of the AAFE, otherwise called the American Academy of Facial Esthetics, and is by far the biggest CON ARTIST I have ever heard. The guy is money hungry and acts like he is this all knowing expert in Aesthetics but yet the information presented is Garbage! He should go to filling cavities and leave it at that.

part of the reason I am so upset is because my expectations were so high given their marketing tactics, the American Academy of Facial Esthetics ( website, the videos, which by the way I just learned that many of the testimonials are actually the teachers acting as if they are the attendees. I am a board certified physician and have been doing General medicine for 15 years, I wanted to learn Aesthetics so I can offer these services as well. This course didactics were very remedial at best. This is clearly a very entry level, basic course which should have been offered to physician extenders such as medical assistants and LPNs rather than physician or Dentists. Furthermore, this class is really intended for a Dentist, not a physician. A physician, like myself is not interested in learning dental procedures and concepts specific to Dentist which represented probably about 30% of the topics presented. Then I spoke with a representative, they informed me that most of the attendees are Physicians which was a flat out lie since I was the only MD int the course. IF I had said I was a Dentist I am sure the answer I received would have been much different. They are definitely good at marketing and attracting customers. The didactic and course materials were very superficial and incomplete compared to what I am accustomed to receiving at medical conferences. Botulinum Toxin injections are not only indicated for the Frontalis region. The training was highly limited to just the very basic techniques and nothing more. The instructor was very mundane and I believe his knowledge was also limited because of how he answered questions from the group. He responded by stating the question is not part of the scope of this course, or that is something for a later discussion. After each answer like this many of the dentists around me look around at each other pretty surprised with the response, I was very upset because I paid a lot for this course only to receive information which I could have learned on my own from a video. I paid almost $2,000 for this one day course. I am searching the internet now and finding that every course and every other company is charging less than $1,000. I guess they were pretty smart with the "reverse pricing" concept since I thought that the course would be exceptional given the high cost. Avoid this company at all costs. I still need to find a company now where I can learn everything I need to.

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