American Credit Assistance

Country United States
State Cuba
City Spartanburg
Address 961 E. Main St.
Phone 866-441-0251

American Credit Assistance Reviews

  • Jul 30, 2014

I have been receiving calls which show up as a local number in my town with the residents name and number on the caller ID; they ask for credit card info and only say that they are American Credit Assistance and that they want to lower my credit card interest rate...when asked for more info about them they hang up...I stopped by the local address that the call appears to be from and he says he doesn't know anything about it....but he was not surprised or shocked to learn about the scammer using technollogy to make it appear as a local call? I don't know...........

  • Jul 25, 2014

Several times a day our land line phone rings with the 'Final' notice from a company that offers to lower the interest rate on our credit cards if we have a debt of $2000 or more.

We have followed instructions to 'Press 2' to be added to their 'no call list'. They do nothing to stop the calls. We have asked nicely to be added to their no call list. They ignore the request. I have suffered through the entire process to get a human on the line and requested to be added to their no call list. They hang up on me.

In the past few weeks they began using a tactic that is suposed to make us believe the call is local. The caller ID reads, 'Rebeca Landers' and the number is 706-947-0210. Both the area code and the next three diget number are local and specific to our area.

If I call the number back, a recording comes on that tells me this number is on my own 'party' line and I should hng up the phone and let it ring several times before answering it. That results in the phone ringing, but no one is on ethe other end.

I am so tired of th phone ringing at all hours of the day and evening only to have to listen to the same recorded message that would make me believe there is something wrong with one of my credit card accounts IF I were not educated about the scam.

Please help me find this company and either put them out of business or MAKE them stop calling us.

Thanks you!

  • Jul 24, 2014

I received a Call from Matthew who claimed he worked for MasterCard. Guaranteed he would get my credit card rate decrease to 9 percent, saving me $2000.00 in interest. He said he would get the credit card company on the line with us on a 3 way Call. Matthew was unable to get my credit card company on the phone. He told me they would Call me within 30 minutes. No one called back from either company. I waited an hour and called my credit card company who informed me they never lower interest rates and would never enter into an agreement such as that. The company was going to place $1000 on my credit card balance with a guarantee that if I paid the balance in full they would refund the $1000. I canceled the credit card so they could not have charged me. Two weeks later I have received a threatening Call from American Credit Assistance saying I made a binding verbal contract and have to give them $1000. No one with American Credit Assistance ever finished the deal they promised, no one called me and left me any messages in the two week period. The woman Heather Cline in collections claimed they called me several times and left messages. There are no calls. She even said she needed to finish the deal and when I told her I no longer wanted to deal with her she told me she would sue me for not keeping the deal. The same deal she had just told me she never finished. This is a scam credit assistance program who does not follow through on their promise then tries to threaten you into handing over $1000.

  • Jul 21, 2014

This a a highly automated service run by fast talking con men. They have sweet call center women, stern "supervisors" and snake oil male managers who try to sweet talk you into giving them your credit card and social sercurity information.


No matter how many calls you get from them promising to reduce your credit card rates. HANG UP.


Because they will not tell you:

Who they are

How they make money

Their lawful authority to act

Moreover, they have no website, no paper work that legitimises your interaction with them.

But the really BIG TELL that they are con men, when you ask who owns the company they will hang up on you. Heck they will Hang up on you if your ask the 3 quesitons above. Then they'll have the slick manager call up and apologize. He hung up too. when I asked: who owns the company!

This is not a legitiagte business they will utter some crap about the FCC. FCC stands for Federal Communications Commission. Communications is not banking! So they can say whatever they like even LIE because they are entitled to free speech.

They will tell you that they got your name from the credit card companies. That's true, they can purchase a marketing list. Just because your data comes from the card companies doesn't mean the card companies wanted them to call you! In my experience the card companies are perfectly capable of getting in touch whenever they want, they don't need scamsters from Florida to reach us.

Don't give them your data only to have them shake you down for cash. It's a double win if they get your cash GREAT! IF they don't they have all of your most sensitive info.

What should you do? HANG UP! And then report them, write them up, warn others. Do onto others my friends!

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