American Legal Services Inc

Country United States
State Bulgaria
City Harrison Twp
Address 25550 N River Rd
Phone 15864693556

American Legal Services Inc Reviews

  • Feb 12, 2015

I have a recorded phone conversation with an Eastern Indian man claiming to be Mike Kennedy from American Legal Services. He attempted to get my personal information and wanted me to reply to my "law case". When I laughed at him he became angry and hung up.

  • Jul 26, 2014

I was off work for a couple of days. when i returned to work i had a message for me that i needed to contact American Legal Services and had the phone number. I immediately threw the message into the trash can because i knew that i dont owe any money or have i done anything wrong, so i wasnt going to call them. Wish i would have kept the number now but i remembered the name. Anyhow couple of hours into my shift I recieved a phone call from some foreign sounding guy possible (indian). Told me that I have criminal charges filed against me, and he needed to know my attorney information. I cut him off and told him to never call me @ work again. He went on to tell me that he worked for the U.S. Federal government and that if I didnt give him the information that he needed than an arrest warrant and federal indietment would be issued within an hour. I told him to do what ever he thought he needed to, but not to call my place of employment again. I went on to ask him what this was in regards to and he hung up on me.

  • Jul 16, 2014

I went on line and filled out applications for loans for a new or used car and this was January 16,2013 and recieved threatening phone calls from this company from a Indian named Mike ext 121 stated I had until 5:30pm to pay them 500.00 or they were gonna take me to court in California for siber frsud.They scaredme so bad that I payed them. they told me to go to 7-11 and buy a money pac and call the number and the money will be transferred to them. When my mom looked up the company she said not to pay them and she called them and he lied and said he didn't threaten me. She told them she was going to sew them for their action they callled me and said they didnt want to deal with me anymore that they will be sending me a refund check in the mail. I doubt I will see that money again.

  • Jun 23, 2014

A couple of days ago month of june 2014 ive been left on my phone voice messages to call phone number 754-999-1700 by a man with a indian accent by the name of alex thomas.hes been calling me and leaving on my phone voice messages so i called back to find out whos been calling me.i got no answer so i finally got thru that man alex thomas told me that time is sensative your responsible its a legal matter of a loan i took out and the money needs to be payed back.which i never in my life took out a loan from anywhere this is a scam and fraud.Alex Thomas said that im going to jail for 83 days.never in my life time i took a loan from anywhere hes a lier and a fraud those people are scammers.

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