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  • Nov 10, 2014

What You Get For Your $39.00?

You get INFORMATION that is FREE on the internet!

People are lead to believe American Careers is a staffing agency/hiring body for different airlines and airports. THEY ARE NOT! They have no pull or affiliation with anybody! If you want an airline job, you apply with the airline directly! You pay these fools money and they send you information that you could have googled for free! Is it any wonder these people have an F rating with the BBB? I just checked and there is also an alert on this organization. The BBB says this company is falsely using the BBB logo, in order to make potential suckers, I mean clients, think they are accredited. THEY ARE NOT!

Take your $39 and buy some gas to get to your interviews, after you apply through normal channels. Or buy a new pair of pants to wear to an interview. Don't give it to these people!

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  • Jul 22, 2014

It is unfortunate that Yvonne believes what her company is doing is so commendable. Too bad for her and her cronies....your judgement will come.

People - Research anyone who requests $$$ from you the applicant to apply for a job. The reason American Careers is a scam is not because of the service they "provide" its because of the way it is advertised on the internet. i.e...the website posting does NOT indicate this is a resume, cover letter, or thank you letter assistance service nor does it advertise there is a fee associated with using their service nor do they advertise the refund policy in an open post via the web posting.

Yes you will receive some package of crap in the mail (to keep it all legal) and/or some bs line about how they can help with resume's, cover letters, thank you letters and so can your local workforce commision or maybe your cousin brother or sister...just about any friend or family member....for free. American Careers has posted their ad to resemble an actual job posting from the airlines hiring department....not at all the case....this is a bait and switch technique to draw in unsuspecting consumers....(you are a consumer if you sign up with American Careers, NOT an applicant). They advertise one thing then you find out the truth once you are in....sounds like a car dealership to me. Yes, you can "choose" to buy or not to buy....why is that important bit of information ommitted from the initial ad? Because they want you to think they will get you a job...."Bait and Switch"...oldest form of a rip off known to man. Comes in all different forms, shapes and sizes and yes even over the internet.

By the way did I mention I happen to know a few folks who work for airlines? Here in Dalls at one the major International airport known as DFW-International? I shared Yvonne's God aweful recording with them and we were at least entertained and had something to talk about for 2-3 minutes. In the end, they ALL said the same thing.....SCAM. If you want to work for an airlines company, go to the companies website or call them directly and they will direct you to the positions they have open and anyone can apply. They even have folks that can help place you in the appropriate employment positions. Oh, and it's free. I'm sure I will be hearing from the beloved Yvonne with all her intellectual side mouth talk about how they "help" people find airlines jobs....

Let's see what she has to say.....

In the meantime, Good luck in your search for a fulfilling career and remember it is free to apply for work. There are free services available in every community to help create and develope resume's and cover letters. Be nice to Yvonne....she is just trying to keep her pitiful job too.

God Bless you all - Your brother in Christ,

David in Dallas

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  • Jul 4, 2014

I applied for a job at bwi airport. It was for a baggage handler I October 2013. I haven't heard anything from this company. I sent them 39.00$ I'm not happy!

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  • Jul 14, 2014

I was laid off and desperate to get back to work .. With no income and at the time needed money just to eat I sent the processing fee because I was assured that if I didn't get a call back I'd be refunded and that was a lie and unfair to me.

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  • Jun 12, 2014

Muy Bueno

American Careers esta muy bueno!!!!

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  • Jun 4, 2014

Awesome Man

Can't say enough good about this company. I am doing what I have dreamed of doing and owe it to the help that I got from American Careers. I can say that the process took about a month total, but I am way happy with this fly new career. Peace

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  • Jun 4, 2014

I worked with American Careers

First, it seems that someone is pulling information from Rip-off Report and putting it on here. American Careers doesn't do anything in Spanish as this above review on April 17, 2014 claims. Second, American Careers states for you to call their phone numbers and tells you to visit their website. If visit the website you will find all of the information about American Careers including what they do. I haven't seen any newspaper ads for their company, I am in the NY area and I can say that I haven't seen anything. One would think that in the most major city in the world that there would be a newspaper advertisement. I kind of wonder if anyone has taken 5 minutes to listen to the hotline message and know that the fee is$39. The website is I am a satisfied customer of American Careers, I can say that I could have gone and did this on my own, but I wouldn't have known where to start with my career search goals. I can say that if I hadn't been satisfied then I could have gotten a refund, the process of getting a refund is clearly listed on the website, no, I wasn't scammed and neither is anyone on this site, if you listen and read, what life is about then you will know that you are being given the service that you requested and paid for.

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  • Apr 17, 2014

Very strange. My cousin was scammed by this company, and they have a very good scam going. They advertise in Newspapers, and they promise that they can help people find a job in the airline field. When you call the phone number 202-973-4000, they have a recording (available in English and Spanish) The recording once agian confirms that they will guide you through the airline hiring process. But of course, you must send them $35.00 first. No checks, they accept money orders and check this out...they accept cash. Guess what you get for your 35 bucks? Basic info on how to submit a resume and that is all. You can get your money back, but only if you get a refund confirmation number. Guess what there is no phone number to contact an actual person. So all we have is a P.O. BOX #, so I'm starting with the Postal Inspector. Update ya later. Oh anyone else? Neicey Spokane, Washington U.S.A.

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  • Apr 28, 2014

I was looking for a job one day and stumbled upon this headline on

--- AIRLINE NOW HIRING --- Starting Pay UP TO $22.00 Per Hour --- (YOUR CITY HERE)


To all Job Seekers out there AVOID THIS COMPANY LIKE THE PLAUGE !!

You will burn 39 dollars for no job !!

So please do not I repeat do not fall for the phone message claiming you will get an application to file for a job !!

The only thing you will get is a long ebook telling you how to go to websites to apply and how to make a resume and cover letter. All this information can be found free with google searches.

I should have read these reports before I sent them my money. =(

They Even have an acknowledgement on their website stating that these claims onRipoff Report and (((redacted))) are false allegations to make themselves seem like a legit website and company. Even if they are with the BBB that doesnt mean they wont scam you.

They have clever means of scamming you in order to seem legit. They will send you an email claiming that they will help you with the application process and guide you on your way to employment. Trust me they wont help you !! After you send your money you will get an ebook guide on how to apply and thats it !! It has a shady application to print out at the end that serves no purpose.


This scam is going on all over the country please report this company the higher the reports the sooner this company gets the punishment it deserves. Tricking loyal hard working americans with false promises. I will not use my name please forgive my grammar for any mistakes. Peace and Love.

  • Apr 21, 2014

I applied for a job position and was told that I would need to send $39 for application processing and would be sent materials to complete application and was told the $39 would be refunded. I was ripped off by American Careers. After waiting almost a month for my materials, I phone the company that I was applying for and was told that was not their process to apply for a position at their company.

I was ripped off while applying for a specific job position. I was told that I needed to send $39 application processing fee to them and the $39 fee would be refunded. I have found after the fact that their is no such company. American Careers is a scam.

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