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  • May 9, 2017

American Cash Award(s

I wouldn't give this company even one star, because I doubt it even exists. I've been getting persistent calls for years now, from reps claiming that I've won anywhere from .5 million to 13.5 million dollars, but those checks just never arrive. Callers have used area codes from all over the US, followed up shortly by 876 numbers originating from Kingston, Jamaica. Callers have strong accents (or computer generated voices) but use common American names (such as Peterson, Miller, Ramsey) or celebrity names ("James Mason," "French Montana"). Callers try to solicit personal information such as addresses and SS numbers "for ID purposes," or bank account numbers "for a wire transfer." Some direct you to transfer money to them (a P.O. box) via Western Union to cover admin fees, taxes, transfer fees, etc. If I ask any questions, they'll hang up, but call back again with the same routine but using a different name and number. If I tell them to stop calling, they often get hostile, even obscene or threatening. I've reported the calls to law enforcement, FCC, and FTC, but they still persist. I've asked why they have so much trouble transferring prize money, so they'll throw in a vehicle, but of course I must pay for tax, license and transport fees in advance. The scam is obvious, the real problem is that no matter how many times you hang up on them, they keep calling, disregarding all legitimate US rules such as time zones or telephone etiquette. The very definition of telephone harassment, they will persist and use the IRS, US Customs, and other US agency names as part of the scam. Hang up if you hear from American Cash Awards. If they got your phone number, you've already lost!

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  • Aug 25, 2018

Got My 1st scam Call

I let the guy do his spill. He gave a name that sounded like a US American name but he had a very distinct accent. While he was talking I was looking up this company on the internet. He said is affiliated with Chase Bank Wal Mart K mart and an assortment of other high profile businesses. I told him I was on the internet and that I could not find anything positive about this organization or anything to indicate it was a reputable organization. At which point he hung up on me.

  • Jul 15, 2021

I Think Its Great

I like leading the Scammers on giving them false names i think its funny plus i get to make fun of them making me get a few laughs out of it. There a bunch of retarts with nothing else to do

  • Jan 21, 2021


They have tried over 100 times to get me to send them money so I can receive my package! Do not fall for their BS.

  • Oct 20, 2020

Complete Scam

Someone purporting to be from American Cash Awards called my 94 year old mother today and told her she won 8 million dollars and a mercedes. All she had to do was go to the bank and get money to pay upfront for some fees. Convincing my mom that this was a scam took some time but I think I got through. These people are slick and have answers prepared for every possible question. People under no circumstances will you have to pay any money upfront from a legitimate sweepstakes company. In fact, before any money or prize may be awarded official prize documents must be completed. Please do yourself a favor and hang up on any sweepstakes phone solicitations. The person who called my moms call center name was "Robert Ellen". Phone number was 888-201-0954. Sick company to try to take advantage of people.

  • May 25, 2019

Got My 1rst Scam Call From ACA PCH Today

Scam call but they have their ducks in a row to provide enough information to make you Question it and google it.

Said I won 2+milliion and a Jeep. David was the one on the phone. Didn't believe it from the get go. Number says it is from Wisconsin. I Blocked the number from my phone - even though I am sure they work from several other numbers.

Next time I might get some entertainment by responding with "No, you are calling me because you won 2.5 million and a Jeep" Or say "Oh, Hi David, I am making those calls too." maybe he will take me off the list because he thinks I am a coworker who knows his scam. Or if I keep giving his speech back to him as if I called him, then he might notate that I am crazy and not to call again. Or I will just hang up - will depend on the mood I am in at the time.

  • Feb 6, 2018

Sure Doesn't Seem Legit To Me

I too have been called repeatedly.I was asked for my email address so they could send me the PRIZE info. 7 times this guy (David) tried to send me info and failed. He even tried to fax me the info and failed. Eventually 1 did make it to me wherein I was asked to send a legal process and releasing fee amounting of $950.00 to clear my prize to their merchant banker.

Now when have you ever heard of paying a fee to win a prize. I supposively won $6,500,000...take it out of that. In addition I won a 2018 Mercedes Benz C Class 300. I would be more than happy to pay that amount of money to receive either one of those prizes but PEOPLE DON'T PAY FEES TO WIN PRIZE MONEY If anyone has figured out a way to bury these guys, please let me know. I'd love to put them away for life. And I'll do it.

  • Feb 3, 2015

american cash award

I am sick and tired of getting phone calls from these people. They've been calling me for the past 2 yrs and I think I've won at least 100 million dollars and all they keep asking me is for money. The weird thing is that they are all Jamaican or Indian I'm not sure. But they are very persistant and just don't stop calling. In one day back to back they called me 16 times. I didn't pick up the phone till the 16th time and all they do is repeat the same cap and ask for money. I told them to keep the price. They just won't stop calling and I'm just tired of it every day. I tell them it's a scam and 15 other people had called me saying I won 2.5 5.1 13.5 dollars. I tell I've won so many times it's just crazy and I don't Believe one thing they say.

  • Nov 28, 2014

My Mother keeps getting calls from "David Richmond" saying he is from the American Cash Award and sweepstakes and Lottery company. He actually left a message with a return phone number, which is actually a phone with his voicemail. But when you look at the caller ID's, they are all numbers that are currently disconnected.

He claims that my mother has a Bank of America cash card at her locar Rite Aid. He is tough to understand and as a result, my mother does not stay on the phone long. I believe that he is trying to get older people to send money to get the card.

  • Nov 21, 2016

it this a scam

I keep getting calls from a guy that says his name David Peterson saying that I have a 5.000 money gram waiting for me at Walmart but I would have to pay 228.15 for the registration in order to receive the money what do I do?????

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