American Dream Limousine Service

Country United States
State California
City Alexandria
Address 6314 Gravel Ave Ste G
Phone (703) 922-7600

American Dream Limousine Service Reviews

  • Apr 28, 2015

Hello, my name is Israel. I was employed with American Dream Limousine.On April 11th 2014 I gave my notice to Nico, Sunny, Ahmed Zabiullah that this date will be my last time that I will be driving for his company. That day / night I did a run for 6 hours. The customers that night were very happy with the service I provided. I showed up 13 mins early and dropped them off on time. I returned the limo (hummer 20 passenger) back to the shop and cleaned out the back.

I write this review so people (customers) know what kind of person they are dealing with. I still have not received payment for the work that I did. Mr. Ahmed Zabiullah (Nico, Sunny) has told me in a VERY rude way that he will not pay me, instead he is going to charge me for things that car not true.

Please have a read at his e-mail he sent me and judge for yourself of what kind of person he is and how he treats his customers.

I have added notes (comments to the e-mail he sent to prove my what he is like).

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