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  • Jul 15, 2014

Within the last year American Addictions Centers purchased several facilities and are now shutting them down saying due to low census (clients). The real reason is they are not "spa" quality as are the facilities in Florida, Texas and California are, who are more about pampering the client than treating them for addiction. At one time AAC was hiring Disney to train the staff on Customer Service rather than training them on addiction related services. They did start trainings for staff although these were on subjects that most if not all staff already is knowledgable in and offered no continuing education credits for the 6 hours the staff had to sit in uncomfortable chairs in an uncomfortable environment (too hot or too cold).

It is understood the facility in Hamilton is closing its doors on July 20th and the Singer Island facility is soon to be "under the gun" for closing as well. It is rumored that AAC purchased Leading Edge and Singer Island for the call center only. It is also rumored AAC has purchased a building in Ringwood, NJ and plans to open its doors within the next 2 years, hence laying off the staff at the Hamilton Facility, approximately 80 people.

The City Council in Ringwood needs to re-evaluated its decision on allowing a company such as this to put a facility in the city. Do you really want someone to hire people and then less than a year later lay them off? This is not an action for a company that really wants to help the addict, alcoholic or the economy but is more interested in lining its pockets. Family members and people seeking help for an addiction please reconsider before sending your loved on or going here, do you really want spa treatment or do you want addiction treatment?

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  • Apr 29, 2014

Nothing to gain other than telling it straight.

PROS - Recovery Effectiveness. Quality of staff. Despicable sales, training, and overall business Methods.

CONS - Extremely disappointing experience and this is from a recovering addict with true intentions and education entering this new field. I helped open the this place and was floored. If you are an addict and have lots of money and don't really want help but a vacation with wounded staff to aid you along with overly aggressive nurses, Go. If you want real help, get off of that phone with the recruiters immediately and RUN and never look back at this company. If you are an employee -see comments in advice to management.This was probably the most disappointing and disgusting experience in my work experiences I have ever had, and all with a lovely deceitful mask of luxury and sincerity. Others who know what I'm talkin about should not feel scared to speak out but most are very scared of this company (and with good reason). They have the money and guns to do whatever they want. Still doesn't make them right or untouchable.

ADVICE - An example of this company is recruiting and having former heavyhitter Casino Sales floor executives for the community liason deptmt, sales, and recruitment of clients (that sum it up for ya?). CEO and upper management is extremely arrogant and full of ..... Most can see right through, but I guess some don't mind selling soul for work. The majority of cult following are arrogant and smooth swindlers at heart. Advice: Stop trying to brainwash not only the clients with the cult-like book and culture, but also new employees. I was there for the grand opening of Desert Hope and it saw it all. Turnover rate is awful (like I said sell the soul or else..).. and the behind the scenes parties of this company are questionable to say the least.

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  • Jan 23, 2015

American Addiction Centers

I would like to give warning to any person out there thinking about entering themselves or a loved one into the Desert Hope Rehabilitation facility in Las Vegas, NV to do your due diligence. There is an abundance of information available for anyone that will take the time to look. My situation did not allow me to do so before entering my teenage grandson into this facility.

I started the entry process in April of 2014. I have been subsequently been given the corporate run around for approximately nine months at this point. The process started with a court order to enter my grandson into a facility to help him get control of a drug addiction. Drug addictions usually go hand in hand with legal ramifications as this was the case. I called one of their (800) numbers. and spoke with one of their intake specialists. I was informed that this facility had one of the most intensive drug programs available. She stated that he would be seen by a Master degreed therapist with (30) plus years experience at least twice a week. I was reeled in by this fast talking phone salesperson. The cost for the (30) day in patient program was $26,500 which was paid in a cash transaction that day. I'm the grandmother to the patient and a senior citizen on a fixed income. My thoughts at the time were this could be a disastrous decision if this was not a viable decision. I later found out that these intake specialists receive commission on the amount they can get from you for the care.

Upon completion of his (30) day stay almost immediately my grandson relapsed and was incarcerated. He explained the lack of intensive therapy and unresponsive nature of the care provided by Desert Hope.

He gave me written permission to order his medical records from Desert Hope to investigate what had transpired during his inpatient stay. It didn't take very long to discover through these records that he was housed with little "intensive care." He was seen three out of at least eight therapy sessions that were contracted for his care. He was walked to by his therapist to their psychiatrist they have on staff only to be told he would be put on a waiting list. He never got to have this assessment by their psychiatrist. Not because he was not in need of therapy but because of a complete lack of care or lack of a proper work force in place. I did pay cash to The American Addiction Centers corporate office in Tennessee for the program. In the end I was told by their corporate office that they would not give me an accounting of how my $26,500 was applied because it was all bundled together. This would be illegal if they were to do this with an insurance company statement. I is to their benefit to do this to cash paying patient’s.

There were two urine tests run after the patient was well into the program. Both tests came back positive for drugs and or alcohol while in their care. This behavior took place with female patients who were supposedly segregated from male patients. Drugs and alcohol were readily available within the population of this facility. There were pages of medical records which documented the patient being in his room or in the hallways. When a patient would miss a group meeting it would state patient absent due to reason(s) UNKNOWN. This was completely unacceptable since this was an inpatient facility and they were paid to hold the patient's presence accountable. It was not hard to understand what had happened during this stay and why the patient's immediate relapse was foreseeable.

I have spent month's trying to get to the executive responsible for the organizational control of this facility. The Desert Office personnel are very inept at answering questions when you call and try to contact someone. After numerous attempts I finally got to speak to the interim C.E.O. of Desert Hope. I addressed some of the incidents that were involved with my family member's stay. He stated that he had only been there three months and could not address issues during my grandson's stay. The turnover rate for staff and executives appears to an issue with this facility since it has only been in operation since 1/13. Also, issues with understaffing, rules and regulations not being consistently followed, and basic organizational control at that time. This is not conducive to a facility that was advertised and paid to be an "intensive" healing and teaching environment.

As I stated previously I was declined a breakdown as to how the $26,500 was applied for the care of my family member. I was told that Medicaid and all insurance companies they accepted could get that furnished in their statements. It is understandable why they are touted as the "desert oasis" of rehabilitation centers. I think I just purchased another baby grand piano or waterfall for this facility. Easy to understand where they put their emphasis and priorities.

I was told by American Addiction Centers there would be no refund from this corporation and I have been financially devastated by this money hungry scam. The patient was offered a free stay in their Florida facility it was immediately turned down.

Please be aware of this company by checking them out seven ways to Sunday before you commit.

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  • May 27, 2015

I too was a client at Singer Island, Fl..When I first arrived they brought me to their better building to take everything away from me..I was then taken to the B R. and searched.. I was loaded in a van and taken to the place I was to sleep,eat and socialize. It was a small very small living conditions. The B R was so small your knees hit the sink in front of you. I asked were the pool was..they laughed. Medications were in a room down a path..given to you by non licensed individuals..only on their terms. We were all in an outside are no bigger than one small seat and two chairs with an unrelated and ripped screens.. the other clients were very young even though we were told the average age was 45 and up..Another misconception. We were given 75$ to shop and half hr to shop..if we weren't ready in half hr we were yelled at to stop and get up to the front. Terrible experience. Clients were slitting wrists and no big deal to them.. I was always in fear..The mouths and disrespect of some of these young women..I could not believe it was allowed to go and outside the classes. I too only got 3 to 4 hrs of sleep a could not comprehend how I landed in a place like this.. Unable to see a councilor I decided to get out after 12 days. I announced to the girl at the front desk I was leaving..After perhaps 2 hrs I was told to go see Earl when I asked who Earl was I was lead to believe he was a big deal..I was private pay so they had nothing to say to me..I also stated how I was in fear and they totally misrepresented themselves.. I left the next day and never looked back.. Also 30 woman an one washer and dryer. They stated a t.v. in rooms no such thing..

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