American Mattress

Country United States
State Illinois
City Addison
Address 2350 Pinehurst Blvd
Phone 847-854-5550

American Mattress Reviews

  • Apr 30, 2015

Where do I start ? with this Mess on March 6 th I went into Americanmattress in Winston salem

North Carloina. looking to buy a new mattress for health reasons. The only sale person in the store was " RICK " we looked we talked and after a while of try-n out mattress's I was told by the "sales person "RICK " what a wonderful mattress this was one of the best I was told.

By "RICK " he went on of how i would enjoy it and how if i had any problems just give him a call.well with in a few night I knew something was very wrong with this mattress set.

I called "RICK " Nothing has been done to help me he did send a new mattress out the 2 nd was worse..the bed is usless to me I called RICK"S boss never got a call back

In the store RICK told me I had a GREAT mattres he tells me I have just the basic set. ?? I did pay a lot of Money for this mattress set money I really didn't have to spend

but agian for Health problems i needed this hurts my back and legs so bad I am now having to sleep on my sofa. He said i could get no refund and am now stuck with a mattress that it less than 45 days old the mattress have defects from the company..The guy who came to my house to set the mattress up said he has never seen anything like this one the 1 st and 2 nd mattress poor workman ship !!

I do hope this report will help others to stay from Americanmatress in winston Salem NC I have been ripped off and would hate to see anyone lose hard worked for money as I did.. When you see this store and looking for a mattress dO NOT STOP DO NOT BUY anything " RUN "

I have read of many others that have been ripped off by Americanmattres

Chack it out for your self ! wish I had B-4 I got Ripped off by them..

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