American International Group

Country United States
State Czech Republic
City Nashville
Address PO Box 40647
Phone 888-344-9406

American International Group Reviews

  • Nov 15, 2014

On October 24, 2012 a truck insured by AIG rear-ended my vehicle. The State Police report ascribed 100% of the fault to the truck driver. I estimated the diminished value of my vehicle at $2,950, This estimate represents the pre-collision trade-in value at $4,450, based on averaging the values at three Web sites --,, and From the pre-collision estimate, I subtracted the post-collision estimate of $1,500, which is the trade-in amount offered by Carmax. In response, AIG offered about $289 -- less than 10% of the actual loss.

  • Oct 27, 2014

Fraudulent Payment Due Notice for ID Secure. Credit card info was to be sent to PO Box 40647, Nashville TN, 37204-0647. There are hundreds of reports on the net about this PO Box being used for Payment Due Notice scams for over 2 years for various nonexistent services. The letter I received was for "ID Secure" but it has also been used for other fraudulent services such as: Great Fun, Buyers Advantage, Travelers Advantage, and others. Company listed for this PO Box is American Intl Group Inc. The USPS should have stopped and prosecuted these scammers years ago. This is blantant large scale mail fraud. How can they still be scamming using the same PO Box for over 2 years? Hundreds of people are being scammed every day by these scum and need to be stopped. I have submitted info to USPS Inspector via web.

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