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  • Sep 1, 2014

American Homes 4 Rent...they sign a lease and then they don't hold to the lease when the terms are no longer beneficial to them.

Have a lease that auto renewed for a 3 month period with a 3% increase. Well, they sent me an email telling me they were terminating my lease...4 days before it they thought it was expiring. When in reality it has autorenewed 45 days prior because neither myself or them gave a 45 day notice. When I pointed this out they backdated a email and said they cancelled my lease 45 days ago.

I had spoken with the leasing agent prior to that time and was assured it autorenewed. I also spoke with the property manager that said they were trying to get more money out of people that autorenewed but to never tell them she told me so. I am a real estate broker and understand real estate law so she confided.

At this time they have strongarmed me into signing a 30 day lease with a $250 increase this month and with a $400 increase next month. The new lease allows them to enter my home at any time they deem "reasonable" as well as other not normal leasing requirement...because they know I cannot move before tomorrow, Sept. 1.

I will be reporting them to the real estate commission but beyond that I just see them doing this to people all over the usa and want anyone to see this to not even consider them. They update the homes so they look beautiful, but at this point I will move out in 30 days, have no where to go, but rather live in a box than give them another penny.

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  • Sep 11, 2014

American Homes 4 Rent (AM4R) stole my security deposit by making false claims against it, and provided no proof. I broke my lease, happily paid the 2 month penalty in compliance with my lease, and then proceeded to follow move out instructions to maintain a positive relationship with the company in hopes of retrieving my security deposit.

Prior to move out, I had the following actions performed on the home:

Hired a professional cleaning company to ensure the home was as clean, or cleaner than it was when I moved in. They cleaned the home for 4 hours, and provided me with an invoice.

Hired a lawn maintenance company. They trimmed privacy hedges, reshaped them, mowed the grass, edged up every side of the home, and left the lawn in perfect condition. They also provided me an invoice.

Hired professional carpet cleaners. I paid extra for deodorization, deep steam clean and dry. They provided an invoice upon completion detailing their service.

AM4R then tried to claim against the security deposit for a variety of issues including carpet replacement, miniblind damage, home cleaning service, acid washing for showers, and others. They claimed it would take my entire security deposit and then another $500+ to cover the claim.

I requested proof of damage to carpet, miniblinds, etc, and have received none other than their "Field Supervisor's word" that the damages were real. When I told them I would challenge them in court, they sold the debt to a collections agency.

AM4R has violated Florida Statutes, and will pay in court. They co-mingle security deposits, and remove them from accounts prior to the legally allowed dates.

Do no rent from AM4R because they will steal from you, and hide behind collections agencies to try to intimidate you.

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  • Aug 29, 2014

This company would not help me when my air conditioning didn't work, I had to pay to have it fixed myself, the when the heat went out and it was below zero they wouldn't send anyone to fix the heater until i threatened to report them to the attorney generals office. They then said they didn't receive my rent money so I sent them the bank statement clearly showing they did receive the money and they said that wasn't good enough. I called the bank and they put a claim thru, and refunded the money to me. I paid the rent again to avoid a late charge and I thought everything was ok until the bank said that American homes 4 rent denied my claim so the bank took the money back. I called AH4R and they would not explain why they denied the claim, they wouldn't return my calls or emails and would not give me any direction as to what I needed to do since I would not renew my lease. I finally moved out and received a huge bill from AH4R with all kinds of charges including "light bulb out in the garage", hangers in the closet, dusty blinds (it was a full month before they even sent anyone there to look at the house). It was just a horrible experience and I can not get anyone to explain what happened to my rent and depoit. Now I received a bill from a collection agency saying I owe an additional $890.00! I have filed a claim with the Illinois attorney Generals Office and a contacting my attorney. The people in the Schaumburg, IL office that I had to deal with, Nasir Salim and Nancy (idiot) do not even pretend to care about customer service.

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  • Nov 21, 2014

They should not be allowed to use the name American

Only need one word run

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  • Nov 14, 2014

Do not rent from American Homes for Rent,total ripoff,they don't make repairs,my niece got very sick because of black mole ,from a water leak that was reported 5 months ago,finally a non licensed person came out and made it worse ,the health department came out and file a complaint,the office staff is rude,hung up on me several times,I dealt with this treatment though out my Lease,they do not care,now they fail to return my security deposit,my had to hire an attorney,for all the headache,I hate for anyone to go thru what I am,so please heed my warning ,Do Not Rent From This Company

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  • Nov 7, 2014

So I rent through American Homes 4 rent, and I cannot wait to be done with our lease! Bottom line, in the contract, it states, repairs will be made within 72 hours, at most 7 days. 1 Month after calling in an emergnecy maintenance request, it is still not repaired. You ask, what is the repair? How about, our plumbing does not work! So they came and looked at it, tore up our middle bathroom, so we all have to use the master bathroom, and determined roots are in the plumbing. Does it get fixed? NO, and now, down 1 bathroom and told not to flush anything down the master toilet, we live in a house were if someone is taking a shower, no other appliances, bathroom fixtures, or anything that uses water can be running at the same time, or litterally, sewage water will begin to bubble out of all the fixtures. So yes, American Homes 4 Rent is a rip-off, do not live in any property they maintain!

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  • Oct 10, 2014

American Homes 4 Rent is a disgrace of a company. They owe me over $900 from my securtiy deposit. My husband is in the military and we got relocated to NAS JAX.

We found this cute little home through the AH4R website. We had to find a house quick because he was getting deployed. The first day we moved in there was a horrible musty odor.

The house had not been properly cleaned and I had to hire a professional cleaning company to come in and clean the house for me. It was THAT bad.

I tried notifying AH4R asking for answers as to why the property was not prepared for its new tenants. I did not recieve a response. I tried getting in touch with them for months without any response.

I finally went the the Jacksonville branch where my property manager was supposed to be located. I couldn't find her. I broke my lease because I couldn't stand to be at that residence any longer.

Upon moving out an inspector through the company had a walk thru of the home to see if I could get my security deposit back. The house was in better condition than what it was when had moved in.

I was informed that I would be recieving over $1000 back from my initial security deposit. When I recieved my check from them in the mail I had only recieved $300. No one answered my calls.

They are liars and will do anything to take your money. Please please please do not waste your time or money on this company. My husband and I had to learn the hard way.

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  • Jun 25, 2014

I have been lied to multiple times; most recently I would be getting my deposit back, then slapped with a bill of over $300 and no refund.

3/31 I moved out of 15431 Kellerwood property in Houston. No one from the management company showed up.

4/1 I sent an email to Doris Duncan stating that I had vacated the property and where the keys and garage door opener can be found. And my forwarding address for my refund.

5/4 I still had not received it so followed up with Doris to which she responded "Hello Jenny, I do show a check was cut but I do not show you provided a forwarding address. Please provide ASAP." I responded with my forwarding address again.

5/19 I still had not received any refund check so I called. That is when she told me there was no refund check and that actually I owed $312.40.

Part of these charges are for a window that was broken when the home got burglarized and for a car remote that was stolen. I had provided a police report for these items and they were never addressed. I boarded up the window so my toddler and I would not be open to the elements during the winter.

I have several emails where they say they were going to fix it and then renig. I also had put in work orders for things that were breaking around the house and they would close the work orders and not fix things saying that it was normal wear and tear and they were not responsible for those things.

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  • Feb 14, 2015

Class action lawsuit?

I don't have time to go through all the crap they have put us through. Suffice it to say, the black mold in our rental has made me and my children and fiance very sick. I'm suing them. I think someone should do something about this company asap.

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  • Dec 30, 2014

Military stationed me in NC. found a home with AH4R, and easily made contract agrrement completely through internet, never met anyone in person. Was able to view the house my getting a key code the company text me. 2 weeks after living in my house, my home was broken into. I fought with the local rental managers to get the door fixed. I had insurance and a home security system. my insurnace would not cover because none of my property was stolen. It is homeowner's insurance that cover's the damage the the home structure. AH4R claimed they did not have homeowner's insurance/ would not cover the damage to the home becuase it was considered vadilism since nothing was stolen. I fought with them for almost a month, they finally put a piece of ply wood on the beoken glass door. Mind you this as in the winter, and I have two dogs.. they didnt even want to send maintence to help assist in cleaning up the glass in my back yard. I finally had my lawyer write a letter stating that I would be moving out if the door was not fixed at the end of the month. Last day of the month, they fixed the door. Three months later, they added the extra charge for fixing the door to my rent, but did not inform me of such. From that point each month as I was paying my rent they are holding it calling it late because I did not need in the money for the door (as I did not know the charge was there). They waited until the next's month rent cam in to cover the prevous month's charges, deeming the current month incomplete/ late. This went on for about 3 moths. Finally I receive a phone call saying I owed an extra $800 dollars in late fees etc.. etc.. I did not pay right away (who has 800 to put up on any given day randomly). They began the eviction process and returned my next months rent mayment.

I moved out and did a move out inspection... I even contacted them and asked for a balance, at that point my lawyers were involved and were told that the account had been settled due to all the trouble (we agreed they would keep my security and pet deposit). 5 months later I get a $3,555 bill in the mail from a collection agency for AH4R. I contacted the company asking for a line by line bill since I was never sent an actual final bill. They said I needed to contact the collection agency... the agency of course does not have line by line information, they only have how much is owed...

The NC management office has been rude, uncoroporative, and unprofessional with me. By unprofessional I mean ghetto. I am currently working with my lawyers to get them blacklisted from military use... its is a horrible excue of a company. I would not recomend anyone rent with them. and if you do be prepared for hidden fees and no protecction if you are a victim to a crime...

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  • Apr 12, 2014

I have only been renting from them 3 months now and when I paid my rent through a money order and mailed it in on the fourth of November I get an email 15 days later saying it was received on the 8th and it was a 73.06 late fee. I mailed it to the Durham NC office which is 20 minutes from where I reside and only takes 1 day to get there. Next I paid my December rent through their portal on the 5th and it automatically put in the 6th which automatic gave me a late fee and I paid it on the 5th not the 6th but it wouldn't take the fifth date, I called trying to get my issue resolve and there customer service had me on hold an hour when finally they told me customer service was down which made it down for 2 days and once I spoke with someone she continue to tell me that it was received on the 6th

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  • Mar 18, 2015





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  • Mar 17, 2015

Stay away form this company. Horrible company overall. A pipe burst under my house and I am being charged for the repairs. This occured at 7pm on a Sat night and all we heard was a pop so we didn't think anything of it. Once going into the hallway I realized the carpet was soaked.I walked into the bathroom and the water was flowing out the door and up half the baseboard. I then went into the bedrooms and the carpets were completely soaked. I ran outside to shut the water off and called the Maintenance hotline for AH4R.

They made it a point to tell me I needed to start the clean up and I was responsible for starting to soak up the water. They said a plumber would be contacting me. Hours passed and NO plumber. I called again told the same thing.

It was now after midnight and NO plumber has shown up. I continued to work through the night to soak up water and move damaged furniture.

Sunday morning I called Maintenance again and told them still NO plumber. I was told the same thing. No one showed up all day and night on Sunday either.

Monday morning I called Maintenance again this is now at least my 12th call and they acted surprised by the fact that no plumber had shown up. I was told someone would be over. It was not until after noon that a general contractor showed up to look at the damage and said he could not fix the issue he would need to call a Plumber.

I have been without running water in my home for 48hr now and have damaged furniture, beds etc. My family used the shop vac and fans to clean up the water. It was horrible to have our furniture in the driveway and no place for the kids to sleep. Finally the pipe was fixed and water was turned back on Monday night.

Now this contractor is suppose to take care of the water damage on the walls,floors and carpets. My home has to have the windows open all day and night. I have two bedrooms with no furniture in them and wet carpet. This ordeal that should have been resolved quickly ended up taking 11 days.

The 11 days were all BUT normal. We had the carpet laying in our front yard "drying out" and the padding being vacuumed with the shop vac to "save it". The walls were left untreated for so long mold started to form. We went days with absolutely NOTHING done at the house because we were waiting on "decisions" from the home office in California. I had the contractor at my house after 8pm using shop vacs and my windows needed to be left open all day and night.

This company did not care about our health or safety. I am now being told it is my responsibility to pay for the repairs because after the maintenance dept and field Manager looked at the report from the plumber and pictures it shows that it was an intentional break by us. They said "we" broke the pipe at the spigot and we have to pay.

I have pictures and an eye witness to the whole process and we did not break anything.

It has gotten to the point that the company is now charging me a $50 late fee monthly and a $75 Notice fee monthly and having a notice placed on my door three months in a row to vacate for non payment. I have $375 in fees plus the plumbing fee I am expected to pay.

I told the comapanyI am not paying and will go to court but now I feel they are going to act on the vacate notice and keep my deposit even though I did not break this pipe.

This company is ripping me off big time and I hope someone can put a stop to this.

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  • Dec 19, 2014


I just signed a lease with a lady who seemed nice enough. I had a lot of questions that I felt was evaded by comments to try and keep me off track. We just lost a loved one very young. My brother and I must care for my mom. Like I was not told until the last moment it was in a HOA community. I have young grandkids and love them and do not know how this shall work. I brought up all these reviews with the agent today who let me know she was officially on vacation and I could talk to another agent.

My stomach is in knots now. The photo of the home looks good yet as I have heard looks are deceiving. I said please leave a checkin list so I can check all problems. She said they had no such thing. That's a first. I paid my deposit and I agreed to the early termination and my attorney made it clear that on the lease it does not say on top of the deposit you owe the extra money so remember that. I have always been a great tenant and always got my deposits back but after reading all this I am thinking it might be best to early terminate verses go through such trauma and drama. What a shame when the company has the capabilities to be a great company. I am rather in shock. I have my Uhaul ready and all yet all these reviews have me thinking I should pull out. I could look at it as a challenge but at what cost. Me and my family have been through enough!

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  • Dec 18, 2014

Do not expect adequate service when it comes to maintenance issues. You have to contact a phone room who may or may not bother to put in a service request for you so that someone may or may not call you back to take your request for maintenance service. You will be put on hold for lengthy amount of time, possibly cut off before you can just speak to a human who has no power to do anything but put your information in for someone to call you. It's ridiculous and I've had no heat for a week, when it happens to be very cold in Florida, even told them there was an infant in the home. Then when I called to find out why I haven't been contacted as to the issue, I get told there was no request made, while I have an email from the company saying there was...

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  • Nov 22, 2014

I just want to warn people about AH4R. This company has such a horrible reputation that they have their own Hate Page on Facebook with so many horrid stories of how they neglect the tenants, homes, and employees. I wish I had found out sooner!

I am a Realtor that helps individuals find a rental home as well as buy. One of my clients wanted to lease a home that is owned by American Homes 4 Rent. After my clients were approved, they moved in on October 1, 2014. It is now November 21, 2014 and I have still not been paid my commission. (In which they changed the amount from 50% one month's rent to $300) without any notice!

Most companies have 30 days to pay. I have been calling(15x), emailing (21x), and I can not get ANYONE to email or call me back this past 51 days. I did receive an automatic email responce from someone I did not even email stating that they were out of town. (Someone forwarded to the person that they knew wouldn't respond, so that they wouldn't have to)

If it wasn't for the fact that it would cost more than I am getting paid, I would file with Small Claims Court.

I am still waiting for a call/email on when I will be receiving my money.

PLEASE DO NOT USE AH4R, they do not take care of business and just take the rent money. My clients will not be renew their lease.

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  • Sep 19, 2014

Do not, I repeat do not, rent from this company!!!! My daughter is renting a house from these clowns! Not only do they not repair anything, my daughter's job is transferring her to another city and they will not let her out of the lease. Stay as far away as possible from this company!!!!!!!!

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  • May 28, 2015

It started out okay, though the house definitely had/has some problems such as a refrigerator that made a whining noise and now leaks and toilets that don't flush right. They had a few things repaired by a man they paid for but eventually ran out of patience and said we would have to pay for anything else.

However, even that was tolerable and it was only a few months ago that things took a turn for the worst. For some reason, American Homes 4 Rent does not let you pay your own utilities (water/electricity/gas) and in the beginning made you pay through a company called Conservice (with a small fee, for course). This went okay for a while, but then they dropped Conservice and started doing everything themselves, which is when things truly went insane.

We had balance of a few hundred dollars owed for utilities, which in the span of about three months, American Homes 4 Rent now claims is over three thousand dollars. It's literally impossible for it to have ballooned that high in such a short amount of time, and yet as we try to dispute it, they act like they have no idea what we're talking about and that we should cough up the money instantaneously. They've now threatened that all rent money we send them will be applied to the utilities, thus leaving us "owing back rent", and routinely tape notices to our front door to pay in full or get out "within three days", even though nothing ever comes of it.

The website where rent used to be paid now refuses to accept anything except the full balance they claim we owe, so we have to mail the rent to their headquarters in Las Vegas, only to have it returned to sender half the time. This is, of course, followed up by emails demanding to know where the rent is.

So, overall, they've lost their minds and want to suck you dry for every penny. Their houses might show pretty well but most likely have things wrong with them, and now it seems like they want to defraud you for the 'privilege' of living in one. I wouldn't recommend it.

  • Apr 2, 2015

Moved out of a 3 bedroom house that was in good shape. Nothing outside of normal wear and tear that was wrong with the place. AH4R provided a move out checklist that included things like requiring professional cleaning of the house, carpets and floors. I let them know before I moved out that these were not required under my lease and wouldn't be done.

Now they're claiming the wood floors were damaged, the carpets were stained, the house needed cleaning beyond normal wear and tear, that I didn't leave behind the 2nd garare door opener (there wasn't one), that the furnace filter needed replaced (it was brand new) and even went so far as to claim that the 10 days of rent I owed them was more than it should be.

Yes, they're claiming that my rent was more than is defined in my lease. You read that right, I have a signed lease that defines my rent and what my rent will be once my lease term is up, and they're claiming that those are incorrect numbers.

There's no truth to any of their claims. I've retained a lawyer and will update once this is resolved.

  • Mar 31, 2015

American Homes 4 Rent is a rip off. After residing in their home and being late 3 times, they filed evictions. We paid all fees and still remained in the home. After the completion of my lease, they screwed me. I tried applying for other homes with different companies and had 5 active evictions on my rental history. Now it's impossible to be evicted 5 times in one year when I rented the home for 2 years with AH4R and before that home owner.

When my husband inquired about it, Scott the district manager in the Charlotte, NC location, said if you pay what you owe I will see what we can do. But speaking to other property managers said this is illegal. To place that many evictions without the tenants going to court or Sheriff's pad locking or escorting them out. I had never experienced this in my life. My family and I are homeless because of what they did. Please do not rent from these fools, PLEASE. You will definitely regret it.

  • Feb 17, 2015

Do not do business with

They are liars and will do anything to take your money. Please please please do not waste your time or money on this company. My husband and I had to learn the hard way.

  • Jan 20, 2015

We have rented a home from American Homes 4 Rent on 20 December 2014. The lease and all documents were completed via online through email and we were told someone would contact us to schedule a walk thru within 3 days/72 hours...which never happened. When we moved in we notified our contact person Stephanie Konow that the sliding back door only opened about 2 inches, a toilet was constantly running, the oven would not heat, blinds on the sliding door were broken and would not open, multiple sinks were flooding our floors and the carpets had not been cleaned. We never received a return call after 2 weeks of messages. Then we used the website to get contact phone numbers and emails. We sent multiple emails and made several phone calls...all without any return contact.

Eventually, we repeatedly make back to back calls and finally reached a person. We asked for a maintenance work order to be placed for all of the issues and asked when someone was going to do a walk thru with us? Jerry Valdes finally showed up on 10 January 2015 and took pictures. He also stated that he was submitting a work order to have the maintenance issues addressed. We received an email copy of the walk thru report but as of 20 January 2015 we still have not had any maintenance issues addressed or any phone calls to schedule maintenance issues.

We just called the maintenance line again and it took over 25 minutes to reach a human and then another 40 minutes trying to get another mainenance work order submitted. The maintenance call rep was named Jenny and she stated the only items listed were the back door would not open all the way, the blinds would not open/shut correctly and 1 sink was leaking. She also stated that the work order #28420 was assigned to Dennis with Absolute Property Improvement and he should contact us tomorrow. But as of right now, the kitchen sink floods the floor, the master bath sink floods the carpeted bathroom, the upstairs toilet runs constantly, the sliding back door opens about 2 inches, the sliding door blinds do not work at all, and the oven will not heat (so it can't be used for cooking).

I will update this case more if anything actually happens.

  • Dec 17, 2014

Let me start out by saying, this has been the worst living experience I have ever dealt with! Ah4r bought my lease from Crown Management, which they did a horrible job during the walk through. At first I was having air/heating issues. Crown eventually fixed everything and even gave me a concession on my rent because I was having so many issues with home after move in.

Now here comes the real crooks. Ah4r took over the lease and I have had problems with this house that they won't fix. 1. The house stays hot upstairs and the downstairs is always cold. The air conditioner kept going out until they got tired of me calling. They finally sent someome out to fix it and he said "wow, this thermostat shoudl have been replaced a long time ago." There was mold forming uder one of my cabinets.

They kept coming out until they decided to leave the can of mold spray under my cabinet without my knowledge. Ever since I moved in, the sinks and tubs were draining slow. I reported it to Crown when they had the house and they came out and unclogged them. In the meantime, they started to drain slow again so I decided to buy liquid plummer and drano for months.

After no success, I call ah4r and they tell me, I would have to unclogg them on my own, better yet, get a plummer and if the plummer doesn't fix it, then they will come! Outrageous! Now, I'm having an ant infestation. Everywhere I turn, ants are everywhere! I call ah4r and Erica tells me unless its capenter ants, they won't send anyone out. I have used cans of Raid just to get rid of them. That smell is awful.

The last thing, I spoke with Erica about removing my two daughters off the lease. One of them has bought a condo and when I mention this to her, the audaucity of her to question me about what benefit would it be for her name to come off? She said the names will stay on until the end of the lease even though my daugter was already looking for a home. These people want to keep everybodyt tied to their lousy homes for the sake of money!

Not to mention, they took their maintenance portal off line, do now you don't have a paper trail of all the maintenance request you put in. My rent went up this year to0. I can't wati for htis lease to be over, but if I have to break this lease, I will surely take pleasure in it.

Never, ever rent from this place! They don't fix things they feel you can spend your hard earned money buying, even if its a pre-existing issue. If they do fix anything, you probably would have figured out before they come.

  • Nov 26, 2014

Do not do business with

They purchases my parents home and withheld releasing the check for 24 hours causing my parents (who are older) much stress and chaos - were homeless for 24 hours while AH4R had the key to their former home! My parents are on a fixed income and had to find a hotel (that would take pets) as well as pay for an extra day for their U-Haul rental. They did not care the least bit - terrible, terrible company

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