American Freight Inc.

Country United States
State Connecticut
City Fairfeild
Address 4782 Muhlhauser Rd
Phone 513-874-8777

American Freight Inc. Reviews

  • May 22, 2015

I bought a couch and a Trundle Bed 2 years ago and they both are broken. I have not had any furniture only last 2 years and for both to be broken within that time. I paid good money for both. I threw out the bed and replaced it with another from a different company. I haven't been able to replace the couch yet, but as soon as I can afford a new one I will. It had 2 foot stools that popped out if you wanted them, but one broke and they said they couldn't do anything for me. It started bending so bad on the unbroken side because it couldn't shut I had to have my dad come saw it off. I am so irritated about this and will never shop there again and make sure I mention it to all the people I know.

  • Feb 16, 2015

We went the store, picked out a sofa and purchased it in full yesterday. We decided to rent a U-Haul and pick up the sofa the next day to save $30 from the delivery cost. The day we purchased the sofa we asked if it was possible to purchase the floor model for a small discount. The salesperson said they can't sell it until the inventory in the back was sold and that they have one wrapped in plastic brand new for us. Today when we get there to pick up the sofa they told us the computer inventory was wrong and they sold the floor model after we left. The manager, Brian, also said that the sofa was discontinued. He then told us that he would refund the money for the sofa and there's nothing to be done about the $50 for renting the U-Haul. There was not sympathy or effort to rectify the situation. In my experiences, when someone purchases something in full, the store has the responsibility to mark it as sold. It's pretty much a contract. This situation was unfair and I hope that it doesn't happen to anyone else. I will continue to inform people about how we were treated at this Penn Hills American Freight by Brian the manager and his sales team.

  • Jul 24, 2014

I purchased a bedroom set with matresses from American Frieght. After 6 or 7 months after my purchase one of my drawers in my dresser came apart and I immediately called American Freight to report the problem. I was told that there is only a 72 hour warranty and there was nothing that could be done for me. I was also given a number to a district manager and I was unable to reach him. American Freight is a rip off and has poor customer service and satisfaction. The matresses I purchased I had to throw away because they were squeaky and the box spring broke within 30 days.

  • Jul 7, 2014

This is the first time we bought from this store. We purchased two love seats in the box, unopened. Got the boxes home, opened the boxes and one love seat was torn on the side. We called the store to tell them about it. The manager told us no exchanges. This manager said on receipt it states as is.

We said how can you see if something is damaged if it's still in the box, unopened.

The manager said the only way we can replace it, is buy another one for the same price.

We are stuck with a new ripped love seat, no help and nothing we can do about it.

Will never buy from this company agian.

We will make sure we tell everyone that we know, never never buy anything from this company.

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